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UPND says HH has not issued any statement in Support of Government’s action on KCM

Headlines UPND says HH has not issued any statement in Support of Government's...


United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that the party President has not issued any media statement alleging that President applauding the liquidation of Konkola Copper Mines.

In A statement released to the media, the party said that the statement allegedly circulating on social media is s a pure branded product of lies by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) and described it as not only malicious but deceptive, aimed at dragging the name of the UPND President into disrepute.

Below is the full statement


UPND wishes to refute in strongest terms a statement making rounds on social media alleging that President Hakainde Hichilema has applauded the PF’s liquidation of Konkola Copper Mines.

The statement is a pure branded product of lies by a known political party that want to share its spoils.

The said statement is not only malicious but deceptive, aimed at dragging the name of our beloved UPND President into disrepute.

We further wish to state that, at no point in time has President Hichilema issued a statement on the happenings at KCM, this is because he believes in mutual engagements and amicable resolutions of conflicting matters.

However UPND has taken note of the action taken by Government but will only issue a comprehensive statement or party position after a thorough research and analysis.

We further wish to note that, unlike our colleagues from the Patriotic Front (PF), the UPND is an organized and coordinated party whose reactions to matters of grave concern are only made after wider consultations from various stakeholders.

Furthermore, UPND wishes to make it clear, that it will not support any action taken without consideration of the impact the move would have on the lives of the people of Zambia and the investment as a whole.

We, therefore urge all our members across the country as well as KCM management to treat that statement with the contempt and disdain it deserves.

Issued by:

Ruth Dante

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  1. we are the next zimbabwe. all the signs are there: 1)worst performing currency (2)kicking out investors without a plan or strategy with the aim of gifting loyal unskilled cadres with roles in the mining sector (3)skyrocketting cost of living for essential products like mealie meal (4) strong affinity for the chinese who turn blind eye to human rights and workers rights (5) all the above happening under the poor leadership of a “patriotic front” party.

    Do not say we in UPND didnt warn you. Vote UPND in next eleciton, and if they steal the vote demonstrate in the streets like professinal associal of sudan
    N.e.z BA MA
    Chief Strategist of the UPND X

    • Actually and unless you dont understand Public Relations

      UPND you have just made a national statement.

      In this article you have started that you will not support any due diligence about the governments decision. That itself is making a statement

      UPND your Public Relation Machinery is so poor.

      The best you should have done if you have NOT made any statement is to keep mute.

      You worry too much about what people think about UPND. Hence the reason you bark unnecessary to false alarms, which in the end makes you look like an ” Under 5 Party.”

    • The reaction of some Zambians rejoining at the action taken against KCM is worrying. It explains why they have tolerated Lungu. They deserve him.

      Zambian thinking is komboni thinking. As long as they are fed, they will support your.

    • As I said , this will only make sense to bring in the Chinese and we square the debt we owe them , while they still pay tax at agreed levels

    • Zambia is turning into a rubbish bin because of these PF kandilemo spawing rubbish here and supporting Lungu the thief.

      Last time I said Lungu should be careful with KCM issues because actions taken will form the basis for which potential investors will judge Zambia.

      Already investors are showing signs of holding back investment because of Lungu careless and corrupt actions. And then you hear stupid and drunk Mumbai accuse HH.

      By the way there is no honour amongst thieves. Lungu himself has seen an opportunity to own a mine with Chinese partners while Chitotela is also digging in to be part of the venture despite facing corruption allegatons. In fact Lungu can not touch Chitotela any more because he is one with Chinese contacts who are ready to bankroll this mine take over…

    • On HH not having commented on the issue I say that is a brilliant position to take until he gathers evidence of what is really going on with KCM.

      HH is very thoughtfull and always tries hard to speak from the point of knowledge and understanding.

      While Lungu and his PF thugs always speak from the point of ignorance by always kicking the can down the road. All what these PF thugs are interested in is enriching themselves on the back of poor Zambians.

      Lungu must go.

    • Whether he has done it or not whichever way this is goes Hichilema stands to lose. His sponsors have been wanting to get back that mine, so they’ll either go for it with Edgar as their partner or they will completely lose out should the Chinese get it. If any of these happens, for what reason will they sponsor Hichilema in 2021? Bola naikosa

    • It does not matter … we are running this country the best way we know how. When your turn comes if ever it will then you can do whatever you want.

      Right now, please sit down, relax and enjoy your yapping.

      Epo mpelele,


  2. Its true that hh has not issued a statement or supported governments move. How do you expect him to support something that has not been fully explained or an action where no strategy has been explained to Zambian people..an action based onknee jerk reaction and personal gain..ati you were saying am in your pocket. Lungu has no care for Zambian people. Watch these guys loot copper.

