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Proof against Diggers Editorial alleging “Bemba Sponsored Tribalism”:

Columns Proof against Diggers Editorial alleging “Bemba Sponsored Tribalism”:

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

Here Are the Facts Just the Facts And Nothing But The Facts!

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda


We refer the recent News Diggers editorial under the sensational caption “Why do we tolerate Bemba-Sponsored tribalism in Zambia”.

As for The Editorial of 28th May 2019, careless and reckless doesn’t even begin to describe the editorial referred to in this response. I do not want to believe that it was written out of a misplaced altruistic sense of obligation to “balance” the tribal legacy of a certain opposition political party frequently associated with tribalism.

Nevertheless, how does the ranting of some possibly misguided irrational cadre warrant such an alarming headline and judgmental article , written with the express intention of tainting a combined ethnic grouping of millions people? Making such sweeping statements, jumping to conclusions and the practise of such logical fallacies is not best journalism practise and certainly not expected of such an experienced and otherwise respected media house.

Having said that, I wish to reaffirm that tribalism has no place anywhere in the 10 Provinces of Zambia. It can be a highly emotive and volatile subject, and we all have a responsibility to confront it without escalating it by speaking the truth with love. Truth and fact are on the same side.

Fact dispels fallacy. The following empirical data covering Presidential elections since 2001 from “Bemba Provinces” and the main opposition “stronghold” dispel the assertion of any “Bemba-Sponsored tribalism” in PF or outside PF. On the other hand, a pattern of tribal sponsorship being practiced by a certain opposition political party is irrefutably established.

2001 Luapula Province

The UPND was established in 1998 and the 2001 elections the party contested and its maiden candidate was founder the late Anderson Kambela Mazoka whose roots were in Monze, Southern Province. 2001 also saw the late Benjamin Yoram Mwila a.k.a “B.Y” a business mogul and indigene of Luapula who had businesses spread across the Copperbelt and Lusaka. It was also former late Michael Chilufya Sata’s debut Presidential contest.

President Levy Mwanawasa, another newcomer who took over the MMD mantle from President Fredrick Chiluba won the overall election in Luapula beating Bembas in their own territory. The following were the results in Luapula Province Levy Mwanawasa 71,509 and 53.3%7 of the vote, BY Mwila was second with 20,998 representing 15.67% and Mazoka of UPND came 5th with 5,674 (4.23%) edging Bemba speaking Michael Chilufya Sata into sixth place with 4,832 votes (3.61%).

In certain constituencies like Chembe apart, from giving Mazoka first place, the people of Luapula gave Mazoka more votes 767 (16.64%) than they did to all their fellow Bemba tribesmates combined; BY Mwila 247 (5.36%) Nevers Mumba 257 (5.58%) Michael Sata 29 (0.63%), Konie 21 (0.46%). In fact in Chembe Constituency non-Bembas i.e., Mwanawasa, Mazoka and Miyanda in that order took the top three positions in the Presidential poll with 2,137 (46.37%) 767 (16.64%) and 545 (11.82%). Where was Bemba Sponsorship?

Overall the people of Luapula that year also gave more votes to Mazoka than the following “Bemba Speakers” Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba then of NCC 3,020 (2.25%) and the late Dr Gwendoline C. Konie of SDP 666(0.50%). Where was “Bemba Sponsorship”?

2001 Northern Province

Non-Bemba Mwanawasa was the run-away winner with 82,867 (42.01%) another non-Bemba speaker the late General Christone Tembo with 24,823 (12.58%). Although UPND’s Mazoka with 8,888 votes (4.51%)was behind the late B.Y Mwila 18,424 (9.34%) and the late Michael Chilufya Sata 15,781 (8.00%) the Southern Province “outsider” was better received by the people of Northern Province than they received their own tribesman Dr Nevers Mumba 4,423(2.24%) and kinswoman the late Mama Gwendoline Konie 1,351 (0.68%). Curiously, Mwanawasa the non-Bemba topped all constituencies and Mazoka from Southern Province even topped all the six Bemba Candidates in some Northern Province Constituencies like Chilubi. How “tolerant” were the Bemba voters? Where was the Bemba Sponsorship?

