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Government releases funds for the construction of Livingstone’s Intercity Bus terminus

General News Government releases funds for the construction of Livingstone’s Intercity Bus terminus

Local Government Minister, Vincent Mwale officiates at this year’s commemoration of the seventh international fire fighters’ day

Local Government Minister, Vincent Mwale says Eight Million Kwacha has been released for the completion of Livingstone’s Intercity Bus terminus and the Town Centre Market, commonly known as Zimbabwe Market.

Mr. Mwale says the funds have been released by NAPSA after entering into a partnership with the Ministry of Local Government to complete the two structures.

Mr. Mwale disclosed this to ZNBC News in an interview today.

Mr. Mwale said Zambia National Service -ZNS – who are already on site will complete the two structures, which have dragged for some time now.

He said Livingstone residents will now start seeing works by ZNS and this is because President Edgar Lungu is passionate to see that the two structures are complete and benefit the local people.

The Livingstone’s Intercity Bus terminus and the Town Centre Market, commonly known as Zimbabwe Market, have been under construction since 2013.

And the District Commissioner, Precious Muyenga, who expressed sadness over the situation, has urged civil servants in the district to be proactive and attend to challenges in the district saying that is what they are paid to do.

Mrs. Muyenga said a clinic cannot be without water for over a year yet there is an officer under the ministry of water development as well as the council that should have worked on that problem.

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  1. I wonder how many months this project has been stalled….they think the contractor will simply start like they never left and drop whatever they are doing forgetting that he has to pay for expenses!!

    • So I wonder why moody MOODY is always wet dreaming about Zambia’s debt.
      Government can’t just help but keep doing it for its people.
      This differentiates PF from MMD.
      Development off election campaigns.

    • Pharaoh’s Braggadocio – if you dont know why Moody’s is called a Ratings agency..please feel free to ask? You think when the release ratings it’s about Zambia from page 1 to 56…really laughable…you can also check ratings for Germany and Ivory coast in there.

  2. Agony is building sub standard infrastructures all over the country when the average citizen cannot even afford to use those resources to better themselves. Building bus stops before you having infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists in rural areas. Trying to run before you can crawl.

  3. Your Exellency President Edgar Lungu
    Dear sir,
    RE: ZANACO Long -Overdue Scam Refund
    We would like to bring our plight to you your excellence, president of the republic of Zambia, following the scam we suffered in the Zambia National Commercial Bank(ZANACO)Ndola main Branch in 2017.

    Our president,we lost about K500,000 in total as individuals after the bank had negligently opened *** account number 5560425100104 Ndola main Branch for online criminals who swindled us after we deposited money. We have lost patience now because it is the responsibility of the bank to pay us our hard earned money as they are the ones who facilitated the scam by opening an account for the criminals.

    We were duped because ZANACO has never been known to facilitate scams in the past. We were…

  4. The city is now a parasite on the tax payer’s money when it has ability to make money. On a sad note, instead of first paying the retirees, NAPSA gives a loan to the government, and retirees continue to suffer.

  5. I just wonder if these structures need such a huge amount of money to be completed coz as much as I know, these structure were 3 quoters done by Mr Sata.

  6. In Chinsali there is a main bus stop under construction since about 2013.Works were abandoned when Mr Sara died and now internal walls are even falling!!! Everything here is ABANDONED. Tukamona

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