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Growing up, I loved boxing. I never fought in any competitive games, but I trained with a professional once a week and would regularly go to the ring to spar with kids my age. There is something beautiful about the skills and quick thinking required to put together the right combo in the moment, to get out of the way or get your fists up before getting a hit to the face, and to give it your all despite nothing in the world being more tiring.


However, I never really enjoyed watching boxing. I found that without being in the ring, you get very little sense of what’s actually happening. You see the brute force but not the skill. Eventually, I found UFC live streaming online for free and now I’m hooked.


There is something to the almost-anything-goes nature of so-called “cage fighting” that thrills me every single time. Fight nights are huge events watched around the world.


Here are some of the reasons I love watching UFC.


It’s unpredictable


UFC fights never go in the direction you expect them to go. You have little idea of what each fighter is going to do in the next few seconds, let alone how the entire fight will play out. In one moment, fighters might be holding onto each other, upright, and in the next they’re on the floor, with one of them having the upper hand.


But the fighter with the upper hand now might well go on to lose the fight. Furthermore, the fight can end with a submission, either made by the fighter or the referee on behalf of them. This allows for that exciting moment in which you watch the fighter on the verge of conceding defeat take that all-important step.


Fewer, longer rounds


One of the most frustrating aspects of watching boxing is that rounds are so short. Sometimes, it takes until the third minute of a round for the fight to get into swing, then the bell rings and the flow is disrupted.


Whereas boxing has twelve three-minute rounds, UFC has five five-minute rounds. This means there is less time spent in between rounds and more time for a fight to reach its crescendo. Most fights don’t reach the fifth round, because it is so draining and one fighter gets forced into submission. Instead of watching twelve rounds in which nothing might happen, you usually get two or three action-packed rounds.


A wide range of skills


Finally, UFC is a combination of different skills, and you get to see all of them on display. Fighters can use techniques from a range of martial arts and fighting styles, and you get to see far more variety than with any other combat sport.


Watching punches and fancy footwork is great, but seeing fighters throw each other to the ground and continue the fight down there is all the more exhilarating.


Since watching UFC online is now so easy, you might as well give it a try. Millions of people around the world love the game, and I can testify that it is truly incredible.

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