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Zambia will not rush into signing the Africa Free Trade agreement – Yaluma


Minister of Commerce and Industry, Hon. Christopher Yaluma says Government will not rush into signing the African Continental Free Trade –AfCTA until stakeholder consultation was complete.

Speaking upon arrival in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Hon. Yaluma stated that Zambia will not rush to ratify the AfCTA agreement to be done before the forthcoming July African Union Heads of States Summit.

He said the wide consultation was meant to ensure that the country instituted mechanisms to ensure that Zambia does not become a dumping site for substandard products.

Mr. Yaluma said the consultative process with relevant stakeholders was still on-going and had not been exhausted to warrant ratification during the operationalization of the CFTA at next month’s summit.

He said government wanted to obtain full endorsement from the private sector as they will be the major drivers of the programme.

The Minister said the signing of the CFTA framework by His Excellency President Lungu in March was testimony that Zambia was committed to being part of the single largest market in Africa.

The Minister who is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for a consultative meeting on the CFTA however said that there is a possibility that Government could table the AfCFTA for ratification before Parliament in August.

He said Zambia understands the importance of being part of the single largest market and wants the private sector in the country to drive the process.

The Minister was received in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union, His Excellency, Mr Emmanuel Mwamba.

Issued by
Mrs. Inutu Mupango Mwanza
First Secretary-Press& Tourism
Zambia Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


  1. For sure we need to protect our infant industry and encourage local manufacturing.

    South Africa and Kenya are the big winners, because most international companies have manufacturing bases there from which they then flood poorer countries like Zambia with goods, killing off any attempt at local manufacturing.

    • What are you trying to protect you one mineral producing country? Its you who stands to lose out. Remember you also have no route to the sea

  2. Very good Hon Chris Yaluma. You are on firm ground. This is one minister in the PF government I have high regard for. I have yet to hear him threaten anyone.

    • Yaluma was fired from PF central committee recently, claiming that he always working as minister. PF is truly lead by a Partya Fipuba.

  3. What was Lungu signing in February? Did he sign another document for the same again in March? why are these useless ministers even in government? Who keeps record for these people? How does he say Zambia won’t sign AfCFTA when on February 10 we have photos Lungu signing the same? Then the same person says it was signed in March? Is this a government and/or country or just kantemba in Chawama? What is wrong with Africa? Why do we pick the worst people to lead us? Does God hate Africa or He doesn’t care?
    What is wrong trading as a continent? What is wrong getting oil from nearby producers? What is wrong Africa like EU or NAFTA or any other trade agreement to first consider each other and make each other powerful? Why do these fuuls want to trade copper at the London Metal Exchange where…

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