Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Romanian Aid To Upgrade Lusaka’s Compounds


Premium Audit Consulting awarded by Romania International Development Cooperation Agency (RoAid) with a development grant for a pre-feasibility study as a preliminary tool in the Smart City Program; a housing project and aid to the development and upgrade of compound areas in Lusaka. The Smart City Program is an initiative to establish the means for a sustainable development of Lusaka.

The General Director of RoAid, Mr Catalin Harnagea accompanied by a delegation from the Embassy of Romania to the Republic of South Africa arrived on Tuesday for a three day visit in Zambia to meet with Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure, Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Lusaka City Council to initiate dialogue on the Smart City Program. “Our mission is to contribute towards the global efforts of sustainably alleviating extreme poverty and supporting stronger democratic institutions in developing countries, by sharing our own experiences”, stated Mr Harnagea. The Pre-Feasibility study is the first step in the process to developing a strategic plan for the urbanization and eradication of slums in Lusaka.

In a meeting with the delegation, Minister of Local Government, Hon. Vincent Mwale highlighted that the population of Lusaka is on the increase and in dire need of housing. “A large percentage of residents are living in very poor conditions with insufficient supply of clean water and poor waste management causing a threat to public health”, stated Hon. Vincent Mwale. Discussions with stakeholders and ministries will continue to establish policies, methods and strategies of the Smart City Program.


  1. Imagine where we could have been if PF Government spent the same energy they spend on HH and Kambwili on projects like these? We could’ve made tremendous progress as a Country

  2. Yangu mayo twasebana pa Zambia.
    Tulekwata ko insoni mwebantu shuwa. ..
    Batila ati insoni ebuntu!

  3. Romania is no longer a poor country. Communist Romania and EU Romania are worlds apart.
    GDP – per capita (PPP):
    $24,600 (2017 est.)
    $22,900 (2016 est.)
    $21,700 (2015 est.)
    GDP – per capita (PPP):
    $16,700 (2017 est.)
    $15,700 (2016 est.)
    $14,800 (2015 est.)
    GDP – per capita (PPP):
    $4,000 (2017 est.)
    $4,000 (2016 est.)
    $4,000 (2015 est.)
    Source CIA facts sheet.

    • Iwe that doesn’t mean a thing.
      Zambia shouldn’t be picking up crumbs from Romania at this point in time.
      It’s still a disgrace!

    • If you lived in the west, you would know how part of that improvement has come about, Romanians in a lot of menial jobs in London and the Uk is the norm, What a disgrace we are trying to get from the poor. Sad, go beyond those statistics, talk to Romanians as some of us do, you will begin to understand how far fallen we have gone.

    • Just avoid aid, period. Let’s prefer to learn how to fish and not just how to eat fish. AID is just another form of kaloba.

      @Pluralist, lived in the West for 4 years, and I think your assessment of how migrants from Eastern Europe are considered there is right on spot, and it’s not just at menial level but also at highly professional level (talking about salary scales).

  4. Don’t want to put put this plan down, BUT Romania is one of the few European countries that have 3rd World standards.
    In the U.k, the Romanians are looked down on due to Antisocial traits of their Romania Gypsy’s & they unfortunately bring prices down of any areas they settle down in hence the clamour for BREXIIT.
    Why don’t these Dununa *****s seek help from the Scandinavians who are tried & tested with Goodumilile?


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