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Declare hunger situation, a National Disaster-HH

Headlines Declare hunger situation, a National Disaster-HH

Hakainde Hichilema

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has advised the government to declare the hunger situation a national disaster.

Mr. Hichilema said declaring a national disaster will enable Zambia to receive the required level of support in dealing with the situation.

”Months ago, we were adamant that the government must not export maize. We are now faced with a shortage and the price of a 25kg bag of mealie meal is approximately K120,” Mr. Hichilema said.

”It would be prudent for the government to declare the current maize shortage and hunger situation, a National Disaster. This will enable us to get the support we need to alleviate it, ” he said.

Me. Hichilema said Zambia is now faced with a severe shortage and that the price of mealie meal is far out of affordability for most Zambians.


    • Everything is a disaster. Even having you hh as leader of upnd is one of them. We are left with no hope for the future.

    • HH you are too stingy no wonder everyone is running away from you…you should declare a party disaster in UPND

    • @2 Kci
      Good question….is HH normal? …..i dont think so….HH just dreams about disaster….when the economy slows down you should see HH wagging his tail……as much as I don’t like PF bandits and Lungu but still i always hope for the best for my country Zambia….i dont wish for someone to fail for me to succeed like HH does infact all Politicians always wishes for the opponent to fail…..thank God am not a Politician

    • The support HH is talking about, where will it come from?

      He wants donations from the international community?

      Really? Is he normal?

      How can you sell all the food in your house, and then after go begging for food?

      Is he serious?

      This culture of begging should stop.

      Learn to live within your means, and manage the little that you have better.


    • Please a few of you Zambians, even you hate HH that much, at least from the little brains of yours, get the SENSE from what he is saying. Most Zambians can no longer get ends meet. Mines are closing; salaries are delayed; contractors not paid and abandoning unfinished projects; universities closed; Kwacha tumbling; staple foods highly priced apart froms PF still dancing Dununa reverse and the winner is…???

      God bless Zambia.

    • According to HH how many people have died of hunger? What factors lead to declaring a disaster? Yes, things are hard but people are striving to feed themselves. Sometimes there is honour in keeping quiet. Our politicians should learn to be civil.

  1. Is HH normal? We have enough maize in the Country and neighboring countries are begging for our maize. Who is going to help us with Maize if others like Zimbabwe, DRC and Malawi are are asking from us. This tonga triba! god is an alarmist who prays for disaster to happen so that he capitalizes on it for his political mileage. A son of the devil will never rule Zambia.

    • He has got money why can’t he buy maize and donate to people he thinks are the victims instead of going to the press. This is the time to help them, not during campaign.

    • @ SkyLab
      Be like munone, accept Endemically Corrupt Leadership and grow the business of arse l!cking

    • Why do you pay K3oo for DSTV repeats while you refuse to pay K150 for a bag of your staple food? The only places that has a maize deficit is Southern and western provinces. The price of mealie meal will unfortunately go down soon once the farmers start off loading part of the 2million tons of grain

  2. This man has no ideas to move the country forward even though their party slogan is Forward. Does he understand what a national disaster is?Can he quantify the hunger for him to prove that the situation is worse? Is nshima the only food zambians eat? Where i come from, we eat casava meal and millets. There is rice, potatoes etc.
    Can someone advise HH to sit down and keep quiet – please

  3. HH please grow up.

    The tears of a cow is the happiness of dogs.

    This is meant for you Mr HH and your UPND supporters.

  4. National Disaster is having HH an Opposition UPND Leader.
    HH formerly Sonny Chintombwa is son to late Chintombwa, the Angolan cattle rustler.

    HH has been sponsored by Whites for a long time and now they want pay back.
    They have seen this as the only opportunity because the ruling Party is in disarray.
    The same white people have used some underground forces similar to the CIA operatives to disintegrate the ruling party while keeping the UPND stronghold intact.

    Sadly, greed is dividing the PF just as the devil one planned.

    We are doomed!

    • Without “whites” you will be by now sucking Ling Ching D!ck in order to pay for unprecedented !mbecility!!!

    • Hehehehehe ……..hohoho…

      Yes the whites want our minerals and everything we sold the Chinese….

      It is a setup by the rest of the world…..

      They want the mine shafts that are closing so they dig deeper……

      Yes, yes the whites also want our solar hammer mills …..

  5. Please educate these dander head who have raped and destroyed a country that was once functional, PFoools belong in the dog pound

  6. Please educate these dander heads who have raped and destroyed a country that was once functional, PFoools belong in the pound

  7. HH you should also declare the mismanagement of the privitisation of state owned assets as national disaster in which the major beneficiary was yourself. You are just a sadist that only speaks when there is a negative condition to score some political relevance. The hunger situation is more pronounced in your KINGDOM (southern province) and these are your fellow TONGAS that gave you 98.99% vote in the last general elections, therefore, rush to them to rescue them before they die and lose their votes. The government is already doing its part in this kingdom by giving them relief food despite their tribal hate for other tribes. You stole a lot from the Zambian people so can you plough back part of the loot to feed your tribesmen, id.ot.

