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Mumbi Phiri withdraws threat to expose Ministers trying to destabilize PF

Headlines Mumbi Phiri withdraws threat to expose Ministers trying to destabilize PF

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri (l) raises the party symbol as Vice President Inonge Wina (r) Looks on arrival at Mongu Airport for a two-day working visit to inspect government developmental projects in Western Province
PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri (l) raises the party symbol as Vice President Inonge Wina (r) Looks on arrival at Mongu Airport for a two-day working visit to inspect government developmental projects in Western Province

PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has withdrawn her recent statement where she threatened to reveal names of some ministers allegedly destabilizing the party.

In a statement today, Phiri stated that the party had resolved during Sunday’s central committee meeting to “always sort out our issues as a party internally and not on media”.

“The Mighty Patriotic Front party and its entire membership is solidly behind the able leadership of His Excellency the President of the party Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is also the Republican President.

The Central Committee which is the supreme organ of the PF party sat on Sunday the 26th May, 2019 and discussed a very serious matter of National and party unity.

The matter of the perceived Ministers undermining the President was amicably resolved and we were happy as Central Committee to reach an understanding that we are all solidly behind the Able Leadership of our beloved President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

We further resolved to always sort out our issues as a party internally and not on media. Therefore, I would like to sincerely withdraw my sentiments on the unnamed Ministers unreservedly,” Phiri stated.

She stated that the Secretariat would endeavor to unite and instill a sense of oneness, love, hardwork, tolerance, genuine forgiveness and reconciliation amongst party members at all levels of leadership.

“We take responsibility of uniting the general membership of the party so that we approach 2021 as a powerful united force to deliver the inevitable victory for our beloved party,” stated Phiri. “May the Almighty God our saviour bless Mother Zambia in Jesus’ name.”

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  1. Ba Mumbi bena awe mwee, amano kwati liuule lyaku Ndola.
    Amauule follow in minibus, insulting and shouting, pay for you the fare, immediately reach pa get they withdraw all insults.

    • Kuno, we call such ati ba C5. You know the notorious wing of the police that pursues dangerous criminals especially in Lusaka …

  2. She was drunk when she made that threat. Now she has sobered up, her stance has changed.

    The problem comes when those that are always drunk make decisions only a drunkard can make. Because they never sober up, their stance can never change.

    And we have seen such consequences.

    • Hope Mumbi had withdrawn the statement on GBM. when she said she doesn’t want to knee to see GBM’s balls. She like men built like Ba Lungu, because she can keep staring at him.
      In my opinion she didn’t insult GBM, instead she was embarrassing Ba Edgar and his wife.
      Mumbi withdraw that.

    • All bars must be closed on election day or week so that we don’t end up with this mess again.

  3. A destabilized corrupt party in power means destabilized economy and country. Surely is this the best Zambia can do ? A country where donor aid has been stopped due to a few greedy corrupt thugs are diverting funds intended for the poorest of people. I cry for my country. My Swiss wife elisa has failed to even defend Zambia in high profile donor meetings. How can she plead for more help when it is misappropriated..

    • Very true my dear. This is embarrassing to say the least. Kind regards,

      Elisa, n.e.z wife and business partner
      Swiss economic empowerment group CEO

    • @N.E.Z. Wife,
      Thank you for your comments. The battle is now on and the stakes are getting higher!!!!
      We are now waiting for Nick to also comment after Mushota’s comments.
      We can see that N.E.Z. and Wife are working as a family – so Mushota should also start commenting as a family with the Scottish Husband or Hubby or Boyfriend?????

  4. Thats what happens when you do and say things while drunk no matter how intelligent you are.

    The president set a bad example by not firing a drunken minister of finance because you now have no basis to fire drunken civil servants.

    The country is run by people in drunken state and they dont know what they are doing. No wonder they keep saying the economy is just ok

  5. Ba Mumbi ala brain inono. So open your mouth just to eat because you are always emotional and one can never be sure what will come out of your mouth. Buci landelande bulaletelela.

  6. Listening to these PF leaders is like watching Kwa na Kwe – very dangerously hilarious. the damage has already been done. it is saddening to see such behaviour coming from leaders of a ruling party…ala bafya????????????????????

  7. Muli bapuba imwe ba Mumbi Phiri. We had drunkards even in MMD in Newstead Zimba and late Kangwa Nsuluka. Mind your tongue nga mwabukusa ubwalwa and go back and be re-taught by bana chimbusa. You are an embarracement to the PF and the president. I hope he revolks your MP nomination. Dont think the country or the PF can not do without you. Muli Nkakafye imwe bamayo na Charity Banda Katongo. You dont belong in politics because that is for the level headed. Go and kiss a toilet seat because you are an embarracement.

  8. The damage has already been done. She should just have stayed quiet over that. Now everyone will never take her seriously. What a disaster!

  9. The Titanic began to sink when Psycho Mata died. It can’t be saved by fowl mouthed characters like Josephine Mumbi. Let them drink and be merry for soon there will wake up to a very rude shock

  10. Lungu is a drankard, Siliya is a kaminamisa, Mumbi Phiri is a chakolwa, Margaret Mwanakatwe is a certified dozing alcoholic. One even wonders why Zambians still have hope when they are being governed by such D** are rotten **!

  11. The problem we got ourselves into as Zambians is when we voted for a sick man in Michael Sata.That’s where we created our problems as a nation which the late Mwanawasa and his excellent team managed to solve. Edgar Lungu is not a foolish man.He must have called Mumbi Phiri to mention to him which Ministers were against his leadership.Obviously he called those Ministers and so they ‘resolved’ the matter ‘amicably’.

  12. She’s decided to put the bread toaster on the ironing board and toast the bread with the pressing iron. Things will not turn out good. I am afraid to note.

  13. Mumbi Phiri made that comment after being screwed whilst drunk and cannot remember who screwed her.

    Just a cheap, fat and ugly slut, no wonder zambia is following Zimbabwe

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