Fujian Haian Rubber Company Limited,
Fujian Haian Rubber Company Limited,

Fujian Haian Rubber Company Limited, a tyre manufacturing firm from China has established its base in Zambia to market its products and services in Africa, a company official said on Wednesday.

The company supplies its products to the mining industry in Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Africa and Senegal.

Eric Lin, company director for the Africa market, said the opening of a head office in Zambia aimed to cover the wider African market.

“We have established our head office in Zambia, we supply our products to the mining firms, in Copperbelt, Solwezi, Kansanshi here in Zambia, we also have a market in DRC, South Africa and Senegal, we hope to expand our market using Zambia as our base,” he said.

Lin said in an interview that the company manufactures products for the mining sector and Zambia was chosen because mining was a huge sector in the southern African nation.

Zambia, he said, was a stable country that offers opportunities for foreign direct investment. Lin added China and Africa are enjoying cooperation in various economic partnerships to foster development.

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  1. Whatever happened to our once beloved DUNLOP (I think I got the sp right.)? Oh how times can change!

    To think that once upon a time you didn’t need to travel to or order from places like RSA such basic things as a car tire is simply nostalgic to Zambians of a certain age and era. KK, with all his human faults and frailties, was indeed a visionary leader who believed in UBUNTU. He honestly believed that “if others can do it, we can do it too!”

    It is just unfortunate that the times didn’t favour his agenda. There were just too many conflicts, struggles and competing interests by World Powers in the neighborhood for his vision to stand a chance and thrive. Other priorities, such as holding the country together through the geopolitical carnage of the 60s, 70s, and 80s won out…


    • Continue….

      Otherwise his heart was in the right place…. HE WORKED TEARLESSLY TO EMPOWER ZAMBIANS AND TO PUT A ZAMBIAN FACE AT THE CENTER OF OUR ECONOMY. Although disappointments were many, it was not for lack of belief and effort. And that’s leadership!


    • It is his economic policies that led to shortage of foreign exchange or forex as it was popularly known and Dunlop which was importing most of its materials closed because of lack of forex. I remember using when going to Zimbabwe UAPTA instead of dollars.


  2. Where is Dunlop in all this! We had a very powerful company in Ndola but alas! All was sold and now we enrich the foreigners and our children will be begging for jobs


  3. Keith Mulevu was right.
    Bane listen to the lyrics of the son Ubutungwa so true…
    After 55 years ama Chinese..
    No Good


    • This is no different to a distributor or dealership or importer….no value addition whatsoever when are our journalists going to learn to tell the difference I mean Dunlop and other tyre manufacturers have already these bases.


  4. Dunlop was sold during the un popular privatization to foreign company to produce tires in zambia , the same they deed with other indeco companies by night they uprooted the machinery and went to zimbabwe to set up tire manufacturing industry that is how zambia lost out.
    Similar situations happened nearly to all indeco companies this made some of these so called rich politicians to get the riches they brag about day and night what a shame.
    The reason why some of us have no respect for these thieves pretending to be clean yet they are criminals to the core , who plundered our economy and as a result killed thousands of innocent zambians who lost jobs together with their families .
    God will judge them for the crime they committed to our people.



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