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UPND says police attempted to arrest HH at Ndola Airport, blocked him from taking off using the airport


HH confronted by Police Officers at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe
HH confronted by Police Officers at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe

The UPND has revealed that heavily armed State police on Monday evening attempted to arrest its leader Hakainde Hichilema at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe in Ndola on the Copperbelt.

Mr Hichilema’s Deputy Press Secretary Brian Mwiinga revealed that Mr. Hichilema was about to take off to Lusaka but heavily armed State police surrounded and flooded the airport thereby causing commotion.

The UPND President was on the Copperbelt and held meetings with party officials.

Mr. Mwiinga said the Police under instructions also attempted to stop Mr. Hichilema from attending mass at St Joseph Cupertino Catholic Church on grounds that he did not have a permit to do so.

He said at the airport, it was not established as to why the Police attempted to arrest the UPND President and block him from using the Ndola airport.

But the Zambia Police Service says the Police on the Copperbelt did not at any point demand for a permit from Mr. Hichilema to attend Mass at St Joseph of Cupertino Catholic Church in Chifubu Township on Sunday.

“Members of the public may wish to know that whenever any Political leader or any individual with a following visits an area, it is the duty of the Police to monitor the security situation to ensure that law and order prevails. According to the program availed to the Police earlier, the UPND leader was scheduled to attend a church service at Christ the King Pentecostal church but on the material day, which is Sunday yesterday, Police received information that the UPND leader was to attend church at St Joseph’s Catholic Church,” says Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo.

“Upon receiving the information, some Police Officers went to St Joseph’s Catholic Church where they met the Parish Chairperson to verify on the information that Mr Hakainde Hichilema was to attend mass at the said church,” she said.

He added, “The reason for our officers to do so was not to ask for a permit from the UPND but for them to verify whether Mr Hichilema would be at the said Church to attend Mass, the information which was essential for the officers to monitor the security situation.”

“As the officers were inquiring from the Parish Chairperson, there were also some UPND cadres in the Parish Office who at some point interrupted the conversation and asked whether there was need for the permit when it was a church program. We further wish to state that the pictures circulating on social media showing Police officers with Mr Hichilema purportedly depicting what transpired at the church are a misrepresentation of facts as the officers who went to the church were plain clothed officers and not uniformed.”

HH talks with an official from the Airports Corporation at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe airport
HH talks with an official from the Airports Corporation at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe airport
HH arriving at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe
HH arriving at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe


  1. I seriously don’t see the need to make HH so special.

    The man is a thief. He is tainted. He should not even be mentioned in political circles.

    A man with offshore accounts. Zambia is still in the dark.

    • Nothing wrong with being arrested but what was he going to be arrested for

      Are the police seen to be working when they harass an innocent citizen?

      Not sure your Police is fit for purpose.

      I hold phd



    • This is ridiculous.
      Charity Katanga yesterday was saying that HH needed a permit to attend church. Today they want to speak a different tone?
      Note to PF, your continued abuse and misuse of the police to harass your opponents are only campaigning for them.
      I know that politicians never learn, but these things will come back to bite you, sooner than you imagine

    • Who is really behind this harassment of opposition parties and other citizens. If it’s not cadres then it’s the police harassing. There is a limit to what can be tolerated surely.

    • After writing such a brilliant article HH goes back to his usual vomit.

      Not even a dog can believe that HH would be stopped from boarding a plane for which he had a boarding pass.

      HH basa … you are your own worst enemy. @Nostra … please Bro advise your man.

      Only you can help, thanks a trillion.

    • Lusakatimes, have you become a mouth piece of the UPND? Did you witness these things you are publishing or is it the usual cry baby by Hakaivotela Humwine to gain public sympathy? Don’t let regular readers of your site be put off by fake news

    • @BR Mumba, am on him my friend… Anyone who knows Brian Mwiinga, what is his family relationship to HH ni mulamu wakwe? HH has to get ride of that boy Brian, umwaiche alitumpa. He is always the one who blow this iddue with police out of proportion. We were almost about to make peace with bapombozi, now you mess up again.

    • HH is good at attention seeking….now he needs to up his game of attention seeking because he has serious competition…..Kambwili is also busy seeking attention by making a fooool of himself every day……just no serious opposition in Zambia to take on PF….just a bunch of power hungry bandits trying to take over from other bandits PF……so in short they’re all bandits

    • B R Mumba, Jnr. and sidekick DJ7:

      You are living proof that age and wisdom do not always go hand in hand.

      This harassment of citizens must stop now.

      Why is Lungu so scared of HH?

      Even PF supporters can now see that Lungu is a petty thief hell bent on destroying our country.

      This is what happens when mentally ill patients hijack the running of a once upon a time beautiful country.

    • Just from the above pictures you can tell that HH is a big liar…..the airport official is just doing his work and the police officer is merely doing his routine Police Job…..pure sympathy and attention seeking….HH now knows that any chance of getting into the State House is now 0 out of 10…..whoever stands on PF bandits ticket will win….just no serious opposition in Zambia

    • PF just leave him alone.