2001 Southern Province

Overall, Mazoka with 172,253 votes (70.93%) had a clean sweep of the Province. Mwanawasa of the then ruling MMD was a distant second with 36,068 (14.85%), B.Y Mwila in 6th place with2,784 (1.15%) scored the highest among the Bemba Candidates. Nevers Mumba received 2,227 (0.92%) while the late Dr Konie received 1,375 (0.57%). The late founder of the Patriotic Front and eventual 5th Head of State Michael Chilufya Sata was given 790 votes (0.33%) out of 242,848 votes cast and he emerged 11th out of a field of the same number. Was the favour returned in terms of the “tolerance” for “outsiders” levels in Luapula and Northern Province?

2006 in General

The UPND founder Mazoka unfortunately passed away in 2006, and Mr Hakainde Hichilema took over the reins in controversial circumstances blighted by tribal rhetoric. UPND at the time was a member of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) which was an alliance of 3 parties that sought to field one candidate to wrest power from MMD at the 2006 polls. Mr Hichilema, the inexperienced green horn contentiously put himself ahead of the more experienced FDD leader Edith Nawakwi (again…where was the Bemba sponsorship) and UNIP’s Tilyenji Kaunda who was the Chairman of the UDA Alliance and President of UNIP, Zambia’s oldest party. He stood on the UDA ticket.

In Northern Province, more than 50% constituencies gave Mwanawasa the top vote. In some constituencies Hichilema – another non Bemba( Southerner)even came second to Mwanawasa after he received more votes in Isoka East 1,515 (11.25%) and Isoka West (1,758) 13.90% than the PF Patriarch Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata 1101 (8.17%) and 1,570 (12.41%) whose Chitulika village in Mpika was just a little over a three and a half hour drive from there (263.1 km), compared to Mr Hichilema’s village in Monze which is at least a 15 hour drive(1,095.9 km).

Meanwhile, in Monze Central, Hichilema swept 19,785 (83.10%) of the vote while the late PF founder only received a paltry 557 (2.34 %) Who was not tolerating who?

2008 In General

The 2008 generally took the same trend as 2006.

Hichilema/UPND got an overall vote tally of 506,763. Of these votes 266,754 came from one region representing 53%; who is sponsoring what?

The People of Zambia ushered President Michael Chilufya Sata and the Patriotic Front into office with 1,170,966 votes spread across the country.

2015 Luapula Province

In the 2015 Elections, UPND came second to PF in Luapula Province; Hakainde Hichilema got more votes in Luapula Province than the combined vote tally of Dan Pule, Nevers Mumba, Edith Nawakwi, Eric Chanda, Elias Chipimo and Peter Sinkamba. These candidates from Provinces that have Bemba speakers collectively received 4,495 votes; which was less than even 50% of the 10,493 votes Mr Hakainde Hichilema of UPND amassed. Where does “Bemba Sponsorship” come in? If there was “Bemba Sponsorship” would Mr. Hichilema have received the votes he did? In fact in Reverend Dan Pule’s home town of Samfya he mustered 262 votes against Hakainde Hichilema’s 2058. Where is the “Bemba Sponsorship”? Who is “tolerating” who?

Meanwhile in Hichilema’s home town of Monze, Reverend Pule received a paltry 11 votes against Mr. Hakainde’s 42,182. Who is “sponsoring who” and who is indeed “tolerating” who?

Muchinga 2015

Muchinga was no different. Chinsali in the heart of Bemba is the home of many a Bemba luminary including renowned freedom fighter, the first Vice President of the Republic of Zambia from 1967 to 1970, one of our nation’s distinguished patriarchs and eminent Bemba tribesman the late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe. To put things in perspective, the combined total of the Bemba candidates; Elias Chipimo Jr. (100) Eric Chanda (44) Daniel Pule (41) Edith Nawakwi (18) and Peter Sinkamba (4) was barely half of what Hakainde Hichilema received in the same area! If there was “Bemba Sponsorship” or tribalism would this have been possible? Who is tolerating who?

Southern Province 2015

In the meantime in Monze district the UPND leader’s hometown, he received 42,182 votes, while the man from Chinsali Dr Nevers Mumba received 92 votes! The total votes cast for all the 6 Bemba speaking candidates i.e. Chipimo,Chanda,Pule, Nawakwi and Sinkamba in Monze District was 407! The combined vote of 6 Bemba candidates was less than 1% of Mr Hichilema’s Vote! The overall Provincial tally followed a similar pattern. Who is not tolerating who?
As for 2015 results by the selected Provinces.

