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MMD youth differs with UPND over ZRA Commissioner General’s leaked audio

Headlines MMD youth differs with UPND over ZRA Commissioner General's leaked audio

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda

Outspoken Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD Youth Prince Ndoyi has come to the defence of Zambia Revenue Authority ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda contrary to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s position that the Commissioner General should be instantly dismissed for engaging in illegal dealings with PF officials.

Commenting on the leaked phone conversation were a PF cadre was asking for favors from ZRA Commissioner General, Ndoyi said PF cadres have developed a sense of entitlement with impunity as they are now expecting favors from government agencies as if they are first class citizens.

Contrary to UPND’s position the youths have instead called upon the Patriotic Front leadership to instead protect government officials from their cadres who have been pressuring senior government officials for favors as witnessed in this latest leaked audio.

He noted that Kingsley Chanda and many others whom the public don’t know about should be protected by the PF leadership further calling on PF Secretary General Davies Mwila to emulate former party CEO Wynter Kabimba who cautioned Chishimba Kambwili against using the name of the party to solicit for funds from State institutions when he served as PF National youth chairperson.

“There is indeed a growing ugly trend where party cadres have developed a sense of entitlement with impunity as if they themselves have become first class citizens against the ordinary Zambians. They want to be given priority at anything before any other Citizen which is unfortunate.

“The saga of the ZRA commissioner is one that just highlights the many who have fallen victim at the mercy of party cadres. Everyday we hear of incidences where police officers, council workers etc are victimised by party cadres and this must be stopped.

“It seems efforts to abet the situation by ministers and senior government officials to protect citizens against abuse and unfair treatment in the competition for opportunities to promote equal opportunities seem to fall on deaf ears, cadres are not ready to listen. We need sanity. Kingsley Chanda is one among many officials that cadres have been attempting to abuse for favors,” he said.

Ndoyi explained that the behavior of Nyela and many others was due to the lack of empowerment for party cadres who in turn resolve to use the party as a tool for threatening appointed officials when dealing with government agencies.

And Ndoyi said the ZRA Commissioner General should be commended for his diplomacy when refusing to engage in illegalities.

He said the Commissioner General clearly told Nyela that the culprit should go through due process of the law.

“On the issue of the ZRA CG Kingsley Chanda saga, if we follow a logical path and in doing so observe the logical path of the conversation. It is easy to conclude that Kingsley Chanda tried in all uncertain terms to be diplomatic about his refusal.

“Kingsley Chanda spoke like a friendly police officer who knowing your crime makes you feel comfortable enough to walk yourself to the police station. Any sane person knows that when one asks for a favor from someone in a position of power to do it, and that person asks you to follow procedure, that’s usually and in most circumstances a polite refusal.

“ZRA CG did not want to disagree openly with the person requesting for a favour. But instead, he diplomatically declined. He, in fact, proposed to the caller that the due disciplinary procedure be allowed to take its course,” he said.

Meanwhile Ndoyi advised politicians to stop the “pull him down” syndrome as it was bad for the development of the country.

He said some politicians have decided to misconstrue what was discussed just to gain some political mileage with malicious statements and demands against an individual who has worked well for the country.

“And the on the political issue, where others are suggesting he said he is a PF cadre. In Zambia today everyone has been forced to wear a political jacket to survive. Can you imagine the backlash that would have ensued had Kingsley Chanda refused anything to do with PF and claimed to be a professional who would not consider who was PF or not? Who in any government position today will trash PF in a conversation with a cadre, not even a police or intelligence officer. It’s a question of loyalty!

“Under the circumstances, we can only but applaud Mr. Kingsley Chanda for turning down Nyela’s manoeuvres. We say so in recognising the difficult circumstances under which parastatal/quazi-government Chief Executives are operating with such crooked cadres winching like vultures for any slight slumber. It can only be hoped the ZRA Chief will stand his ground through and through in his efforts to professionally collect the so much needed revenue for the nation, after surviving such a devilish witch-hunt.”

On Chanda Nyela, Ndoyi said it is his likes who are destroying the good fortunes of the party by putting it’s name in disrepute.

“Chanda Nyela and others of his kind are the kind of people that are puppeteering the leadership from behind the scenes. Destroying the good fortunes of their party. Destroying the good will from the Zambian people.

“Frustrating hard working citizens who should be allowed to explore their skills and talent thereby contributing to the development of our country devoid of politics. Unfortunately we want to frustrate everyone by simply entangling them in tribal and political fights. Deeply fighting good performers because they don’t bend to our demands,” he said.