    • Who cares if your Hakainde has not issued a statement or supported government’s move? Everybody knows that your ka god is a front for Imperialists especially in the mining sector. With or without Hakainde’s statement, Vedanta is gone

    • Danielle,

      Your reasoning is lacking, quite a bit actually.

      I do not support HH. But I do acknowledge that he has a lot more brain power than the entire PF leadership. That is why he is not celebrating wildly and blindly to this KCM new. He knows what is likely to come next.

      What exactly do you think Lungu will do with KCM?

      Is there anything that Lungu has done so far that would make you think he has a grand plan for KCM or our economy? Anything at all?

      What the PF government is doing is illegal. And Zambia will be fined heavily.

      Anyone with a decent level of education will be very worried by what government is doing. Just look at the qualifications of the liquidators. That tells you all you need to know.

    • @IndigoTyrol, And what was Vedanta’s grand plan for KCM? You guys in the diaspora are so clueless that you continue barking from the position of ignorance! KCM mwenyes have a mining licence but they have abandoned mining operations and are now mostly importing copper concentrates for their smelter. To make matters worse, they are stripping plant and equipment and selling them as scrap metal. They don’t pay suppliers and contractors for close to one year, and are also struggling to pay employee salaries on time. Not that they CAN’T PAY, but because they DON’T WANT TO PAY. Even water for domestic use at their residences for senior managers they don’t want to pay. Surely is there anything the country will lose by kicking them out?

    • Danielle,

      You government is not paying salaries to civil servants up to 6 months.

      It is this government that should be liquidated.

    • IndigoTyrol, Your reasoning is what is tempting me to think that you are an empty tin. Do you know why government debt is classified as ‘RISK FREE”?

    • @IndigoTyrol, you are some of the Dundumwezians that always make HH look foolish and Under 5, which Government has not paid civil servants for 6 months? I got my April salary on 23rd of April 2019, though i don’t know about the civil servants in Tongaland because they are the ones feeding you with all this cowdung. we have failed to take this tribal organization seriousely because you are not factual, untruthful and always negative. what a bunch. get a life

    • @Danielle, if you think IndigoTyrol is an empty tin why are you then bothering to respond to his comments?? Why not not ignore him/her if you are filled up tin

    • Danielle…If the Indians are failing to pay salaries, contractors, & scrapping off plant equipment – that is an issue that falls under the contractual framework – take them to court or revoke their license – it is just because the PF government itself is full of corruption to begin with. There is no Rule of Law – that is why these Indians are behaving like this in the first place.

      Just look at the composition of the Liquidators – are they qualified and neutral enough to be objective and act in the best interest of the nation??

    • Danielle,
      If anything, it’s you who is home and empty, and on top of that ignorant. Stop insulting diaspora.
      IndigoTyro has a point and asked a fair question “What exactly do you think Lungu will do with KCM?” if he has not managed to resolve the issue of “government not paying salaries to civil servants for up to 6 months.”
      Look at who is anointed to liquidate KCM? Amos Chanda and Kaizer…Honestly?

      If you were above IndigoTyro as you claim, I would have expected you to answer with facts…but alas !!!

  3. HH still has no idea what to say. When it comes to the mine we know HH stand with the foreign exploiters. The operations and scared to come out in the open after all he sold the mine to foreigners at a song.

  4. People please don’t be naive that HH can be part of any progress.
    HH and UPND will for ever be the down side of the coin.
    Always losing and feeling jealous of the top side
    Always thinking the tosser played some trick
    Always like a hyena waiting to feast on the misfortunes of others.
    Always hoping for the worst outcome
    Always praying for the demise of the good so that bad will prevail.

    • @Ken ala mulalalanda mmmmm……. always praying for the demise of good so that bad will prevail. egixakitili (in Dundu accent)

  5. Has HH ever been constructive when it comes to national issues? Why would he side with the government when his paymasters are the ones pulling the strings? This man would burn his own house just to please his sponsors. He should never be allowed anywhere near the instruments of power.

  6. As I said , this will only make sense to bring in the Chinese and we square the debt we owe them , while they still pay tax at agreed levels and with current employment levels

  7. Mr. HH should issue a clear statement in person on KCM liquidation. I would like Zambians and PF to benefit from Mr. HH’s vast experience in mine liquidations.

  8. “However UPND has taken note of the action taken by Government but will only issue a comprehensive statement or party position after a thorough research and analysis”. Only last week their god was boasting that he knows the remedy for challenges at KCM and yet this is now when they are doing “research and analysis”. Party of jokers!

