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NGOCC refuses to comment on the “Video” of Mrs Mwanakatwe Circulating on Social Media(updated)

General News NGOCC refuses to comment on the "Video" of Mrs Mwanakatwe Circulating on...

Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe
Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe

The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council has said that it have been inundated with media queries on the supposed dozing and seemingly tired Minister of Finance Mrs Margret Mwanakatwe in the recording.

In a statement relased to the media, NGOCC said that it is restrained from commenting on the video as the organisation does not have the full details of the circumstances and condition of the Minister at the time.

Reports have surfaced that points of orders were raised at the NDF as to whether it was in order for the Minister of Finance to attend the proceedings while drunk. The forum ruled that ruled that there was no evidence to prove that Finance minister Margaret Mwanakatwe was drunk in one of the meetings.

Below is the full statement


For Immediate Release
21st May 2019


Following the video of Hon. Margret Mwanakatwe that has gone viral on social media, we have been inundated with media queries on the supposed dozing and seemingly tired Minister in the recording.

The video appears to be related to the matter that was brought to the attention of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) following a point of order by one of the delegates.

The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) is herein restrained from commenting on the video as we do not have the full details of the circumstances and condition of the Minister at the time.

In this regard, we would like to go along with the verdict as passed by the Standing Orders of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) which cleared the Minister of any wrong doing. It is this position we shall rely upon as the reflection of events related to the video in question.

However, in the wake of all the debates and perspectives around the matter with the Minister and similarly with other public leaders, it has always been NGOCC’s stated position that leaders, both female and male, should conduct themselves in line with the decorum of their offices. It is our expectation that public leadership should be exercised with utmost professionalism and integrity.

In the same vein, it is public responsibility to hold our leaders to account with positive criticism and fair judgement on their capacity to perform and deliver to citizens’ expectation.

We all need to transcend beyond unfair criticism and unnecessary ridicule of especially women in decision making positions at all levels and contribute objectively to the dictates of their public offices.

NGOCC has over the years bemoaned the low numbers of women in decision making positions, especially in politics. In this regard, NGOCC would like to encourage the public to support the few women leaders occupying public offices as opposed to demonizing them at the slightest opportunity.


Engwase B. Mwale

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  1. Supposed dozing and seemingly tired? she was drunk and wasted on Konyagi! She’s right at home in this government as the Chief drunken master himself sees nothing wrong with that shameful behaviour. Ba LT sometimes your journalism sucks, you could’ve posted the video in question right here.

    • In business books, it is advice-able to have seex few hours before a “boring” meeting, but more advisable to a presenter, so you can have that relaxed mind and body. Chinese & Japanese don’t write about seex with partner, but they like to say “seex with yourself, 2 hours before presentation”.
      All books discourages seex a night BEFORE a “boring” meeting or presentation. Even footballers are discouraged to have seex in camp.

    • Zambia everything is Politics just get rid of Mwanakatwe period….is there anything to even debate about here….no wonder we don’t develop……that is instant dismisal


    • So what message is this NGOCC passing to the young girls out there?This action of supporting the drunk is actually retrogressive to all females.The women will now know that regardless of how scandalous their scandal is they have the support of NGOCC.And where is the Religious Minister,surely there is very little work this ministry does and they let go of the opportunity to preach morals to Aunty Dizzy?

  2. Low number of women in decision making position is not an excuse for us to forget about Zambian values. Attending events like NDF while drunk is against Zambian values. Shame

  3. Even if it’s wako ni wako, surely you can’t defend this drunk. Don’t use the good name of NGOCC in your shameless tribal PR stunts.

  4. C’mon NGOCC please grow a pair…..no pun intended!!….. you are an NGO for crying out loud supposed to represent not to be another “suck up to PF” group of people. So what are you doing now? indirectly supporting alcoholism!! Please don’t try and hide behind the lack of women argument. Be firm and speak out against the abuse of alcohol.

  5. Pfooool regime is full of drunkards, thieves and corrupt people.We are yet see more of this after KCM liquidation.More money in their pockets at the expense of poor Zambians…lol

  6. The way NGOCC has been operating under Sarah Longwe and Emmily Ngwase-Mwale is confusing. The management of NGOCC is lost and has no credible in as far as women’s issues are concerned. NGOCC is always quicker to issue statements on issues that are committed by men, but always mute on women issues. I wonder what sort of moral campus do they use at NGOCC.
    The inept management skills at this institution are appalling. Maggie was drunk and she has always been a drunker. Period

  7. Had that been a man, or opposition leader, the NGOCC would have been shouting from city council. Now that it is Maggie they are acting like they didn’t see a thing.

  8. Next time Madam don’t attend any meetings or go for work while intoxicated or when extremely exhausted as the body has ways of saying am “TIRED AND I WANT TO REST” and if you force it, IT SHUTS DOWN. Please don’t embarrass us. Already Zambian women are known for DRINKING world wide. SAD INDEED.

  9. This incident renders the NGOCC useless and completely impotent as we have always said. From now on just shut-up together with your equally useless National Values counterpart. This incident has really brought your uselessness to the fore – useless twits. You are ready to bring the nation down just to preserve your overblown egos.

  10. The NGOCC should be better advised to do a better job of its Public Relations function. Not withstanding its very best efforts at justifying its public relevance, the organisation must not be seen to be supporting unjustifable, shameful and disgraceful actions or inactions of women in public office.

    It is my view that in the longer term, the greater interests of our women would be better served if organisations such NGOCC focused more on enhancing the quality — and not the quantity of women — in positions of influence. In the absence of real role models amongst our women fork, it will be very difficult for our talented young women to take their proper place in the political, economical and social space of our country.

  11. You guys who want to magnify small issues that are not beneficial to most of us should be ashamed of yourselves. One can doze off once in his or her life time and if it does not seat well with one and you decide to campaign over it, for what benefit. The office of Mrs Mwanakatwe has huge demands whereby she may find herself sleepless and over stressed. If you cannot manage your own pocket how dare you want to manage Mrs Mwanakatwe?

  12. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Haha the little ‘air kiss’ she blows out at the end is hilariously gold! Right at the cameraman. 🙂

    She took out some participation allowance in this drunken stupor… in any other progressive countries, she would resign on her own or get demoted to the backbench but not in this failed project called Zambia.

    • I really dislike PF and UPND cadres. This is a national issue, leave your nonsense in taverns. The lady was in the wrong here, so are the NGOCC.

  13. Had it been HH issuing some productive statements, you all would be fuming here and vowing that he will never rule.
    Now see what mess you have voted or rather rigged us into!

  14. I cant believe we cant see or call drunkenness when its all there.Bottom line is it shames the entire country if a minister is visibly doing that in public.Your response shows how degraded the CSOs have become ,no principles at all.A Bunch of jokers that you are !

  15. Can you imagine if she snored or farted in such a public place. Well, it happens. Could be very embarrassing if she ever found out.

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