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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Government is resolved and determined to part ways with Vedanta group-President Lungu

Headlines Government is resolved and determined to part ways with Vedanta group-President Lungu

President Lungu on arrival in Ndola
President Lungu on arrival in Ndola

President Edgar Lungu has said government is resolved and determined to part ways with Vedanta group of companies who are currently running Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

Speaking on arrival in Ndola on his way to Kitwe, the President said that he remains determined to stand with the wishes of the people’s stance on KCM.

“Zambians wanted Vedanta out of the Copperbelt, out of this country. The Zambians people have decided that they want a responsible investor” President Edgar Lungu.

President Lungu said that the idea is to keep the company afloat and that all stakeholders will be brought on board when bringing in a new investor.

President Lungu is on a two days working visit on the Copperbelt ahead of the Copperbelt Agriculture, Mines Industries Exposition (CAMINEX) in Kitwe where he is expected to officially open the show.

Receiving the President at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe Airport in Ndola was Copperbelt Minister Ambassador Japhen Mwakalombe, Ndola City Mayor Amon Chisenga, PF provincial chairman Nathan Chanda, Ndola City Council Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya and other notable delegates amidst scores of jubilant Ndola residents.

Earlier, President Lungu said that government will continue to create an enabling environment for both local and international investors to spur social and economic growth in the country and that his government remains keen to making sure that there is a win-win situation from every investment.

The Head of State was speaking this in Lusaka today, when Hitachi Construction Machinery Africa Company Limited delegation paid a courtesy call on him at State House.

The President said that he was proud of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Company for the cordial association it has with the community.

“We shall continue interacting with firms and continue providing an enabling environment for economic growth. I am proud of you and will make sure that there is a win-win situation in every investment and even as we replace value added tax with sales tax we will ensure that necessary measures are put in place for economic growth to flourish,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hitachi Construction company executive Officer Sonosuke Ishll, said his firm is contemplating on expanding its base in Zambia in order to start exporting its products.

Mr Ishll, whose company has been in existence since 2010 emphasized that he was impressed with favorable business environment and the hospitality from the hardworking people of Zambia.

He reaffirmed his firm’s commitment towards ensuring that safety for workers is prioritized during work.

“We have been in Zambia since 2010 and we are so glad with the opportunity given to do business in the country that has good and hardworking people.

This favorable environment is the true fruits of your hard work and we will expand our company so that we start exporting products to other countries in Africa and Europe,” said Mr Ishll.

President Edgar Lungu met Chairperson of Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Africa Limited during the official working visit to Japan in December, 2018.

During the Japan meeting, Hitachi announced its plans to expand business operations in Zambia, a move President Lungu welcomed and assured the company of government’s support.

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    • Rolling na njala. Do us a favour and go and roll in the faeces of that old woman you take care of ba carer . You think I don’t know who you are iwe.using fake name. Don’t let me reveal your identity.this is my website

    • One of the few times the president has the support of the whole country

      I am a phd Holder



    • Ba Lungu as ignorant as he is on how this whole thing will turnout he is now taking a gamble after being corrupted by some Kazakhstan Billionaires …..

    • Bamela namapapiko hehehe! Just wait when a few years from now people will be mocking you for this move. You did right by making a move on KCM but like so many decisions you have deceived people in believing that you had altruistic this one is yet another Chagwa classic of whats in it for me … starting with the PF liquidator

    • Just wait patiently… when its all done, the same people you are saying the people decided that we must part with KCM owners are the ones who will insult you and say what a S.TUPID decision.

      The Indians are going nowhere without a fight…no reasonable investor can invest in something which has been taken away from someone with bank debts of US$2bn.

      You can F.OOL your cadres but soon the Indians will have the last laugh

    • Hitachi Construction is wasting their time even though the prioritise safety of workers on construction sites…Mr Kasaka Kadalama doesn’t understand that language.

    • Nothing is giving hope, with all that lastest stealing accusations published in other media houses.
      A good leader could dissolve cabinet.

    • Those who know too much are indispensable while those who know too little are disposable.

      We have the entire state machinery in place and we know what we know and we are in charge; running this country.

      The rest are just running their mouths. No need to pay attention to the wanna bes here, KCM is totally under control.

      Let’s roll … tweende webo, tweende Lungu.

