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Stable marriages lead to stable nations – Chileshe

General News Stable marriages lead to stable nations – Chileshe

……..they also lead to good working environments

Minister Counselor at the Zambian Embassy in Berlin Mrs. Dorcas Chileshe has called on Zambians to pray for strong marriages because strong marriages lead to stable nations and improved working environments.

Mrs. Chileshe was addressing diplomatic and locally engaged staff at the embassy to mark the 15th wedding anniversary of Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Anthony Mukwita, which falls on the 24th of May.

“Zambians have an obligation to pray for strong marriages as strong marriages will lead to a stronger nation”, Mrs. Chileshe said.

The Minister Counselor who has been married for 32 years and a mother of four children and three grandchildren observed that prayers were necessary as marriages have challenges that go beyond the ability of human wisdom to handle.

“Sometimes there are fights and other kinds of differences in marriage but if you engage God in prayers, He will always make available the strategies you require to navigate around the challenges”, said Mrs. Chileshe.


She said a stable marriage promotes a good working environment while an unstable marriage adversely affects working relations.

“This is why I call on you to pray for Ambassador Mukwita who represents the Head of State in Germany for divine guidance”, Mrs. Chileshe said.

The Minister Counselor then prayed for the Ambassador and presented him with a bouquet of flowers and a card signed by all members of staff. Earlier, First Secretary – Political Ms. Mildred Milupi congratulated the Ambassador saying 15 years in marriage was no mean achievement. Representing Locally engaged staff, Mr. Petros Bouch equally congratulated the Ambassador and wished him well.

In his remarks, Ambassador Mukwita expressed gratitude at the gesture saying it was the first time that at a place of work, members of staff came out to wish him and his family well.

“I want to use this occasion to renew my friendship with each one of you”, the Ambassador said.

He reiterated that an unhappy and unstable marriage leads to unhealthy emotions that adversely affect any working environment. The senior diplomat urged members of staff to contribute to a happier working environment, as that would facilitate delivery on economic diplomacy.



  1. Wow this is total abuse office of ambassador. Mukwita has come up with that show-off to challenge what Emmanuel Mwamba bedroom anniversary in South Africa.
    Now even anniversaries yakkutomb… Has to be made an international event? Close that embassy.
    Not even Ba Edgar do such nonsense to prove the world that he still married to Ba Ester.

    • What a lot of drivel. Marriage and strong nation.

      A lot of people more happier aren’t married woman.

      She does sound a little dull if those statements are anything to go by.



  2. That’s the problem with inferiority complex, you live for people hence showing off at any given chance. Surely do we need this crap. This is personal please keep it with your family and friends. Ambassador my a.s.s

  3. Why do you LT give these two publicity hungry rats Mwamba and Anthony oxygen? Every week its these two morons…who cares about what she is saying? What gives her the right to talk about 15 years when our parents were married for longer than that? Is 15 years an achievement to sing about?

  4. So they are married 15 years and she is a Minister Counselor at Berlin embassy where her cadre hubby is a Ambassador…no wonder there is no work done at these places!!

  5. Silly man, when the country is in crisis this chap is busy celebrating his personal life as if we care. to correct him, not any marriage leads to stability. It is about the partner you have and their values. For example my european wife is an independent, supportive, level headed woman who is able to tell me when am wrong and is confident to give her views without fear. She is my right hand woman and best friend. I love her so much.

  6. The real issue here is that why only bembas at every mission abroad? Why not be inclusive? One Zambia my arse!

  7. Excuse me. But how is this article newsworthy?

    LT editorial office needs to wake up.

    This is news we can’t use.

  8. Ifyabupuba. As if Burundi presidents clowning award to his well behaved 12 year old daughter isn’t enough… Afrika is just something else. I doubt KK would’ve tolerated such mediocrity mwe

  9. A Mukwita, the great me! we remember you from the Frog, where you used to beg for beers , now you are ambassador

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