    • @Danielle
      You are a confused chap.
      Even a grade 3 pupil without knowledge of politics will understand that I quote “boasting that he knows the remedy for challenges at KCM” was a sentence made to resolve KCM which did not take into account GRZ takeover.
      Now he is doing “research and analysis” to understand the Lungu takeover of KCM.
      If you can not understand this, then you are just “Party of a joker!” and a spammer on LT.

  9. HH has no moral right to speak about any issues related to the mines, he still stands and feels guilty of the criminal crime he committed when he unethically benefited himself by mismanaging the privitisation process. Knowing how desp[arate and power hungry HH is by now he would have spoken nonsense about the KCM issue to look like a “Messiah” in the eyes of gullible Zambians, but his conscience cannot allow him considering the damage and misery he inflicted on the innocent miners during the privitisation era. This man HH is evil, selfish, full of hate for non Tongas. Therefore HH if he is morally upright let him not bissue any statement regarding the KCM matter because he is initially, together with others, the originator of the problem.

  10. When I read that statement of hh supporting the move of the mine being taken over by the Government I was very surprised because the Upnd leader has never and will never support anything good that is done by the Government. To him anything good that is done by the state is a minus to his wishes of entering state house. So he enjoys confusions in the country. What kind of a leader is this who is always feasting on the negative actions of other people, whereby such actions wi?l lead in the obvious suffering of the same people which he desires to lead if given chance?

  11. Am a swing voter. For now hh is the ONLY politician that makes sense. We need no dancing and drinking and childish politics which come with chanda boys for the next 5yrs

    Am in lsk central and I voted for el and magie in 2016′. But As things stand el is one vote because I cant wake at 3am to vote for el and Maggie again

  12. Shalenipo Zedians!
    Ifwe as a family have reached a decision to renounce our Zambian citizenship and go back where we have been before Mwanawasa persuaded us to come back. Zambia is too stressful a country to live in!
    Good luck with your self-inflicted problems and your thieving!
    Yes they say home is home but Abraham the Father of Faith only became successful in a foreign land! Home can sometimes be the curse holding back your progress in life! Life must make sense and must never be a lifelong struggle of paying high school fees, heavy taxes etc against dwindling incomes! Shalenipo bane!

    • @11 Bandac,kafikenipo,you responded to the call of a person (Mwanawasa) who gave KCM to those Indians at $25m when copper in transit to markets was $65mn!! We have many problems yes,but if you came here during Mwanawasa’s time,then you lived long to have adapt rather than leave again to start all over again! Any way,it’s personal,good luck!!

  13. Why has he failed to say something?He is scared coz we know that he sold mines and support KCM.Some of won’t support HH coz he is not partrotic period

  14. Cut and paste graduates, you should know the work of a Consultant. The Consultant is given ToT and a team of exports to work with by the organisation hiring him or her. His recommendations are reviewed and can be approved or be subjected to changes to suit the expectations of the organisation as to what minimum price they want the company to be sold. HH did his assignment and if MMD technical expert team agreed to the price then people should blame government experts who didn’t advice the government well. H H was paid for the work .In future government should avoid engaging cadres to negotiate for high profile deals because they have no ability.

    • The issue here is your HH valuing the assets and ending up as a buyer. Cases in point: Lima bank house in kabulonga and a hotel in Livinstone. You can’t see anything wrong with that?

    • I am just wondering who is “nimpofu yaku dundu”, the one who is waking up after almost 25 years?
      Awe mwee…please @Danielle and @cozcowjr go back and sleep, enjoy your backwardness, you are safe there and leave alone the progressive Concerned Zambian who is trying to pump some sense into your brains.

  15. Last week on Radio Icengelo HH in his talk categorically accused the minister of mines of letting KCM do what ever they wanted and therefore neglecting miner’s wellbeing. Now government has acted his party sings a different song. And I see one Charlotte Scott on Twitter condemning government’s action on KCM. Let her go back to England or wherever she came from. What do you do with a company that has been telling lies and abrogating their obligations? Our forefathers risked their comfort for the sake of independence. Miners are already suffering so why not go the full distance in order to improve their lot?