      Epo mpelele,


    • YES, You PF bootlicker roll down the cliff straight into Mighty Zambezi not to be seen again. People like you are a slur on Zambians. We are now looked down upon by Nigerians who the world used to laugh at. PF is worse than Nigerian conmen, Zairean politicians, enemies of their own country.
      Lungu shall come out and admit how much he asked for and was told off to make him angry?
      Zambia will lose billions due to his stupidity. A sensible President would have used the law of the land to discipline KCM and if not complying should have quietly found a buyer before going out and throwing his tantrum.
      It is so obvious that he is angry because of denied the kickback he demanded to cover up.
      Bitter Chagwa. 2021 is around the corner to make you dance on burning charcoal, you enemy of Mother…

    • N.E.Z, do that urgently. This PF streetboy has become a nuisance on Lusaka Times. Mushata the first to BR the first.

    • Now we can not even track this LAZY LUNGU’s new gulf-stream aircraft AF001…because its a ZAF military aircraft..I am sure LAZY IS FLYING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!

    • Good Call. !!

      You can’t stay in a marriage or relation where your wife/husband or significant is cheating, abusing, mocking you.

      There comes a time when your pain will override the love you have for someone.

      This marriage between The Zambian Government (ZCCM-IH) and Vendata was one sided and doomed from its inception.

      Businesses get divorced every minute that passes of the day. If it does not work, as a partner, shareholder, investor; you simply pull off.

      Amen !!

    • Good Call. !!

      You can’t stay in a marriage or relation where your wife/husband or significant is cheating, abusing, mocking you.

      There comes a time when your pain will override the love you have for someone.

      This marriage between The Zambian Government (ZCCM-IH) and Vendata was one sided and doomed from its inception.

      Businesses get divorced every minute that passes of the day. If it does not work, as a partner, shareholder, investor; you simply pull off….

      Amen !!

    • This is not time to envision the outcome, this is time to do the next right thing, every second, every minute, every hour and every day as we focus on KCM.

      There will always be detractors but our focus is shape and our fate already set. We are going to do the right thing for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise no matter what else others say.

      We care less about them but we fully care about our resources and the bread and butter issues of our people. That’s who is important and that’s the only group with the right to vote. Abashala bonse ni ba ngwele.

      Let’s roll


    • Vedanta group of companies in the first place was a darling who bought the mines on a promissory note worse than ignorant accusations of how the mines were sold at privatization. Who was involved in the promissory note scam? I am wondering whether the construction of fly-over roads taking place in Lusaka has no Vedanta shares!

  1. Let kcm employees own 30pc shares and zccm ih to retain 25pc and public to hold 15pc and your preferred investors can then buy 30pc. This will make more money to stay in the country there by enriching and empowering the citizens

    • And KCM will become an Oval Head! Which investor will like to invest in a situation where corrupt government, inefficient parastatal and greedy short-sighted womanising, drinking, wasteful employees will be a drain on the company?
      No investor will invest where he cannot guarantee handsome return to shareholders.
      Oval Head, let government give the company to employees, ZCCM-IH and NAPSA and the guaranteed result will be sureshot demise of KCM.
      Want to go back state-owned ZIMCO, INDECO and their inefficient, top heavy and loafing kaponyas with titles, vehicles and hefty training and visiting allowances, spending more time in the air, clubs and brothels.

    • He is trying to please copperbelt supporters.lets wait for international
      Court to rule.let it not be another lapgreen case. Then we pay through
      The nose.

  2. Way to go. The difference between a successful person and a failure is not lack of strength, not even lack of knowledge or lack of wealth, but rather lack of will power.

    • “I have no vision”
      Who said that?
      Any guess Nine Chale?
      Will power, my foot!

      It is all a deal gone sour and the ugly Lungu is venting his anger through media and cadres/ He is doomed and Zambia is doomed.

    • Eid- remind these people as they have memories of ants..they forget that the Indian guy Anil was eating with Lazy Lungu all this time but because our lazy President has no vision and shortsighted …his friend in Tanzania started with his plans on day one.

  3. You guys today my Swiss wife Elisa and I were part of Jeremy corbyn entourage at the trump protest. It was an honour to stand up for what is right. My beautiful Elisa was rocking a tight Armani dress and was very emotional about the situation. This is the type of woman you need by your side. This mushimba guy is a vain nobody. More importantly Elisa and I are going out for a meal with the Labour party. I love her. By the way my mixed race son has just been promoted as senior lawyer at a magic circle firm in London.

  4. The Lazy Bum Edgar will not comment on FIC Report because he knows that last time he stated that he will last law enforcement wings do their work but to date nothing has happened and the problem has worsened.

