Secretary to Cabinet Rowland Msiska chats with Acting Auditor General Ron Mwambwa and Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa during Minsters and Controlling Officers workshop on prudent Financial Management practices at Mulungushi

Cabinet has revealed that this year’s Africa Freedom Day Investiture celebration to be held at State House, will be witnessed by 350 invited guests, a reduction from the 3500 people invited in 2018.

Acting Secretary to Cabinet Patrick Kangwa has revealed in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday that the development is in adherence to the on-going austerity measures.

Mr Kangwa has however encouraged members of the public to follow live proceedings of the ceremony on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), as well as various radio stations.

He revealed that celebration will be preceded by a wreath laying ceremony, which will later climax with an investiture ceremony for honours and awards hosted by President Edgar Lungu and First Lady Esther Lungu at State House.

This year’s celebrations will be held under the theme “the year of refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons: towards durable solutions to forced displacement in Africa’’.

And Mr Kangwa has encouraged both public and private institutions that offer essential services, to ensure that measures are put in place, in order to avoid any disruption in their operations.

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  1. we are the next zimbabwe. all the signs are there: 1)worst performing currency (2)kicking out investors without a plan or strategy with the aim of gifting loyal unskilled cadres with roles in the mining sector (3)skyrocketting cost of living for essential products like mealie meal (4) strong affinity for the chinese who turn blind eye to human rights and workers rights (5) all the above happening under the poor leadership of a “patriotic front” party.

    Do not say we in UPND didnt warn you. Vote UPND in next eleciton, and if they steal the vote demonstrate in the streets like professinal associal of sudan
    N.e.z B.A M.A
    Chief Strategist of the UPND


  2. Mmmmmm…….I have learned something new today. So all along they have inviting about 3000 people at the investiture ceremonies? And all these people expect to be provided with lunch each time there’s a ceremony? Zambia is a rich country.


  3. These are ceremonies which have lost value.Africa Freedom Day is a day that celebrates our liberty,invite Kambwili who you will soon be demanding a permit from before going to the toilet.All well meaning citizens should play no part in celebrating their “freedom” under this tyranny
    .How can HH celebrate this day with people who locked him up for no reason,a day will come when we shall trully celebrate this day,i propose that we all wear black attire on this day as a protest to the erosion of our inalienable rights given to us by God and which PF are abusing wantonly.



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