Australia based ,Zambian Hip Hop artist , Sampa The Great released her latest single ‘Final Form

She had this to say on social media:

The Music Video for final form was inspired by the belief of having a spiritual exodus back to yourself. We often as black people in the diaspora talk about the physical return to our roots but not so much the spiritual.

Final form is meant to start that conversation, even though physically done in Africa. The physical return only happened after the spiritual one.  It was important for me to do this video in Zambia. The place of my birth and where I’m from. Because if I’m truly going to become the greatest version of myself, I’m going to start at the most me I’ve ever been. Which is where I started from, where I grew up!

I also wanted to touch on the topics of home which will further be revealed in the album! But also clarify that I am indeed a Zambian. Born and raised between Zambia and Botswana. By a Bemba mother and Tumbuka father and to erase that by calling me anything but Zambian/African, is to erase my history,culture and essence. Everything I was born from. “

PRODUCED BY: @nap.king.cole

Director – Sanjay De Silva
Producers – @carlpires
Miranda Anzarut, Sanjay De Silva
Executive Producer: Kate Armstrong-Smith
Cinematographer – @bozza
Stylist – @ntombimoyo
Fixer – Joshua Moyo
1st AC – @terrence_alex_chuma
HMU – @bubu_kabs
Hair Stylist – @tissameleki
Choreographer – @fassy.m

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  1. I don’t normally comment on music but here is an example of what it means to put Zambia on the map. A Video with Chinyabu as opposed to those western clowns if 100% Zambian. Well done young lady, we need more of you in our Zambian music industry which mind you can be a great vehicle to boost tourism.


  2. This girl was on BBC the other day, she speaks intelligently.
    She will be big soon.


    • I’ll venture that it’s not for you if you find it offensive. You can always listen to Kings Malembe.


  3. I have ended up googling her, watching and listening to move of her music. Sampa your are indeed great! Beautiful world-class hip-hop music!



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