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Lusaka High Court throws out PF petition against UPND’s Parliamentary by election victory in Sesheke

Headlines Lusaka High Court throws out PF petition against UPND's Parliamentary by election...

United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate in the Sesheke Parliamentary by election, Romeo Kang’ombe
HH with United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate in the Sesheke Parliamentary by election, Romeo Kang’ombe during campaigns

The Lusaka High Court has declared Romeo Kang’ombe as duly elected Sesheke UPND member of parliament saying the will of the people prevailed.

Delivering a ruling on PF loosing candidate Dean Masule’s petition, Tuesday, High Court judge in charge Gertrude Chawatama declared Kang’ombe duly elected MP.

“The will of the people of Sesheke was expressed by the votes. In choosing the respondent as MP, he was validly elected as MP. I declare that Romeo was duly elected, petition dismissed,” said judge Chawatama.

Masule came out second after receiving 3, 640 votes while Kangombe polled 8, 496 from a total 12, 516 votes cast.

In his petition, Masule wants the court to declare Kang’ombe’s election null and void because the election was characterized by political violence.

Masule claimed that the campaigns in the said elections were characterized by undue influence that resulted from violence and threats to life and property and rampant physical attacks on members of the PF and the general public, resulting in severe injuries to persons and property.

He further claimed that the said acts of violence resulted in several people being occasioned with several injuries and being treated in hospitals and most of the perpetrators of the violence being arrested by the police.

Masule recalled that on Thursday, January 10, 2019, PF member Evans Chakwanda had his motor vehicle registration No. AJC 6658 stoned by suspected UPND cadres and was allegedly beaten with sticks and short buttons.

He stated that another incident was on January 23 where a suspected UPND cadre allegedly removed his campaign.

Masule further indicated that another incident occurred on February 2 where several of his cadres were attacked by their UPND counterparts at Lusa Ward camp which resulted into damage of one of their motor vehicles, among many incidents in Mulimambango, Katima Mulilo, Kalobobelwa Wards.

He accused Kangombe of having acknowledged in the News Diggers Newspaper that the by-election was not free and fair as it was marred by political violence.


    • Kikikiki , PF start making peace with HH, even Lusaka High Court has defected to UPND, following Mongu High Court.

    • I hope the cops who were fired by PF police command have got lawyers as this ruling may help with their case.

    • ECL will let his ruffians loose on the judge.
      Her retirment benefits will be delayed and no work for her after retirement, no promotion This is dead end for her.

  1. HH even his smile shows that the man is a thief.

    Zambian stollen money is in the offshore accounts because of HH

    UPND supporters don’t have brains seriously

    • The more I read your posts the more I get convinced that you have a personal hatred and vandetta against HH and our Tonga brethren. You make me feel so ashamed of being a Zambian. I don’t see any difference between you and GBM. One thing I can advise you is that you need to keep your mouth shut when you have no positive contribution, then we might not realise just how shallow minded you are. You are the worst tribal fanatic I have ever come across. And whether u like it or not, HH is the next president of Zambia and Lungu knows it! If you can just take a moment to see things for what they are (and hoping that your little immature pea brain has enough IQ of even a retarded ape), you will know it too.

    • Supporting HH is the same as supporting a prostitute or a drug addict that they will never sleep with another person or they will never take drugs again.

      Only a thief can support a thief. The beneficiaries of proceeds of thievery we know them by their support.

      As long as some miners are died because of bad self centered HH privatisation made he will never rule Zambia.

      The dead are going to vote against him in the same way HH went against their wishes and their aspirations.

      Mark my words. HH will never rule Zambia! The entire copperbelt is now a village because of his selfishness. HH u are evil together with your supporters.

    • DJ7, If you are sitting on your solid balls go solve the fake problem of accusing HH and win a fully furnished three bedroom house in the tranquil State Lodge.
      I don’t get why you have to subject us with hot air on a none issue loser.

  2. P.F. lost twice in Sesheke:

    1. They lost the election
    2. Their cadres were hammered by UPND cadres and the Police

    • Another By-Election is around the Corner in Katuba Constituency. Violent PF never learn anything from this Sesheke Petition. U are going to see Kaiser Zulu and PF thugs embark on another Violent and Bloody Election Campaign in Katuba. UPND must be ready to stand up and fight PF thugs Pound for Pound. PF has thoroughly discredited itself and knows that they can’t win an Election thru a Popular Vote. In Katuba they are already Planning how they are going to Rig that Election. UPND Youth will have to be vigilant and figure out how to Protect the Vote from Kaiser Zulu and fellow
      PF Vote Thieves. Watch Out!