      Let him go where ever he wants to go, freely!! We know that such kind of harassment come from the top, probably the Inspector General of the Police, to please the President, which itself is foolish.

      Frankly this is wasting police resources.

    • Anyone close to HH has to be a Tonga…..qualification number one Brian Mwiinga…ok now i know why GBM was frustrated……i still maintain Mazoka was one of the best opposition leaders

    • That girl Charity Katanga ….she thinks she will get IG position with that dwarf height of hers she will just end up in foreign mission pushing pens behind a desk.

    • DJ17,your comments just show what a low-life bum you are. Do you think HH would be walking the streets as a free man if Lungu had evidence he stole even 50 ngwee?

      HH is an intelligent economist & you will NEVER find any stolen penny on him,UNLIKE those PF thieves.

      So clean up your dull thinking & throw away your cadre mentality

    • Are you not my dull friend Oval … based in Oz?Malema just upped his Party’s powerhold by 90% in RSA in the just ended general elections

  2. @Mushota belegete. Genuine academicians with Phd’s rarely sing about having such revered qualifications. So what was your phd and masters degree programs and from where and how long? Miamiamia I have a phd all the time. Matako yaba wiso. Watumpile zile. Chi mpuno ngati ni galu.

  3. UPND media team, we have been telling you to get covert recording equipment , some are as small as a pen costing less than $100.

    We need recordings on film.

    Get all this harassment on film and let us do the damage to lungu and his pf police state……

    • How can they know about such equipment when top leadership are pensioners …I mean such cameras cos only £10 on eBay and you can put on a front shirt button

  4. All opposition leaders should wear body cams , or video recording equipment on their person for their own safety…….

  5. You Hichilema’s Deputy Press Secretary Brian Mwiinga , you are very du.ll and slow.

    I have told you to train equip your caders with video recording equipment which is very cheap.

    If you don’t do this in the run up to 2021, we will conclude PF have paid you perform under par

  6. Someone attending a normal church service becomes a security concern!……Where are we going as a nation? They just don’t want HH to freely express the plans that he has for Zambia fearing that his message will spread across the nation and eventually carry the day in 2021.Like what they doing to Harry Kalaba, frustrating him left, right and center.This young man is busy mobilizing his party in rural areas and he’s going to shock Zambians with the high number of votes he’s likely to garner

  7. I speak as objective swing voter. PF-lungu is making hh popular everyday.

    An not fan of hh but I see him wining in 2021 because pf committed suicide by electing el

  8. Zambia has always been praised for maintaining it’s internal peace but i think we are now taking a wrong turn with these kind of politics and peace is a rare commodity we must treasure,where have we taken our values as a Christian nation?

  9. HH is trying to make himself very popular with lies. In Mongu he claimed the police wanted to kill him. In Sesheke elections he directed a movie about his assassination with Prime TV crew. Now we are being told about his attempted arrest. We are not being told why he was not arrested. What stopped the police to arrest him? At Church we are told the police wanted a permit. Did he or didn’t not attend the church service? With a permit? Without a permit? What stopped the police stop from the silly act of asking for a permit. UPND media team has told lies about attempts on HH’s life.

    • That’s why I say not even a dog can believe their sense rationale but they believe that the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise are so dull they would give him sympathy votes.

      Just a wrong way of garnering publicity. If this guy was smart he could have been President by now. But he’s clever not smart and that’s why he keeps losing.

      Zambians are way too smart to buy this kakamania.

      Epo mpelele,


  10. Yesterday I read an article by HH and I felt it was well balanced and I thought we were getting somewhere but alas here comes this pathological liar. By the way the two Ks are too quiet, what’s up?

    • Are you sure he was being followed? HH informed the police he’s going to attend church at some pentecostal then he changed his mind and went to Chifubu so there’s nothing wrong in the police going to Chifubu. And I think your propaganda machine is useless, why didn’t they record the incidents to prove that there’s an attempt to arrest your man.

  11. The police WANTED TO ARREST HIM so why didn’t they arrest him. Oh no they just wanted to arrest him but they didn’t want to arrest him.

    • Why is he being followed ?

      That is the question. What crime has he committed ,to be trailed even to the airport ???

  12. HH is a free citizen of this country. There was nothing wrong in him going to church. PF continue with your nonsense of following him around, you are surely campgaining for him. What the people of Zambia are interested in is for you to make their lives better, 2021 is not far.

  13. One of the photo captions shows a police officer greeting the fellow in his home language.
    But the UPND propaganda machine captures the occasion and reports, “HH being confronted by Police Officers at the airport.

    Where in the world does a PD (police department) arrest people with a pending charge?

    • Who told you that was a friendly meeting at the airport ??

      Can you not see agitated UPND supporters ??

