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I have a good name and I have earned it, Transport Minister dismisses online media allegations

General News I have a good name and I have earned it, Transport Minister...

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba

Minister of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba has described as fake news the story that appeared on the Zambian Watch Dog website linking him to corruption.

The Minister rejected the allegations and said that he has a good name, and he has earned it.

The Minister responded to the allegation via a number of social media posts below

I’m not your threat; really I’m not!

My singular focus, the reason for humbly offering myself for public service in 2016, was and still is all about Kankoyo. I envisioned I would speak more forcefully on the needs of kankoyo and let kankoyo, my home, have better days. I know I’m only doing this for a limited time as I know I have no monopoly on wisdom; others are more qualified and wiser, they will come after me and take over when my time is up.

So if you must fight, fight your real enemies or those that threaten your desires and aspirations. Leave innocent people alone. You are injuring innocent people unnecessarily in the name of politics. It’s not right. Some of us don’t have much else except our name. We have painstakingly labored to build that name. Played by the rules. Did everything as per the book.

And it’s the only thing we have; why create fake stories and tarnish that?

May God have mercy on you

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  1. We are still waiting for you to produce receipts from your one treatment in RSA you claimed you payed for?
    By the way money never lies…it always leaves footprints…merely denying allegations with backup has become the norm with these PF officials; this also explains why Soko at RTSA was never sacked for dangerous driving.

    • Brian you had a good name, but not ANYMORE. You exposed your self after accident. You took to media when on strong medication. Are they saying you steal too? You are done bro.
      Here you go again, fighting ghosts, indeed you are a puusssy….

    • Brian, you crushed a govt car driving under influence, you then went and spent a month on tax payers bill in an SA hospital. Both these examples are criminal and you belong to a penitentiary . You would have long resigned if you had any morals!!

    • If it’s false why not sue then? Anyway watchdog is not a trustworthy news medium. It’s got heavy agendas

    • Nobody worth his salt will ever be associated with a corrupt government of the worst kind ever formed in Zambia, headed by a visionless, corrupt to the last bone Lungu Edgar Chagwa of Zimbabwe blood.

    • The sad part is these thugs are getting rich at the expense of inflating tenders like those hideous poor quality communication towers and passing the bills on to the taxpayers. …look how he ends with a mention of God. When he is drink driving and destroying GRZ vehicles it never crosses his mind ….this is why that pointless Christianity Clause is convenient for these pricks.

    • Thanks to all of you clowns who supported and voted for these kleptomaniacs…. including this rubbish page….

    • Just when will honesty be embraced by our leaders when each and every one of them knows that before the positions they currently hold they were ordinary people who mingled with all sorts of people sharing even the unimaginable! Walls never gave up on having ears and eyes to daily dealings and to think that all this would wash away because of newly acquired power is cheating oneself. Running for public office opens up one’s life history and all for public scrutiny and testing for integrity thus deny as much as one possibly can all cannot be just washed away! Follow the happenings of what has brought down many prominent personalities and politicians in the USA some of it may even be taken as being trivial but for their weighing on the integrity scale! Zambians trivialize the embezzlement…

    • You can’t be part of a kleptocracy and still keep your good name. It doesn’t work like that. Insanity is on the rise in Zambia because of wishful thinking. You need help all you people.

  2. You guys today my Swiss wife Elisa and I were part of Jeremy corbyn entourage at the trump protest. It was an honour to stand up for what is right. My beautiful Elisa was rocking a tight Armani dress and was very emotional about the situation. This is the type of woman you need by your side. This mushimba guy is a vain nobody. More importantly Elisa and I are going out for a meal with the Labour party. I love her

    • Ban this scammer LusakaTimes. The messages is clear and loud. He spams his site and make it worse.

    • Wanzelu – Do you know what a coon is? Do you remember Uncle Rukus from the cartoon Bondocks or the character Samuel L Jackson played in the movie Django? This coon is a good example…just ignore this village moron.

    • so much hate.. we are now back home and headed to bed. if you know you know. twalya

  3. Why is even responding to such accusations if false? Bwana minister learn to keep away from social media whether guilty or not.

    • He is responding because a woman the one PF officials pass around is involved and these posts are meant for the wife

  4. To all those that seem to have a problem with me celebrating the love I have for a woman who just happens to be white, let me ask you this. Why is it ok for all you blacks to sing praises and feel proud about dating your “black queen ” and yet you feel offended by my love for my Elisa? You cry like little babies claiming that there is no racial equality for us blacks and yet you are being discriminatory against a white woman and black man who are in love. Why can’t I be proud of her whiteness?

  5. Honorable the feelings you carry is exactly how those who were retired in public and national interest feel following their removal from their employment.The celebrations by cadres were very traumatic as they posted & circulated officers’ letters were posted on social media platforms.Political Slandering is all over the place

  6. You steal public funds and spend on your concubines and thought time will never catch up with you? Brian you are an accomplished Engineer but we now we’ve put you on the same level as the riffraff Bowman Lusambo and lumpens like Kaizer Zulu! You crashed GRZ vehicle under the influence of alcohol driving at night from one of your concubines. That sperm chamber of a girl Mutale Mwanza you all person around like a tin of chibuku in Kuku compound is a well-known story.

    • Tough But true

      I beg to disagree. The Zambian Watchdog does not spare Tongas who are in PF or any other political party other than UPND. Havent you seen how they have been insulting Edify Hamukale using made up stories? ZWD temunobe

  7. Leave the young man Brian Mushimba alone imwe amambala. This kid has a bachelors, masters and now a Phd in technical fields we so genuinely need to develop our country. Instead of being jealous of him, why dont you also go through form 6 he went through at Mpelembe Secondary School and the Arizona State University in the USA. Kuja mwaja. Nomba pano mugebe nepakunye…. You fools want to chase away Zambians that were trained to help develop our country? Reallyy if he leaves and come back to the USA, you will be the same people crying him being an unpatriotic Zambian imwe bakapoli.

    • @10
      You may be ‘right’, but your rant has nothing to do with what ZWD have accused him of, and he isn’t the only one who took the F6 route, courtesy of the Zambian people (who don’t even care) through ZCCM. Get him back to the US if he’s relevant that side. Frankly, the people you’re calling ‘fools or kapolis’ need to be spared from parasitic behavior by ‘accomplished’ kids.

      The ‘kid’ does not need fans blowing his trumpet. He is intelligent enough to vindicate himself. Kwapwa! Noti ifi ifya kubutukila pa social media, ifyamungulu fye, alenga mwatukilanamo abakaele.

  8. ZWD are indeed evil and will burn and rot in hell. They will one day burn this country and all gullible followers will not be spared. Hamasaka and his galu cohorts must be fished out and punished by whatever means. Enough is enough.
    Let FIC by law publish names of the people involved in suspicious transactions and not let ishi imbwa shabantu take advantage and twist the stories just to win political mileage of their sponsor Akainde icilema. Sorry there is no h in my mother tongue ????

  9. For me, this is one of the best Ministers in the PF Government and potential future President, his only weaknesses was to use government resources to get treatment in South Africa for a broken hand after a drinking spree. Otherwise, he is young, energetic, educated and has exposure having worked in the United States.

    • My friend you are paying three times as much for second rate communication towers and you are applauding him…as if driving a GRZ vehicle whilst drunk is minor offence…try that at a private company.

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