  3. It was the responsibility of the PF government to ensure peaceful elections. Instead, they chose violence. Now they are crying fowl.

  4. Trib.al Hacks has one political handicap, his trib.al based selection in 2006. Yours is to fight in vain the rest of your life badaala.

    • Dear Sunday Chanda, your tribal card has dried. We from everywhere in Zambia have changed ship. Look at all of us that have changed sides. Look at comments from Mr It’s Political, Mushota, my self and others….Look on the ground…your supporters from our tribe they are gone so you are alone. HH wins and prepare your self

  5. My Swiss wife and I have just been on the phone to this young mp to congratulate him and offer him advice. My Swiss wife enjoys seeing young leaders leading the way. The young are the future. Even my youngest kid is taking political civil studies here in the UK to broaden his mind. Elisa my wife you have raised a future king. I love you so dearly

  6. Modi the Indian prime minister is a demonized mad man.That wants a lunatic asylum.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  7. Violent PF never learn. PF, Kaizer Zulu and Company are already preparing for another Violent and Bloody Katuba By-Election soon. HH and UPND should give PF the “Sesheke” Medicine and overcome the Planned Election Rigging. PF can’t win a Free, Fair and Credible Election in Katuba. Kaizer Zulu is already deploying his Dark Forces to rig the Katuba By-Election. PF knows that they are so unpopular but will use “kasaka kandalama” and State Machinery to rig the Election. HH and UPND must campaign strategically and Protect the Vote. Violent PF must be stopped in Katuba Constituency at all costs.

  8. “And i saw the ancient of days.10 000 times 10 000 ministered unto him and thousands praised him and the judgement was set——–“.Bible.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  9. “It is better to be an old man’s darling.Than to be a young man’s slave”.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  10. @DJ7 is person who support PF without think and his educational profile is also questionable. What the judicial system is handling the legal matters in this country is raising eyebrows even within PF circle,International Communities through their embassies starting with the ConCourt,High court,Speaker extending to police,the local population.This things are in black and white. When the Vendata will take the government court it wont be Concourt it will be London Court in England.The situation is our country is doing the economy is in recession,political is also in bad state as it is manipulate or modified,education program has stalls. Look at Ministry of General Education financial scandals the office ordinaries,drivers,cleaners are the ones who have been fired. All the junior officers are…

  11. Look at Ministry of General Education financial scandals the office ordinaries,drivers,cleaners are the ones who have been fired. All the junior officers are all cadres who are been sacrificed as there is given those jobs on silver platy earlier. How can the cleaner have access to donor funds.Even the matter will court they have already lost their cases.

  12. It is also my fervent prayer that the fired Sesheke cops get the Justice they deserve after this wonderful ruling. A stronghold is a stronghold fullstop.No amount of money can buy real principles and morals. Next is Katuba,let’s give this failed project called PF a red card

  13. the courts of laws must be the first ones to make the fools understand that the law is straight and must be followed by everyone. let the courts also reinstate those police officers who got fired during the same time of byelections so that fools will come to their senses that no one is above the law of the land, all are equal before the state laws.let kanganja be humiliated in the courts. young man go in parliament and defend your nation and the people that elected you. GOD bless.

  14. The judge based her ruling on facts presented by the two parties so I don’t see what this has to do with the comments above. What did people expect from the judge? Rule in favor of the PF candidate? Nkandu and Margaret won their cases in a similar style. I don’t like the Upnd but I would have been disappointed had a different ruling been made.

  15. Election don’t come like teeth in a toddler’s mouth, they cost a lot and that money can go to better use. Mrs Mwanakatwe has gone to an extent to segregate projects due to lack of money to do all of the jobs and we want to keep wasting for personal glory, No. What we want is a leader for the people in that area who shall champion the desires of those who have given him the job, the masses. You simply have to work with those in power for you to deliver. Failure to that you will have failed your electorates.

  16. Dj7 ! If I was a president in Zambia today , what is the minimum money I should declare and how much is maximum money should I declare after one term. 2nd have ever bothered to know how much presidents and former presidents declare before they leave office. Did u ever put Chiluba to task for allowing HH steal the money with in – offshore as u say. Under Mwanawasa Zambia was doing fine even with your offshore money not available. Why is it that now the offshore money has started affecting the economy of Chipolopolo Land . Hahaha. Kikiki. Lol

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