      Only fear of a riot at the airport stopped the police harassing HH

  14. Nobody can hear the true story from Brian Mwiinga who is HH’s propaganda guy.One would only expect Brian Mwiinga to paint HH as a saint and policemen as evil ones.There was a reason why ZP wanted to arrest HH in Ndola.Kainde could have said something bad about the PF leadership because he is so desperate for power.All I can say is,Kainde wont have it easy under PF leadership because they both need power!!!IT WILL BE TIT FOR TAT BADALA IN 2021 AND ONLY THE FITEST WILL SURVIVE!!!Politics teyabana iyo,so HH should stop being a “cry baby”, and fight politically as a man!!

    • “Continue developing”? On which planet are you living? We have Kleptomaniacs in power who are “developing their pockets” while the rest of the country suffers!
      Let’s try HH in 2021, not someone who is obviously out of his depths!

  15. Wow, a permit to go to church, lol.
    I wouldn’t vote for hh because he’s a straight up crook, but I wouldn’t vote for the current president either, lost his way, this country is just getting worse. I lost faith in pf the day it embraced dora. The lady who insulted the founder of PF.

  16. If what is reported is anything to go by then doomn awaits this country. In the first place, police myst stop following hh, unless he himself requests police escort. 2ndly Hh does pose any security threat to anyone, so why go to church to verify if he was to attend church service here or there. What has that got to do with “security concerns”. Whose security are we talking about anyway? 3rdly Hichilema is a law abiding Zambian citizen not a terrorist. he has full rights to attend any church he wishes in the country without having to inform pf apriori. 4th how much is the pf police spending following Hichilema everywhere he goes? Jerabos, the real security concern, cause mayhem, but you dont follow them wherever they go. Sata, the father of recklessness, used to roam freely in…

  17. Now bring up corruption and national debt!
    See if any of these bums talking above will have anything to say

  18. The eyes of PF members are all blind. They can not see that this PF has destroyed this country. This country is broke. They have danced nights through using GRZ money, they have filled their pockets, now Grant aided institutions dont get paid, University students do not get any meal allowances, the Kwacha to the dollar exchange rate is K14. Is there a country to talk of in Zambia? PF members leave this party and save Zambia

  19. @B R Mumba Sr, whatever your name is bro. What has HH done to you and your wife..? Why you can’t open your eyes and see clearly and call a spade a spade FOR ONCE? All you do is to quack about HH with very little to offer. You are being tribal and a shame that your very own eyes cannot see the economic ruins that the entire PF has brought about in Zambia. Leaving in the USA and marrying white girls for PAPERS should not blind your thinking. I am so disappointed with you and your utterances which are short sighted at best. How can you compare Air Force One to Lungu’s challenger jet? Are you outta your mind bro? Anyways, I see that you are one of them not so intelligent people but wanna appear smart on google. The advent of the internet has corrupted many a mind including yours. You think…

  20. For my party UPND, if we have obliged by giving our party’s program to the Police, then it’s only fair that we inform them of any changes to that program. It’s also in the interest of the security of our
    party president. Let’s also avoid falling into the trap of sensetitional reporting to mislead others. We should be above board. It did not make sense to me that a highly qualified senior Police Officer (Katanga) was demanding that my president obtain a Police Permit to attend a church service. The explanation by the Police spokesperson makes sense mwe. Let’s not make the work of our Police difficult by not advising them in good time of any change to our party president’s itinerary. It’s fir our own good really, that’s how I see it.

  21. HH was being followed around and questioned. Yet some bloggers like BR Mumba and others choose to blame HH himself for the harassment. Calling him ‘cry baby’. When they finally come FOR YOU, no one will be around to defend you. You think perpetually existing in a climate where the purchased police and cadres can disturb your life at any time is something to gloss over with such flippant statements? So what, if you praised HH yesterday? What are you condemning him for, today – when you can read what happened? Including an earlier statement by Katanga about permits?

  22. You think you can yap all you want and support your ECL even if things are done wrong at the expense of majority poor Zambians. Shame shame shame. Just continue enjoying your life with those bazungus you marry bro and please REFRAIN from writing NONSENSE on LT.

  23. So what was wrong with Hakainde Hichilema attending a church service in your so called Christian country ? Shouldn’t you be happy that a potential leader is attending church in accordance with your laws laid down by your hypocritical PF nonsense? All of you supporting corruption and primitive leadership should have your heads examined!! HH is an innocent man who has never stolen a penny out of your pocket and yet you continue supporting useless thieves who have no conscious or empathy for the poor majority in Zambia!! Rot in hell you hypocritical Zambian so called christians !! The biggest tribalists ever !! I have never known Zambia to be so backward !!

  24. Rubb.ish trash! And what is Trib.al Hacks doing in the pictures?
    Ah so he loves flying? Then how is he going to sell off ZAF 1?
    Trib.als and fake news, awe sure!

  25. The POLICE messed up when he arrived by providing Security to HH instead of Davies Mwila.
    To correct and appear PF, Katanga ordered HH to be trailed and hassled foolishly up to his departure.
    HH did not seek compromised Police protection, instead the JARABOs stepped in to protect HH while in CB until he left.
    GAME ON. PF against People power? Who wins?
    By the way, what was Davies doing in CB instead of attending confused NDF?

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