Mr Hichilema got 272,182 out of 299,546 which was 91% of the vote. The Bembas received insignificant votes which would need a viewing aid such as a microscope or magnifying glass to view on a pie chart such as the one above.

Bembas in Luapula were well off the pace even falling significantly behind Mr Hakainde Hichilema of UPND

Bembas in Northern Province did not vote for fellow Bembas

Newly created predominantly Bemba-Speaking Muchinga Province did NOT vote Bemba

2016 Luapula

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and PF won with 205,770 votes (81.9 %). As for Bemba candidates the voting trend continued. 4 Bemba candidates only managed a combined total of 5,932 votes out of a total number of 251,224 votes representing a measly 2.4% of votes in Luapula while on the other hand Hichilema of UPND scored 35,929 which was 14.3% of the total tally.

2016 Southern Province

Out of 575,354votes cast, 4 Bemba candidates (Chishimba, Nawakwi, Sinkamba and Mumba) only received a combined 2,464 votes which is less than even half of one percent (0.4%) of the total votes cast. Hakainde Hichilema an indigene of Southern Province got 527,893 votes (92%) while PF candidate President Edgar Lungu in second place in the province garnered 42,909 votes (7%).

Hichilema’s vote in Southern Province accounted for 30% of his national vote of 1,760,347


The preceding information no doubt illustrates that there is no “Bemba-Sponsorship” of tribalism. However, there is cause for concern for high intolerance levels of other tribes in a certain opposition party’s strongholds. Perhaps News Diggers could follow it up?


    • @edgar chibuta:
      Only an idyot like you mother fckers would believe that.
      Of course numbers manipulated by Ultra Bemba tribalists mother fckers and like Sunday Chanda, GBM and you, Egdar Chibuta, tell nothing else but lies!

    • @Chilyata, numbers don’t lie.HH has failed to convince 50% plus 1 of the Zambian voters because he listens to Ultra Tonga Tribalists like Chilyata. Numbers are not manipulated. Volunteer to be part of the UPND election observers and see what goes on during elections in Zambia. Your ranting is based on ignorance

    • Sunday Chanda, this poor boy will be hanged by the balls one day, he feels very powerful with stupidity

    • Mr Chanda and PF are the main architects of Tribalism in Zambia today, they point dirty fingers at others whilst they promote their tribes / regional ethnicity which in itself is reverse Tribalism. When Easterners or Northerners vote for their tribesmen it is not tribalism but when Tongas do the same, you go to the anthill to disparage them

    • “Only a tonga will lead UPND”…Ackson Sejani. “It’s now time for a Tonga to rule”….Daniel Munkombwe. “PF government is getting mineral proceeds from North-western to develop Bemba land”…Hakainde. Do you know that out of the 10 provinces, only one province brutalized people from other provinces who they perceived to have not voted for their tribesman? The genesis of tribalism is Hakainde, remove him from the equation and there will be no tribalism in Zambia.

    • @Edgar Chibuta
      These numbers are fake. We know that our elections are always rigged. You can’t rely ECZ data to compute voting patterns in Zambia….otherwise you will look a fool to the rest of the world. Rigging started with Chiluba’s administration. Even Levy Mwanawasa won on the back of rigged elections. The reason Southern province seems to vote more for UPND is because ruling parties fail to rig in that province. PF especially is notorious for rigging elections…and it’s worse in Northern province. In Southern province the Tongas don’t tolerate vote rigging. So don’t come here singing nonsense about numbers, we are not as foolish as yourself.

    • But the guy has just presented the facts and numbers as they are at ECZ. I think he has done nothing wrong. Facts are facts and numbers are numbers.

    • The truth is there for all to see…using eco is a disreputable body; I would never in a million years refer to their data as facts…we all know this. Let’s just kick these thugs out of power and install a reputable government.

    • Ecz…damn auto correct. Dysfunct and a disservice to the people…one Sunday Chilufya Chanda and his squad of thugs need to go! The old saying regarding a fox guarding the chicken coup is true…just look at our economy and foreign reserves now with pf at the helm.