  5. That is the correct decisions These poor indians per capital like Us Zambians are want to be listed
    in the forbes list like Mukesh ambani,Azim Premji,Lakshmi Mittal or Shiv Nadar and live large in India or Uk or US at the expense of US Zambians

    Its time we partnered with Zambian Indian real Investors not those with ambitions to surpass mukesh ambani as one of the richest in india without sustainable Investments in Zambia and infact at the expense of Zambias Development

    Find a suitable minning longterm sustainably so for KCM

    • @Mukoshi, all mines shall be nationalised. Just nationalise and pay the foreigners through dividend. Appoint me as CHIEF Executive of a group company ZCCM to make millions in Euros to externalise and settle my extended family in Belgium.

  6. You are dealing with a very very dump criminal here pausing as a lawyer when in fact there is no his knowledge of law. Who misled MP stay on after dissolution of parliament in 2016?

  7. Which Zambians are happy with such a hasty decision, in fact, many are worried about people losing jobs. You haven’t explained in details how you’re are going to ensure employees don’t lose their jobs. I thought you divorced Vendata but we’re told they are still running the mines now instead of that liquidator of yours. A great piece of advice, please don’t listen to cadres and those criminals around, do your own research before making a major decision. You caused the Kwacha to drop and it’s bound to drop even further with such pronouncements made to excite cadres.

  8. Why is it that when l post my self sufficiency in production of my own mealie meal all year round, LT feels jealous and does not produce my post? Shame on you.

    • I ve been telling some lazy bums that they should no generalize ukuchula. Some of us grow enough maize we grind into Millie meal all round. We have even purchased a hammer meal to grind excess maize for sell

  9. We the citizens have a role to play to create a better Zambia. Let’s not hide in blaming politics. We have Zambians running very successful businesses. I feel, no one can politicize; honest, hardwork, wisdom and right mindset. The leadership that any country has is the reflection of the mindset and values of that country. If we as individuals and society can’t get better, the politics can’t get better either. So goes us, so goes the politician. The way we are rising our kids today, is the way our politics and society will be tomorrow.

  10. In as much as we know Vedanta has not been a good corporate citizen, the government should not abrogate the rule of law and render our courts to be kangaroo courts. Infact, it is not right for the President to be making pronouncements at airports on matters which are before the courts. I bet Justice Bobo is now caught between the rock and the hard place as she does not know how to proceed with so much political pressure resting on the case. Even the robber Barabas had a right to be heard in the bible. Let the rule of law prevail.


    • What’s the difference? are pressmen not present at the airport. Will the message be different? It’s Mwenda jangula who is a real jerk.

  12. Get rest assured, court case will take a long time. Preliminary applications will consume most of this year. Hearing main application will consume 2020. Judgments and appeals will go up to 2021 or even 2023. No sane investor can come on board before conclusion of court processes. Meantime, KCM operations will require funding to keep afloat. Who pays for operations in intervening period? Will Vedanta continue to do so when President Lungu maintains his government is resolved and determined to part ways with Vedanta group of companies who are currently funding KCM? If Vedanta stops, is Government or ZCCM-IH in position to do so? Game Theory and Chaos Theory permutations shows that this game will surely boomerang in government face. Watch this space!

  13. When I look at Edgar I wonder what goes on in his head. Even in our homes before we borrow any money or contract any debt we look at the size our pockets or the ability to pay back. Now Edgar and his minions kept borrowing until the lenders said they can’t give him more because they are worried about his ability to pay! Does it mean he couldn’t tell on his own that the national coffers were too small for the amounts he was borrowing. This is what greed does, it blinds. Almost everyone in PF is a millionaire because of shoddy deals. Almost all institutions are now compromised. I have never seen such recklessness in my life

    • @Ayatollah, good observation. What you have here is a set of characters who will take out new credit card debt to pay off existing credit card debt. You have the poverty spirit that has never experienced what millions or billions are even perceptively. All they know is blowing up whatever they earn. And now you have them as leaders, earning commissions from contracts and increasing the debt ceiling with threats to exclude parliament (it was once said it was desirous by the way). It is a zoo.

  14. Fast forward removing negatives out of the development plan. Things change and it is the skill to rework necessary changes that keeps plans in the right direction. No place for Vedanta. We welcome investors that are with us for mutual benefit.

    • And you think money paid to Govt by investors will benefit the common Zambian. Let us be real

  15. Let us debate the purchase of that plane and the fire fighting trucks we not done with that

    For real all money used on the above ought to be the only item on the agenda. We have not got answers and now we jump into something else. Typical pa zed

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