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Court hears that Kambwili was paid half a million dollars by a Chinese firm


CHISHIMBA Kambwili’s company was paid US $566,579.75 by a Chinese company in a transaction over which he has been charged with abuse of authority of office, forgery, uttering a false document, obtaining pecuniary advantage, and possession of huge amounts of money suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Kambwili has been jointly charged with two Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) officers for presenting a fake tax clearance certificate to secure contracts.

A court hearing the case in Lusaka yesterday heard that Chishimba Kambwili’s Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Limited (METSL) received US$566,579.75 from China Henan International in about six installments.

Testifying as a fifth prosecution witness yesterday, Atlas Mara Bank Luanshya branch manager Nalishebo Chibatabata told Principal Resident Magistrate Mwaka Mikalile that the US$566,579.75 was sent to METSL’s account held at the bank and that Kambwili and his wife Carol Chishimba were authorised signatories for the account.

Ms. Chibatabata was testifying in the case Kambwili is jointly charged with his son Mwamba, two ZRA officers Mulenga Kapilima and Brano Musonda Lukwesa; and METSL.

They are charged for 39 counts of abuse of authority of office, forgery, uttering a false document, obtaining pecuniary advantage, and possession of huge amounts of money suspected to be proceeds of crime on several occasions.

Kapilima and Lukwesa from ZRA are accused of making the false ZRA tax clearance certificate purporting to show that METSL was tax compliant when in fact not.

During continued trial yesterday, Ms. Chibatabata said on August 28, 2014, there was an incoming transfer of US$25,568.85 deposited into the METSL’s dollar current account number 03144170201 from China Henan International.

She said on September 23, 2014, there was another incoming transfer of US$42,367.24 into the same account by order of China Henan International while on October 23, 2014, there was another transfer of US$148,484.49 in favour of METSL.

She said on October 27, 2014, US$148,500 was transferred from the same account to Standard Chartered Bank in favour of Kambwili’s wife.

Ms. Chibatabata added that on December 12, 2014 there was another incoming transfer of US$209,779.39 in favour of METSL and that seven days later, there was another incoming transfer of US$119,730 from China Henan International.

She said on January 9, 2015, China Henan International further transferred US$20,649.78 to METSL’s account.

Earlier, Zesco Limited senior manager for procurement and stores Brian Chongo Kambole testified that his company paid METSL for the contract involving construction of settlement houses for the 14.8 megawatts Lunzua hydropower generation project.


    • How exactly is that corrupt money. Presenting fake tax certificates is inexcusable. He should be done for that.



    • This case will not go any where because the way in which he got that bribe by grabbing govt contracts bypassing tender board is the same way most PF ministers and Lungu himself got so rich fast.

      This Kambwili indictment is for all PF thugs including Lungu.

      What makes it worse is that Chinese borrowed money is involved and not being paid. So those chinese companies who solicited for Loans on behalf of Lungu s govt are being held to account by the Chinese govt. This is happening now in China. That’s why Chinese loans have now dried up until the money is paid back.

      Poor chinese contractors borrowed from their govt to bribe PF thugs for contracts hoping to pay back when PF govt settles the contract bills. Unfortunately PF thugs stole all the money and can’t pay the Chinese…

    • . Unfortunately PF thugs stole all the money and can’t pay the Chinese contractors.

      Uchimbwi ba PF being laid bare now. But why now not when this happened? Politically motives? Yes.

      No honour amongst thieves.

    • As for tax compliance all PF affiliated business people are seriously guilty of tax evasion.

      No. 1 tax evaders is Lungu himself.

      A clear audit of all fly by night businesses run by PF do not pay tax at all. Proof is in the recording of ZRA chief who stated clearly that he is ready to help fellow bembas and PF cadres evade tax as long as he gets a cut.

      ZRA is known for falsifying tax records for Lungu and most PF s companies.

      PF govt is run by thieves. Kambwili will talk and those ZRA guys have info about massive PF evasion scandals. They will not go down silently.

