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Inyatsi Construction cuts all Government contracts, they are owed over K 200 million

Driving time between Mporokoso and Kasama has reduced due to the tarred road



Inyatsi Construction Limited has with immediate effect terminated all contracts with government and shut down its operations in Zambia due to lack of funding towards the projects.

This is the contractor engaged by government to rehabilitate Mazabuka-Turnpike and other road construction projects across the country.

Inyatsi Site Manager Martin Abdul said government owes the construction company over K200 million for all construction projects across the country.

This includes projects in Mazabuka, Ndola, Mufulira, Solwezi and Mwinilunga – which he says has left the company in losses.

Abdul added that government’s irregular funding has frustrated his company, forcing it to shut down operations in the country and losing interest in working with government.

Abdul says he is disappointed and feels used by government after the company used its resources to work on the roads.

Efforts to get a comment from Southern Province Minister, Edify Hamukale proved futile as his mobile phone was switched off.

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  1. This is what happens. You have learned your lesson. You do not give them the bribe before they have paid you half of what they owe. Better still, do not give the darn bribe! Now see what has happened to you!

    • People are interesting – they never learn that “There is No Honor among Thieves”


    • Is Nyati going to finish constructing Ba Edgar’s retirement home in Eswatini they offered as appreciation for the road contracts?

    • Just look at substandard engineering work done by the so called bribe loving “inyatsi”…….this is what happens when there’s too much corruption when getting contracts

    • Ba PF the pond is drying up.Those that are still able to ,are beginning to jump out .The local foolish fish like GBM will suffocate in the dry pond.Even the Chinise will soon start jumping out of the drying pond. Ichikalilwa pansaka musumba wabwali. There is no more bwali at the PF nsaka.Clever ones can see this. ECL must read about what happened to Mobutu Sese Seko during the final years of his Zaire. Everybody abandoned him,including all the loyalists.Unfortunately for ECL it is beginning to happen just too soon.

    • Our boat is slowly sinking, remember 1991? Very soon people will be shouting for change. PF better start retreating else we will be doomed come 2021.

  2. Why is PF commissioning new projects without completing old ones. Just yesterday Chiluya was commissioning construction of a hospital. What is the rationale behind this?

    • @2 It appears these guys are competing in stealing therefore each one is commissioning projects in their Ministry to steal.That Chitalu has been preaching about constructing new hospitals worth $300mn in coming year,if you guess,it’s coz of the $2.6 bn debts being contracted so he might have foreseen get even a third of the $300mn for himself through bribes on contract awarding!These rotten lot!!

  3. Inyasti go [email protected]#K yourselves. You thought you could buy us with your little maiden pu$$ies.
    ECH does not want anything to do with your mountain Kingdom.
    You come here promoting CORRUPTION and doing SHODDY works.
    GO AWAY!

  4. It serves you right, you can terminate the contract and leave our country because our local firms can do even better than those shoddy works we have seen. Again, where is the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ)? These contractors are doing very shoddy works especially on drainages and yet you are busy having conferences in Livingstone?
    And where is Nkandu Luo, the Munali MP, let her go and inspect the poor drainage that has been constructed along Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe near Tina Trust School, honestly how do we allow contractors to get away with such criminal performances? That whole drainage project must be cancelled, the contractor jailed and let him pay back the money so far disbursed to him and jail him. Its pathetic and disturbing to see projects being done so poorly when its…

    • The drainage around Tina Trust School along Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe is a scandal . This Nkandu Luo has failed

  5. Please go ahead and don’t forget to get the land you gave this drunk from Chawama in The Kingdom of Eswathini

  6. the biggest problem that Africa has is not the leadership itself but the so called blind followers. Its hard to believe that with all the hopelessness of what is going on, there are still a lot of people in support. Africa indeed

  7. They shouldn’t even be paid. After all they got those contracts through dubious means and at inflated prices without following tender procedure.

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