    • 98 % of all major thefts of GRZ money have been by bembas ……

      Maybe they need to go back and reunite with Congo and leave the rest of Zambia alone to prosper without this stealing culture…..

    • Sorry. I think by now, HH knows he has benn losing elections because of the privatisation issue

  8. The President of Zambia will not declare hunger in Southern Province a national disaster because Zambia is bigger than one province. However, as a president of a regional party you are at liberty to declare hunger in Southern Province a TONGA disaster.

  9. Please talk to the Headmaster at Sikalongo Secondary School in Choma there demanding for cobra from each Child which we dont even apply in our homes we just mope with water

  10. To all my bemba colleagues , I apologise for being seen as a tribal bigot above, I am not.

    I am only fighting fire with fire, it seems this is only what makes these monkies above realise that abusing other tribes can be a 2 way street.

    LT knows these tribalists but let’s them range free on LT ….

  11. Stop this tribal nonsense. I have no doubt all these ‘bonehead bloggers’ will shortly start listening to him once they all start starving and that’s not to far off.

  12. Come on mr hh is this the best solution you can come up with and yet you are vying for the top job in Zambia. How are you going to manage our country if this is the kind of solutions you think about. We need progressive solutions and not mediocre ones where we have to go back to begging the white man to feed us. So hh rethink your whole entire approach if you must lead this great nation.

  13. ZAMBIAN LIVES MATTER! Most people affected by the drought and hunger don’t even have access to the internet. While we simply blog about it, people are dying and death knows no tribe when it comes and someone needs to speak out because we need all the help we can get for our people, this dark cloud is upon us and yes we have a sleeping government but not a sleeping people. Zambians, here is a call out for us to start mobilising ourselves, help collect supplies, identify affected areas and reach out to that hungry family where you are the difference. Rather than waste valuable seconds debating on useless tribal topics that will still go on next year and even after our time has passed, do something from heart that is bleeding for immediate action. Remember 10 voices are much louder than…

  14. The problem with many politicians, especially the opposition, they talk about high cost of living in urban areas only and yet the most affected are those in rural areas!When they try to gain at least a profit on their produce, the opposition, as in this story, talk of high cost of living.politician have relegated the rural dwellers to beasts of burden!I totally agree with the people who have termed hh and his upndOWN as the disasters.He is speaking outside the fora where he could heard and have his ideas incorporated in some policies, but he is always comfortable in the wilderness!! to him; National dialogue,kwacha re- basing,losing elections,sales tax,Annual budget etc(End of Thinking Capacity) are all disasters!Hired by die capitalists-shame.Yes, there are challenges in the Economy,…

  15. Sorry the international community will not come to our aid. Thanks to HH and Co who have been campaigning for this. As as the West is concerned Zambia doesn’t deserve any help at all. Talk about shooting oneself in the feet.

  16. So disheartening to read the ‘reasoning’ of some people here. Because hunger is not affecting YOU in particular, all is well? Have you been to some of the far flung areas of the country and seen how people are coping, or not for that matter?

    It’s people who live in Lusaka, have connections with those who misappropriate resources, visit shopping malls and think they are in ‘paradise’ and hardly go to areas off the line of rail who think all is well – or as usual refuse to accept the reality that befalls many.

  17. DAILYRECORD.CO.UK Friday, May17,2019

    Mary’s meals raise £5.5m
    Charity Mary’s meals will feed 95,000 more children in Zambia after raising £3.5 million.The total donated was boosted to £5.5 million by UK Government.

    Hopefully the Zambian government will use this donation for its intended purpose

  18. What baffles me is why our colleagues in the UPND seem to thrive and rejoice on the country’s misfortunes. Whenever there is a hint that something is not alright in the country, they immediately transition into a celebratory mode. Just yesterday, I was with some UPND friends at a club and they seemed so ecstatic about the NDF being a a spectacular flop, that there were prospects of the mines shutting down on the Copperbelt, sending the economy into a downward spiral, resulting in the value of the kwacha plummeting, and foreign direct investment drying up. None of them could volunteer a solution to these problems except to excitedly brag that their HH had prophesied these calamities! Go help Zambia!

    • KCM and Mopani have been promised a better deal by someone : he’s promised them a freehand as compared to proposed taxes. For this someone to actualize this this someone will need to be in control of the Republic of Zambia government. He needs help to achieve this. So Mr someone has offered a solution. …and this solution? Disturbing life in mine townships.

  19. Disaster? BWANA can u describe what disaster means,ba HH is this disaster sure?are you sure this is disaster.You never rule this country baba.You are causer of this problems we are encountering now.

  20. What did this Trib.al just say? Which “government” is it referring to? The one of Lungu? The one it rejected in 2016?
    Kwena it is true, Trib.al Hacks has no shame!!!

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