    • @WANZELU: You wrote the following “Poor Chinese contractors borrowed from their govt to bribe PF thugs for contracts hoping to pay back when PF govt settles the contract bills”.
      Note the Following:
      >All Chinese companies you see in Zambia belong to Chinese govt.
      >All Managers running these companies including China Malls are senior party officials – the Communist Party of China (CPC).
      >They compete against each other and the more profits one manager makes the more stronger his/her position becomes in the Party.
      >For them to make more money they connive with Govt officials by offering bribes and get more contracts.
      >Chinese Govt does not officially sanction bribes; hence if things go wrong the manager in question is held to account.
      >If a manger is recalled to China for failing…

    • >If a manger is recalled to China for failing to perform then he/she pays through the nose – gets stripped of his position and power and serves jail time.


    • Just looking at his face you can see corruption corruption. Even that other fat one who hops from PF to UPND and back is just corruption

  1. Not surprised!!
    This Goon is P.F, despite being in exile from his beloved thieving Pimps Federation -(P.F.)
    Same fanana na Godfrey Mw@nya Bw@mba aka GBM, just on holiday away from the Plunderers Fraternity!

  2. Elisa believes most zambian men are thieves. That’s why she snatched me as am.a rare honest zambian man. Elisa my Swiss wife I love you

    • What has happened to your old self? Have you been bewitched? I miss your arguments. May the good Lord transform you to your old self.

    • @ N.E.Z.
      Today is June 6th, NOT February 14th, Valentine’s Day!

      Get a Swiss knife to cut some flowers for your beloved Swiss wife Elisa. Since you claim to be “a rare honest zambian man”, I am sure Elisa won’t suspect that you were cutting in your neighbours garden.

      By the way, I am strictly “anti-snatching”.

    • So an old man from batoka used to envy mushota postings when most of us regarded it as paranoid syndrome

  3. Ba PF ni ba pompwe! “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”, Bola ya bipa sana….

  4. @Spaka

    Deflecting public attention from Lungus GRZ in the FIC report! Excuse me!…..
    Are u crazy?
    This is a serious matter. Names have been cited. FIC report is based on hearsay/fiction.

    Two guys gave already lost their jobs at ZRA AND might not be employed for the rest of their lives.

    • Premier

      Regarding the FIC report all lungu has to do is get read the report from his investigative wings who can get bank money flows with names attached……the only thing missing from FIC is names , which are the banks .

      Don’t give this cra.p about seriousness when people in Zambia are dying because billions are being looted by lungu and his gang.

    • This is just proverbial tip of the iceberg. ALL PF leadership, past and present, should be prosecuted.
      As to FIC report been “based on hearsay/fiction” it is evident that your knowledge of the FIC functions and sphere of influence is the same as your intellect, ABSOLUTE CRAP.

  5. So far, none of of you commentators have said anything constructive serve for your devoted hatred for ECL and the PF. We have told you time and again much as I am of mixed grill from northerners, Luapula and people from Soutnern in toka leya, we have no allergiance to thieves. Get the thieving bastard Kambwili and get everyone involved in corrupt activities. We should put the country above tribal or political inclinations. Go after everyone who has acquired wealthy so suddenly they cnnot justify, regardless of tribal or political affililiations. Welcome to the club Kambwili. If Malaysia can recover over $50 billion from ministers, police officers, army officers and shoddy business men and women and especially civil servants, why cant we? Mupinichile aponoke Kambwili and you think bembas…

  6. We also know very well that this reporting was delayed to be released with the FIC report.

    Ck should be brought to book if he was involved in corruption,

    but we know the operatives from statehouse who saw to it that this case notes are released to coincide with the FIC report to deflect public attention.

  7. We have always said that genuine working and intelligent Zambians do not receive these ridiculous amounts into their personal accounts, unless they have genuine companies doing genuine business. There is no genuine business that Kambwili can do. This explains why Kambwili tried so hard to cling to PF when he was expelled. He wanted protection. When that failed he tried to form a political party. But because he was still clinging to PF he could not register himself as head of that party. Kambwili is a Ka Pompwe mwine mwine. Chickens are coming home to roost.