    • This writing is not making sense. News diggers reported about the tribalism that bembas are openly stating that chitotela is being persecuted because he is bemba and that they will not tolerate bembas being persecuted as no one can govern Zambia without bembas. News diggers did not report anything about voting patterns.

      Secondly Sunday is being economical with the truth. Remember chitulika results that ECZ reported? They were even worse than dudumwezi.

    • Here Chanda has nailed these Tribalist punting journalists. He’s worked on his facts very well unlike journalists who just want to make noise for ulterior motives which is including newspaper sales.
      I have said it before and I will say it again Bembas are one of the least tribal groups in Zambia. They are people who have moved on and they have seen that tribalism doesn’t benefit them. Because they have moved on they are very scared of tribalists. This I think is why the support that was there for Anderson Mazoka in Bemba speaking provinces dissappeared when HH arrived on what seemed to be a tribal ticket. I’m very sure the moment anyone climbs into UPND leadership and loudly denounces tribalism the Bembas will give him their vote.

    • The article tries to be analytical but falls shallow as it’s only pitches to Bemba – Tonga way of voting and please note the application of ‘stronghold’ and ‘opposition’ everytime such discussion arises. Though numbers do not lie for it’s just numbers the narrative and rhetoric that is used to gather the numbers does matter! And for fact Zambians generally have not attained a level of issue based or conscience voting rather it’s the noisiest big spending food scattering money spraying party which carries the day! Thus the numbers as used for comparative analysis are meaningless in the Zambian case.

    • Why should HH and PF come in in this difference of opinion between News Diggers and some Bemba-speaking person or people? Does HH influence editorial policy at News Diggers? And you Sunday Chanda, do you speak for the PF or the Bemba tribe or both?

    • LT you are deliberately tampering with the down and upvotes. Theres no way you could have so many scores. You dont have such a big readership interested in voting

    • How does concluding that the up and down party is tribalistic help our lot as a nation?The non tribalists have run down the country and everyone will have to pay regardless of which part of this feacal hole you come from.

      We have bigger problems like escalating debt, unemployment poverty. The real problem is the kleptomaniacs, and dipsomaniacs that are currently in power.

    • If you add up the percentages for the regions where bemba and allied dialects are spoken you get similar voting patterns to areas where tonga and allied dialects are spoken.

      Conclusion is both tongas and bembas have primitive tribalists tendencies. The only difference being the presidency has never been held by tribal tonga while the tribal bembas have had four “bemba” speaking presidents in the KK, FTJ,MCS, and now ECL who while hailing from the east speaks predominantly bemba as such identifies with the bemba tribalists.

    • What crap thinking from Dr Chaos theory! If someone speaks a language then he identifies with the ethnic group! I speak English so I identify with the English? What about Mouse Katumbi who speaks French Bemba Swahili English and lingala?
      And you should then stop identifying Miles Sampa as a Bemba since he speaks Tonga
      Lungu speaks Bemba because he grew up in a Bemba speaking community chapwa

  1. this man when he opens up his mother it stinks and i can’t read any of his articles. They don’t make any sense.

    • But the guy has just presented the facts and numbers as they are at ECZ. I think he has done nothing wrong. Facts are facts and numbers are numbers.

  2. Can Sunday also indicate the numbers that those other political failures from Southern province such as Gen Miyanda and Magande have been getting in Southern Province?

    His analysis doesnt make sense we need to stop this tribal nonsense and concentrate on the capabilities and abilities of individuals not tribes please???????

    • @ Old School we all would have been better at not being tribalistic if we just let sleeping dogs get a rest. A name just identifies the human being to whom it is attached and as such meeting a Simwiinga, Mwenda, Mutinta, Ngandu, Nkumbula, Miyanda, Chenda and they are endless cutting across the national ethnic spread matters less to many a millennial of origins.

  3. I for one did not like the headline in the Diggers Opinion but this Chanda f00l was silent the time Kambwili was disparaging Tongas while in the same !ditotic PF so he just needs to shut up

  4. Why have you left out figures for Western Province and North-Western Province which also overwhelmingly voted for Mazoka and HH when in fact these two politicians do not hail from those two provinces? Why did Southern Province vote for Chiluba in 1991? These two questions should show you that Bemba-sponsored tribalism is rearing its ugly head because of danderheads like you Sunday Chanda.