    • Ndanje you are embarrasing this nation and showing your ignorance. What do you mean let her go back where she came from? she has served this nation more than you will ever do in your entire sad life. She is zambian. where do you want her to go? stop that racist mentality. Lots of zambians are working and living in other parts of the world and are contributing alot of money in zambia. if they were told to go back where they came from alot of poor zambians they help would suffer. let us learn to talk with sense. let us engage brain before just spewing amaafi on computer. grow up. I see you have not changed. its is good that now you are proudly showing your support for PF so that we debate with you properly. you were hiding behind upnd last time i was here

  16. Not too ago HH stated that KCM is abusing the contractors and killed the future of mining in Chingola and Zambia today he turns around and says we are not in support of Government’s action on KCM. I always what kind of checks and balances the opposition offers to the Party in power

    • There ultimate goal is State House at any cost. It’s a pity that when it comes to national interest we very much behind even the war ravaged DRC.

    • ndanje your lack of knowledge on common issues is very scary. Do you even know the state of affairs in congo? it is a problem when some one is born and raised on chilubi island without ever crossing those waters.

  17. Not too ago HH stated that KCM is abusing the contractors and killed the future of mining in Chingola and Zambia today he turns around and says we are not in support of Government’s action on KCM. I always wonder what kind of checks and balances the opposition offers to the Party in power

  18. UPND and HH ARE RIGHT,THEY WILL SPEAK COMPREHENSIVELY!!They do not want to dirtify themselves with the circus created by the President and his team.Its good to wait and look at how things are being done,in whose interest??HOWEVER,for now it is important to START CAUTIONING SOME OF THE ACTIONS BEING TAKEN,like liqidation decision before due dilligence,involvement of cadres in the process at the expense of experts!!SO FAR ITS A CIRCUS,WORTH A CAUTION OPTMISM!!

  19. KCM is strategic, they have not issued any statement yet concerning the liquidation debacle. They have left the issue in the hands of their lawyers who are doing a due diligence before they rush to do what PF has done. KCM is a legal entity and as such there is no need of sending cadres and thugs, firing of guns at their premises just to confirm that the liquidator has been appointed. How do you go and the tell the CEO that we have taken over your company before they even go to court and issue legal recourse or a counter claim? Learned lawyers have deliberately stayed away because of the embarrassment that is about to unfold. A proper legal recourse should be followed and not this political stunt. The court will deliberate and probably issue a stay whilst others matters are looked into.

    • Imwe sure, Zambians can not even see they are being led into an abyss.

      As long as food will be served in that abyss, they will go gladly while clapping.

      They do not care how they will exit that abyss.

  20. Nationalisation of the mines is not something the people of zambia shiuld be happy about. Those rejoicing or supporting this decision should think twice. Firstly this givernment lacks the means to run such an undertaking and secondly the government is not competent to be entrusted with such an undertaking. My reason for driving my point is simply for you all to look at how IDC is mismanaging the parastatals as indicated in the auditor general’s report. In as much as the decision to nationalise may seem good give much thought to the ability of this government which has so far failed in its parastatals to competently manage this huge undertaking. The decision they made to liquidate the post will forever haunt them. They have failed to honor VAT reibursements and the knee-jerk decision to…

  21. Continued. To nationalise the mine is to simply run away from their responsibility in VAT reimbursements. In retrospect the government is acting like a bully. Those of you celebrating this decision on the mine tell point out any feasible concrete plan that the government has put in place to successfully run the mine. If KCM is listed on the stock exchange it will be better for someone competent and with the resources to buy and run the mine not this government which has only demonstrated failure in utilising the resources of this country. The decision to liquidate the post news paper was wrong. The amounts received from the liquidation is not even close to what government claimed they owed in taxes. Had the government allowed the post to continue they would have recovered their money plus…

  22. This takeover will send bad signal to investors aswell as mining companies. The remaining mining companies will
    Think twice before investing more and
    Will try to retrieve what is invested.This
    Will raise rate of dollar further.Govt should have warned them before taking
    This action.

  23. Lubambe mine was similarly liquidated and is a huge success now. So will be KCM.

    In a zero-sum game, only sensible move is a zero-sum move. We don’t gain, they don’t gain. But they did gain a lot with the leverage of their lackey whose positive minders wanted to prop up by issuing one for him, but he denies playing his usual move of not going against his sponsors. No court in the World will protect a self-declared bankrupt especially that Vedanta has cash as proven by its buying back of public shares on London Stock Exchange to go private. Simply delinquent and thinking we are *****s. Kwacha has already gained huge upon the announcement of the Liquidation. Copper still there and new partners are coming.

    • Not only Lubambe, I think there was a mine called Chibco which was liquidated and later became Chibuluma Mines. I try to check my files for more details.