  8. I can tell you ck used his position to get contracts which he then subcontracted out to Chinese …….all of PF done that.

    At least ck even had a company, some in PF did not even have any companies but were in possetion of hudge contracts.

    Ck is could be guilty of tax evasion and false documents associated with that.
    For his corruption he must pay ,
    but if that is the criteria used to investigate corruption, the whole of lungus GRZ inner circle and ministers are guilty.

    Some are guilty of outright theft.

  9. @Spaka

    MDs do not CHASE Reports.
    Why launch more investigations just for the names when the FIC report should already have names appended.

    • Premier

      It is up to investigative wings in Zambia to get names from the banks. The names are there, you can not initiate transactions with ID at banks, irregular money flows have been pointed out.

  10. Yes we are aware of this and it started under late Sata when Mwamona was given a contract to do roads in Luapula province and yes it amounts to abuse of office. Kambwili used his ministerial power to get contracts from RDA, ZESCO, NRFA etc, the contracts he then sold to Henan, AVIC etc. Kambwili is part of the clique who use political influence to gain economic advantage over others, he is no better than Chitotela, Kampyongo or Chitalu Chilufya among others.

  11. People in Roan being cheated that some one is as clean as a white handkerchief and yet what they are doing in secrecy is filthy.

    • Many expected an instant miracle to their problems. My tenant didn’t vote because he’s not registered in Roan but took time to advise people that voting for Kambwili wasn’t the solution to their predicament. He was told off and called all sorts of names. Today some have confessed to him their mistakes and wish there was a way to retrieve their ballots. Too late.

  12. And when this overblown toad goes on radio to itemize Lungu’s ” thefts of public funds ” the entire diaspora share the broadcast. I don’t know whether Lungu is corrupt or not, but giving audience to a proven thief like this toad is the worst disservice we can do to our nation. My friend based in Ashford Kent truly believes Kambwili is the savior of our nation. Each time Kambwili is live, my friend invites me on Facebook to listen to the nonsense coming out of the toad mouth. I have given up on him.

    • Ndanje – Your friend is one of the many f.ools who gave us Mr. Sata – the was Zambia’s undoing. In Zambia one who shouts a lot of nonsense and uses very vulgar language a lot on his opponents and fellow Zambians – ninshi mwaume sana and he becomes President.

  13. This diseased most tribally bigotted baboon and all its kind in the PF need to be shot! It’s so disheartening that this Katangese can plunder our country like monkeys in a maize field while we sit aside akimbo watching.

  14. Late Reggae Icon Peter Tosh sang a befitting song for this scenario involving ba Kambwili”
    “If are living in a glass house ‘ don’t throw stones “ because the glass house will fall on you.
    Very disappointing but not surprised. Politics of the belly and corruption at its worst in Zambia.
    The law must take its course, there should be no sacred cows. Either in government or opposition. God bless Zambia.

  15. We heard from a pf official saying ubomba mwibala,alya mwibala lelo tafwile ukulila kumo nembuto.
    Does it mean ba mudala baliliila kumo ne mbuto? Is he clean as he always purports?

  16. People accused Issa Ayatou the long serving CAF president of corruption. Just a few years of ousting, his successor Ahmed Ahmed has been arrested for corruption today in France. Almost everyone is corrupt except that nobody has caught us yet. We will accuse others while knowing very well that, that plot I have was dubiously obtained, that BMW I am driving was bought with money given to me by someone I did a favor at the ministry of so and so, the driving license I hold was given to me after paying a RATSA official some money. Even laughing at the toad is meaningless if we also have skeletons, no matter how small.

  17. We need new blood, ba PF if we a to do it nicely in 2021 ,o else we a loosing, I start,joice nonde,mwakalombe,lusambo,ba siliya,kaizer,j,kapata,,ba mwanakatwe,ba yaluma,kampyongo,ba luo,ba sikazwe, they need to be retired on national interest,as well ba mayo ba wina,

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