  5. Amaa Bemba kimasholi. That’s why you write this crap, to defend your stealing of govt resources including Zampost money. You stink of corruption and theft as Levy told you. You are thieves…natola fwe…even Lungu told you six out of ten bembas are theives

    • But the guy has just presented the facts and numbers as they are at ECZ. I think he has done nothing wrong. Facts are facts and numbers are numbers.

    • @7John, in ZAMBIA THEFT IS WIDE SPREAD, IT KNOWS NO TRIBE, THE SAME LEVY YOU ARE GLORIFYING IS THE ONE WHO GAVE KCM TO VENDANTA, HH cannot clearly explain how he became rich. LUNGU you refer to as knowing that Bembas are thieves is himself insulted and accused of stealing, MAGGIE MWANAKATWE,DORA SILIYA,BOWMAN LUSAMBO, the man recently convicted for car theft in S.Africa,CHILALA and others to be mentioned in theft now and in future will NOT always be Bembas!! I AM NOT A PF SUPPORTER BCOZ THEY ARE FAILURES IN THE MANAGEMENT OF NATIONAL RESOURCES BUT I HAVE EVEN LESS RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO IGNORE FACTS ESPECIALLY WHEN PRESENTED WITH FIGURES!!

    • It is very convenient for tribalists to put people into one group so they can stereotype them. The Luapulans Namwangas Mambwes bisas swakas and Lambas aren’t even Bemba but because tribalists want to attack them they call them Bembas. Chitimukulu doesnt rule in Luapula or copperbelt so tribalists should try to get there and convert these into their tribe

    • Just continue that hate rubbish… To your own Detriment. Antagonizing Bembas actually works against HH.

    • Just continue that hate rubbish… To your own Detriment. Antagonizing Bembas actually works against HH. If Levi did categorise Bembas as stinking that was uncalled for and maybe that’s why God chose to withdraw him

  6. Numbers don’t lie indeed. Even a dog kept by HH and Gary Nkombo knows that UPND survives on tribal gymnastics. Go and ask Sakwiba Sikota, Patrick Chisanga, Canicius Banda, Given Lubinda and many more. They think by insulting bembas then someone will vote for them, akuna. This is the fact and probably bitter pill to swallow.

    • Resources permitting the political parties could have adopted the primary elections system as practiced in the USA to choose their presidential nominee for the national presidential election.

  7. The bad economy, not tribalism, will kick you out of govt. Even bembas are hurting from this bad economy. Watch it.


    • You are so right but if you bembalise the issues you will find the Bembas forgetting the bad economy. Anyone wanting to be president needs numbers so if you antagonise the Bembas you lose

  8. @ fMark Tabu
    The argument was between Tongas and Bembas votes as reported in the Diggers paper. Therefore, our friends from Western and NorthWestern provinces are left out of the argument.

    • His argument is SP votes for HH because he is Tonga. But what about WP and NWP? Why do these two provinces vote for HH? Why did SP, not Eastern province, vote for Chiluba?

    • Indeed why did Eastern Province not vote for Chiluba? And if so why now is Northern province voting for Lungu?

  9. Theft of public resources is more detrimental than tribalism itself because any tribe can be a thief. For example pf is full of corrupt thieves from all parts of Zambia even though majority are from certain parts of Zambia due to politics of patronage. Elisa my swiss wifeand I are off to madrid in readiness for the championship final

    • @ musenge , Man this data is at ECZ , Go there and get it if you don’t have it. It is for public consumption. This trend is known by all Zambians that Southern Province Votes only for UPND. Numbers do not lie.

  10. While our friends are fighting over trade, huawei and china also rebuffing that they will stop exporting rare minerals to US, here we are talking about our tribes which don’t even have any impact on the world stage. Yikes.

    • But its you who accused Bembas that are tribal but now you are given facts and numbers and yet you are annoyed? Man..these are facts. The questions who tolerate who??

  11. I have always wondered how Sunday found himself in PF after all the bad things he had said against Sata. This guy never says anything good to anyone. He is always trying to seem relevant to the system so as to keep eating & benefiting from it. If Sunday really mattered in PF, he would have been given a post by now – like Mwamba, Mwikwita etc. Unfortunately, he will continue yapping for attention. Well done your excellency for not giving him a job and the sooner you rid him of this position in PF, the better for the party. You need someone with a unifying voice

    • But the guy has just presented the facts and numbers as they are at ECZ. I think he has done nothing wrong. Facts are facts and numbers are numbers.

