Second oldest pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the Indian State of Goa, Medizest Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, has expressed interest to invest in Zambia.

Company Director Anurag Agrawal said the company has since been registered in Zambia as AMPL Zambia Private Limited to distribute medicine such as eye drops, injectables, tablets and creams for pain relief, anti -malaria, anti -fungal, anti -bacteria and anti -biotics.

He said Zambia Medical Regulations Authority has already approved 8 of Medizest Pharmaceuticals Private Limited’s 21 products submitted for registration in the country.

Mr. Agrawal said Medizest will urgently engage a Zambian importer in the immediate term as the company planned to start, within a year, the construction of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Zambia to reduce the cost of importing medicine.

This came to light when Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga toured the pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the Indian State of Goa, 2000 kilometres away from the Indian Capital New Delhi.

And Mrs. Kapijimpanga said Goa had determined investors such as Narayan Bandekar who built a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility at Lusaka South Multi Facility and Pankaj Jain of SAFAL running a manganese factory in Serenje.

She said Zambia is ripe for investment in the manufacturing sector in line with President Edgar Lungu’s vision to take health care services as close to the people as possible within the continuum of care,” she said.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga said Zambia had enough skilled man power for the pharmaceutical industry as many were trained locally and abroad in countries such as India.

This is contained in a statement released by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in India, Bangwe Naviley.

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  1. Zambia loves this kind of investments doesn’t it? This is the kind of industries that the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) needs to be funding. So many business plans and application for funds ( For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing) have been rejected by the CEEC. Alternatively a company of this nature is supposed to be 50% owned by locals. This to us is far fetched if not impossible. I am sure were also still grappling with what to do regarding repealing the cannabis laws. The Hemp business is flying in most countries. Please repeal the law so we can start farming medical marijuana. I also want to set up a medicinal cannabis manufacturing plant in Chipata. I also want to start exporting a lot of it to Europe.


  2. Please enough of these Indian investors. Why can we not use the newly acquired presidential jet for travel of the Commerce and Financial ministers, or PSs to Japan and get investors from a country of honor. These Argwal crooks are not welcome anymore.



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