  24. On who benefited from privatization. in future, all those involved in valuing assets and liquidation including their close relatives and associates should not be allowed to buy or benefit from such assets , once discovered government should repossess such assets. HH and many others may have benefited because government did not put such a condition in place. Let us pray that the action tsken by the govrnment bear fruits for all Zambians. God bless Zambia. thank you

    • it’s very worrying that your jealousy is affecting their brains.HH never sold any mine.He was just Jr at that time.H e has worked for his money bro.Why are you leaving the hammer heads choking your country at the moment that the economy is in a wheelchair?Hatred for one HH!

  25. Who comprosed the team that valued KCM for selling. Does anyone know. I just want that for general knowledge

  26. @ J K Williams. I tend to have a different view. You cant declare profits and then dont pay dividends. Its unethical in business and the other mines must be wondering why on earth gvt took too long to act. Better to declare a loss.
    KCM had it comming

  27. it’s very worrying that your jealousy is affecting YOUR brains.HH never sold any mine.He was just Jr at that time.H e has worked for his money bro.Why are you leaving the hammer heads choking your country at the moment that the economy is in a wheelchair?Hatred for one HH!

  28. In the first place we do not expect HH to say anything in support of this Government’s dealings whether bad or good because his stance always is to oppose. To support or say something in favor of a PF move would cost him loss of praise from his juniors and the people he sold the mines to. Only two years to go before we shelve you again as you loose the 2021 competition.

  29. Zambia needs an opposition with fresh minds and ideas. In my view the young and future generation of Zambians (18-45 years maximum) should form a party that can contest the next elections. Old politicians have had their time and as such it is time to pave way to the new and young generation and let them draw the roadmap for their future and those to come after. I have observed a lot of very intelligent bloggers on this site who in my view can make excellent future leaders. I am convinced there are many more back home. The decisions being made now will have a huge impact on the future generations as such and in my opinion it is better for the old generation to handover the baton to young generation during the next election
    I propose the following changes;
    a) No Zambian should be allowed…

  30. Cont:
    a) No Zambian should be allowed to stand for Presidency for more than one term of office of 5 years. This will reduce the suspicion of corruption and theft. 10 years is too much for one to be in office. 5 years is enough
    c) No Zambian above the age of 65 should be allowed to contest both Presidential and Parliamentary elections. 65 years should be the retiring age for everyone no iya muyayaya
    e) Powers to appoint the Army commanders, AG, SG, IG of Police, Speaker and deputy speaker of the National assembly be vested in Parliament and not the President
    g) Purchase of any Government property exceeding half a million dollars will have to be done through parliament and by way of a public tender
    h) Presidential and Minister powers by reduced to the level of a…

  31. cont..
    h) Presidential and Minister powers be reduced to the level of a servant, as these are servants of the people that elected them

    i) Powers conferred on the President to nominate 10 members of parliament be revoked. All members of parliament should be elected and not appointed

    j) The republic President and all his appointees trips within the country and abroad be subjected to approval by 100 % yes vote by the MPs as MPs are the representatives of the people
    These changes should be implanted with immediate effect

  32. 10 years as President is as good as a monarchy (Kingdom). It is too much. It has to be either reduced to 4 years of 2 terms or 5/6 years of one term

  33. I don’t know what is wrong with the people of Zambia. You wanted the government to do something about KCM. It’s done and you come up with all sorts of nonsense. What did you expect the government to do? Negotiate with these crooks? Nay!! You have no solution.

    • Iwe @Ndanje,
      your emptiness will kill you and it’s your being politically affiliated that makes damn. Be free thinker like a few of us and you will see the light. Now, if you do a bit of analysis and free-thinking, you will understand that most of the bloggers here to a certain extent agree with the takeover. The concerned here is that we don’t think ECL and his government have thought through and have a strategy on what after. Think about it who is on the team appointed to liquidate KCM? The general concerned is that the beneficiary of this whole game will be ECL and his friends. 10 years from now your children will be singing the same song you sing about HH. Do you get it no?

    • Kanene you are just like a puppy spawned by a stray dog. You think because you’re Upnd everyone not supporting your tin god is PF. I think freely and very patriotic. Just go suck from the sagging breasts of the b1tch that spawned. Who’s empty? You who worships an ordinary person or me who supports the country?

  34. This is about the impact of the course of action you choose. Not necessarily whether it’s right. We have all had concern about control of our resources and how some ‘investors’ have messed us about. The debate here should be about the appropriate response that benefits the country. There are methods that may mean from the ‘frying pan’ and into the ‘fire’. Is liquidation the best way? – especially this form and the ‘team’ instituted to ‘implement’ it?

  35. Politics useless the same people you were saying chase the Indians investors in the mine and bring the whites again today you are the same people condemning

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