    • Chanda found himself in PF because because the leadership in PF is forgiving.
      The Bible tells us about the importance of forgiveness.

  12. Southern Province (plus WP plus NWP) would rather vote for HH than a Bemba tribal-sponsored thief of govt resources. You are thieves and a shame to your tribe. See how Chitotela is being defended by his bemba thieving tribe. It is a shame. Thank you.

    • You guys are as well thieves we have seen how you steal in government and how you favour your tribes with promotions. You dont even feel ashamed.

    • indeed , even Kalusha who was banned by fifa for taking bribes is being put forward to represent Zambia by these fanatics who think stealing and looting is a mark of intelligence

    • HH is chief thief number one who has failed to answer a simple question of how he acquired his wealth?????

    • A senior Upnd official named Chilala arrested \t Martin’s Drift border with a stolen Ford Ranger convicted and jailed. Tongas don’t steal… What tribe was gangster Roy Mudenda?

    • @melly…Facts hit hard on one’s psych and mind. This is what these numbers at ECZ are doing to you.

  13. This is the naked truth that everyone one in Zambia knows including the “ Ostriches” that have buried their heads in the sand because they do not want to hear the truth. It is just out of utter desperation that Nevers Mumba even went into unholy marriage with Hakainde. Chishimba Kambwili has done the same. UPND is a tribal political party period. UPND has won even some wards in far flung areas as Mpulungu but you CANNOT have any other political party winning even a ward in far flung areas of southern province- you will be dead. HH is a tribalist, he has done absolutely nothing to show leadership against tribalism in his party because he is a tribalist period. I have no problem in Zambia raising a leader of our great nation from Southern or Western provinces but I have a problem have…

  14. Chanda is right.I don’t know why UPND supporters always find it difficult to understand bembas are not tribal.The article is clear to understand.It’s so backward always to label some people tribe. Bembas don’t even ask names if you’re in luapula ,northen and muchinga. Some UPND members are against bemba speaking people if we analyse how their supporters from it’s stronghold behave.Let us embrace one another.There is too much hatred.Bembas have never blocked UPND to form govt.UPND is loved by many bembas but its supporters want to punish their brothers.We can’t be used like that.Stop this nonsense tribalism

    • Zambia for bembas is for all of us but for tongas it’s there s that’s why one time in the mast newspaper they said give tongas chance to rule why are they so special

  15. Having a tribalist leader. I do not care where or which province a leader of our grate nation comes, but definitely not tribalist.

  16. When I become president in future, I will stop teaching of local languages in Zambia coz it’s a source of division, no news in local languages or anything that brings division in our country, all local contents will be transmitted in their various regions as in provinces, no provincial ministers will be hand picked by the president, as these will be elected to power by their respective provinces, the 10 will form cabinet with only 5 appointments from the 10,the rest will be localized as budgets will be done at provincial level not by the minister of finance who fails to understand the various needs a country requires. Time will come when Zambia will be for all not a few sections of people who feel superior than others i.e. The Chandas who keep pointing at people with a tribal tag. Abash…

  17. When RB was in power the tribal fire was between easterners and Bembas now it is between mostly bembas and Tonga’s , why are Bembas the common denominator is all tribal fights ????

    • @23 Spaka, Bembas are NOT a common denominator in any politico – tribal fights!! RB caused the problem himself out of his tribalism, by telling a certainly CHISHALA who is Bemba speaker and has married and lived in Eastern Province for a long time, NOT to contest MMD Provincial Party leadership in Eastern but “Aeende kwao” and that cost RB by the time he coined the phrase “A President for all Zambians”, he was already a recognised eastern tribalist!! Bemba speakers put Lungu as PF President after Sata’s death against all Bemba aspirants PARTLY TO AVOID being labeled tribalists, even Chiluba had said it that after him, it would be better to have a leader from other ethnicity that is how he fought BY and brought in Levy!! WERE BEMBAS INVOLVED IN THE HH- SAKWIBA SAGA?!

