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Pictures of Fund Raising Walk for procurement of Sanitary pads for girls


On June 1st 2019 Scott & Bennett Ltd (Manufacturers of Femcare Sanitary Pads), Zambia WASHE Advocacy Network and the Lusaka Mayor’s office (represented by Councillor Bupe Mulenga) were part of a fund raising walk from On The Run filling station to Arcades with some school children.

This was done in an effort to raise to awareness and funds to procure sanitary pads for young girls to keep them in school during their time of the month. There are still many young girls who miss school every month because of they do not have access to hygienic sanitary pads.


    • This should be mainline news. This affects 51 percent of the Zambian population at one time or another. In fact they should have advocated for this from the very beginning. This should be every Zambians battle cry. Little things like this change the confidence of our sisters. Use your brain my friend.

  1. Worthy cause! some kids skip school because of Ps while others use dirty clothes and cotton as pads.So much better than tribal yelling that goes arround

  2. Free sanitary pad for every child in school and tax free on all women’s sanitary products. Girls need not miss classes because of periods. Change is coming Zambia for all not just a few.

  3. What is the role of parents in this matter. I get that times are tough for the vast majority in the country, instead of a fund raising walk which I guarantee is not sustainable in the long run to provide for girls and women, these walks should be for job creation so that every parent can afford such basic needs

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