It is barely a week when Patriotic Front SG Davies Mwila fired shots at two infamous PF youths Munir Zulu and Chanoda Ngwira over the use of social media at a press briefing that suspended KBF and Julius Komaki for gross indiscipline. It is yet to be seen what the PF will do concerning youths who are involved asking for favors from senior government officials.

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  1. Very good advice but you should be crazy to think Lungu will heed it. All ruling parties in Zambia and Africa thrive on giving favors of various kinds to their cadres. Lungu would lose votes if he plugged the tunnels leading to these favors. You won’t hear him telling his members not to pressure civil servants. It was the same with MMD and I’m sure will be the same when we have a new ruling party in 2022

  2. In a normal country the ZRA chief would have been fired. It’s illegal to discriminate and on top of that offer favors to cadres that’s not what that man’s job entails. We call ourselves a Christian nation and yet we are the worst hypocrites. That man’s utterances can cause strife like Rwanda. Cadres are here everyday trying to divide us based on tribe and party we refuse to be divided

  3. My fellow Zambians, let’s use our intelligence to build a better country. We are busy being greedy and on a serious destruction path. This is what happens when the checks and balances are eroded. When you can’t even trust your own family members. Corruption in Zambia is now on another level because the perpetrators don’t expect any consequences because even the prosecutors are compromised. It seems some individuals are taking time to gain qualifications on how to successfully steal rather than build.

  4. spoken like a true citizen.. if anything this should be an open letter to the president and you should have mentioned him to say Mr President this is improper and we need you to act on your party caders. Zambia must be for Zambians. UPND is irrelevant in this situation and making the healine as MMD differ with UPND is actually down playing the message that is Mr President put your caders on a leash. as citizens we are tired of seeing the injustice.

    • Upnd raised the issue, how can they be irrelevant? MMD is a kantemba party nowadays, a small division of the PF.

  5. In England a National Football manager merely talking about gambling with an undercover journalist gets sacked immediately after video is aired….in holy christian nation Zambia a minister can be caught drink driving even damaging the govt vehicle he will not even be cautioned in fact they will even give him leave and sponsor for a bruised arm in RSA luxury clinic for month. Here you have the whole Tax General talking to a cadre about individual cases even alluding to the fact that he should have been in formed before the goods reached the Zambian border. How is this Director still in his job…this is wrong on all accounts, you ca not defend this.
    The country has truly gone to the dogs under this thug LAZY LUNGU!!

    • I agree.that is what is termed”Zero Tolerance” of corruption.You first fight perceptions of corruption.Corrupt activities themselves should dealt with by custodial sentences.

  6. don’t misunderstand me those with party affiliation I don’t mean you party UPND is irrelevant what I meant to say is this is not about UPND… PF… MMD or which ever party this is about the citizens of Zambia who are affected by the misbehaviors of caders and their leaders who forget the freedom and rights represented by our flag. Zambia for Zambians that was the struggle not for political movements.

  7. The fouth Industrial revolution is upon us, whether we live in a third or fourth world we are not imune to some of the effects that have come with this revolution. Fake news, fake opposition parties, fake wives mascarreding as husbands and fake husbands macarrading as wives. A long time ago it was un head of, to thinl that the opposition would be fake. We always believed that the opposition was always right. You need not go far to see around our own opposition political partys. I will not delve into the fake husband and fake wife issues sufice to say that we have a fair share of the above. Regarding the issue of our ZRA commisioner, whenever there is nepotism, or corruption of any sort it is usually known by someone else other than the two people involved. So the chances are that it will…

  8. …Regarding the issue of our ZRA commisioner, whenever there is nepotism, or corruption of any sort it is usually known by someone else other than the two people involved. So the chances are that it will come out sooner or later. So the thought that it is only the PF cardres involved in this corruption it is a denial that will not solve any problem caused by the camcer that has engulfed our great nation.

  9. I appreciate what the MMD youth leader is saying, if you listen well, The ZRA CG has tried by all means in his response to be diplomatic in responding this Chanda Nyela cadre. Having said, the PF secretariat must do something to the cadres long tails, it seems the have the liberty and latitude to harass senior government officials in the name of payback because they (cadres ) think they are entitled to so privileges

  10. Clearly Zambians are allergic to the truth and honest. Are you guys talking about another conversation or you are refusing to acknowledge that the ZRA commissioner (if he was the one in the recording) was clearly indicating that those guys implicated in corruption should somehow engage him before they commit such practices? What is that? Are you people damn or just refuse to think.

  11. Ndoi you are a good analyzer. Good message. I also note that Kingsley Chanda is the right person in that office. Keep it up Mr: Chanda.

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