    • zambiaisours

      We don’t mean small side shows like the HH Sakwpa saga ….. …I am talking of all major tribal verbal conflicts that a affect our people is between Bembas and other tribes…..during PLW it was Bembas against Kabwe rural and outer Lusaka tribes , during RBs time it was Bembas against easterners , now it’s Bembas against Tonga’s and Lozis

      Why are Bembas involved in all tribal verbal wars ???

    • Bemba’s are not segregative that’s why they marry from any tribe! And if you were to carry a census research on percentage wise, facts are there to show or do a self research in your street where you live compare and contrast or even at your work place!!!!! (Tatwakwata akapatulula, elyo tulibamisula pafintu ifishikwetemo amano). For being kind, tolerance, accommodative and many more!! It has become a crime to some short minded tribal people??? SHAME on you guys.

    • There are more Bemba speaking people than anyone that’s why they are involved in many issues. If you do your demographics you will find that there are more Bemba priests than the other tribes and no one makes any noise about it. There are more Bemba speaking football players, there are more Bemba speaking singers. It’s just quantitative not nepotistic as most of you tribalists would want to believe

  18. HEY any who is full this morning bcoz of his tribe lift up ur hand or becoz of your tribe ur tribe has bot u mealie meal or bcoz ECL is president all easterners are rich or you think wen HH is president in 2021 which he will be all southerners will be rich get off it it does not improve anyones life.

  19. HH is a good reader and can be a good president but but but his followers from southern they dont treat other tribes fair. In Monze you can talk about UPND they can kill you but go to Northern UPND are free

  20. I personally do not support tribal politics because no one wins in this game. However, I sometimes become suspicious as to why the drumbeats of alleging tribalism is very much sung by Bemba speaking people against the Tonga speaking people? Is it because the Bemba speaking people want to perpetuate the dominance in Zambian politics by mounting a sustained on slot of their only formidable tribal contender which can successfully dislodge them from being master political players? History has shown that no one perpetuates their dominance for ever. To day America is afraid of China which was nothing yesterday. Our Bemba tribes mates have a very good adage- EKO USULILE AKOPA NOKO(the one you think has no value is the one who marries your mother)

    • But the guy has just presented the facts and numbers as they are at ECZ. I think he has done nothing wrong. Facts are facts and numbers are numbers.

  21. STOP IT!!!!! with this tribal non sense, do you ask a woman what tribe she is before wanting to have sex with her?

  22. Chanda is very right, numbers don’t lie, Bembas tolerate others, Chanda, can please circulate this article on whatspp groups so that we make an informed decision in 2021.

  23. Such stup!d debates is when you see PF cadres come out in full force. We go kuma economic stories, 98% of the chaps barking here are nowhere in sight. This calibre of dull supporters explains the dull leadership we have in the country.

    • But the guy has just presented the facts and numbers as they are at ECZ. I think he has done nothing wrong. Facts are facts and numbers are numbers.

    • Truth chakuti am not commenting on this useless article that does nothing for the economy am talking about your failure to comment on stories to do with the economy.

    • I wish journalists could do such research and write such articles that actually get people enganged. Not most of the shallow articles we read about today which are just meat to present a side, but without putting facts togather chronologically. I miss the fred membe editorials as well because the man could present well researched articles. Dickson Jere is another great scribe. Most of the current crop’s pieces leaves much to be desired.

    • But the guy has just presented the facts and numbers as they are at ECZ. I think he has done nothing wrong. Facts are facts and numbers are numbers.

  24. The onus lies with the Party and its Government to unite God’s people across all tribes, they have the mandate to lead, public resources at their disposal to distribute equitably but not done in that fashion, there is selective application and marginalisation of other tribes.

    PF will be judged by their record since taking over from MMD in 2011; it took Zambia under KK 27 years to accumulate debt of US$7.5 billion and it has taken PF just 8 years to blow US$8 billion plus likely more undeclared debt, MMD Government received debt wipe out in 2005, just six years before PF took over, look where we are now, reserves ZERO.

  25. You guys why are you so bothered about this tribal thing. Just divide Zambia the way it is let each province rule itself. Very simple and all this debate will go.

  26. Honestly speaking, Chanda is right, we have correct this situation in 2021, and vote like brothers in others provinces, e,g Southern Province,

  27. Honestly speaking, Chanda is right, we have to correct this situation in 2021, and vote like our brothers in others provinces, e,g Southern Province,

  28. When Sata died UPND missed a golden chance to go into office because PF was in disarray. That was when UPND should have shown how good an alternative they were. They should have gone full scale into anti-tribalism talk but they sat and continued with Tonga talk and now the chance is gone. The next ruling party will be PF

    • the vote in 2021 will be abt hw u think as an individual visaviz the economy it will hve a lot to say.


    • But the guy has just presented the facts and numbers as they are at ECZ. I think he has done nothing wrong. Facts are facts and numbers are numbers.
      Sata is not here to defend himself and he is not the one ruling the country …why bringing him in this talk?
      Just admit that there is a problem in the south-voting pattern. Be tolerant period.

    • Semeki, What nonsense! So count how many Bembas are in the party you want to see as a Bemba party. A Bemba party with a Ngoni president and a Lozi vice president?
      And if Sata said what you claim why according to the data provided didn’t the Bemba follow him if they are tribal? They voted for a non bemba and Sata lost.
      You are really infatuated with the Bembas you see them where they are not. That’s just hatred driving those of you with tribal inferiority complex

  30. so u r rich becoz u r bemba or becoz u r chewa or Kunda or soli or tonga or lala or chokwe or luvale or kaonde or lozi its really laughable

  31. Since we are not using logic to vote, let us Just divide Zambia the way it is and let each province rule itself. Very simple and all this debate will go.

    • @hey..so you admit that there is no logic in the South-Voting pattern? Tell them to change then.

  32. I am failing to believe the 2016 election results computed and allocated to Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba by Mr. Sunday Chanda. I beg to be corrected did Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba Stood for Presidency in the 2016 General election? i doubt the authenticity of this data and the motive behind.

  33. chilyata my brother am Lunda by tribe in case you want to cement your ideas based on tribal grounds but truth be told numbers neither insult nor tell lies

    • You must be a silly Lunda. because what bembas are doing can’t be supported by any Lunda. The numbers are being used wrongly by a tribal group (bemba) to cement their stupid hegemony and looting of national resources.
      If you’re a real Lunda, how do you explain copper dollars from our minerals in NWP being used to develop roads in Muchinga instead of roads in NWP?

  34. The analyst forgot the power of the incumbent Party in elections. I believe that if Chiluba had campaigned for any candidate other than Mwanawasa, that candidate would have done well regardless of of tribe. Let us not hide behind election figures. The issue on the table were the sentiments expressed by some members of the Royal Establishment in support of a named member of Cabinet. Let us not mislead ourselves on this issue. We all know the truth.

  35. The cornerstone of all the pathological fears against imagined bemba hegemony is the Copperbelt. Destiny just as per Christian gospels moved Bembas into kopala and hitherto made them to evolve at a somewhat bigger pace than other tribes. Imagine someone’s even branding ecl a bemba just because of his fluency in the language. How stupid! Do you know how many Tonga’s grew up on C/belt and speak better bemba than Tonga? Thanks ba Kopala for reducing this tribal talk to rubble. Let the primitives remain

  36. Want it or not HH wil b president in 2021 not bcoz of tribe but becoz he is the best candidate to lead this nation going forward .

  37. The architect of the Diggers story isnt HH. That story is manufactured in the East by a few individuals, cant you people see that? When there is so called tribal chaos its the Easterners who thrive?? Bembas and Tongas are being used as pawns, while Easterners are truly showing their colours, The so called wise of the east are expressing nepotism at alarming rates. Open your eyes. Watch their moves as we head to 2021.

    Im aware of those that dine, wine and finance certain media houses and certain journalists to push an agenda, i will continue to expose.

  38. Bembas boasting of numbers here. Go to central statistics and see how numbers are changing. Just the last two elections can show that mathematics had to be played by PF to get through.numbers between the Zambezi provinces and Bemba/ nyanja coalition are almost 50 /50 .In 20 years time the balance will tip

  39. Is this a stupiid attempt to sway us from the facts? Or erase some embarrassing history? Look, you can’t change the fact that upnd is a trib.al party led by a trib.al since 2006. We don’t say that upnd is led by a tonga, it is led by a trib.al called Trib.al Hacks, so don’t tarnish the name of the tonga people.

Comments are closed.

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