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Zambia’s Ambassador to South Korea awarded Best Ambassador Award


Ambassador Simuusa receiving the award
Ambassador Simuusa receiving the award

Zambia’s Ambassador to South Korea Wylbur Simuusa has been awarded the “2019 Best Ambassador Award” by the NDN News and Seoul City Magazine in recognition for his outstanding efforts and contributions in promoting relations between Zambia and Korea.

The award ceremony took place on 28th May, 2019 at the National Assembly.

The Best Ambassador Award is one of the categories of awards entitled “Korea First, World Best Awards” held annually since 2009 organised by the NDN News in collaboration with Seoul City Magazine and the Korea Culture Ambassador Friendship Association.

“Korea first, World Best Awards” is an award given through rigorous selection process by an independent team, whose assessment is based on various criteria that include contributions of public officials, organization leaders and companies in South Korea’s development and the promotion of South Korea’s relations with friendly countries.

“In terms of Korea’s diplomacy diversification policy which wants to expand its diplomacy horizon to Africa and to strengthen mutual Korea-Africa partnership even more, Your Excellency has been an exemplary envoy among the African Diplomatic Corps. who seeks cooperation ways regarding Saemaeul Movement international development, economic cooperation and parliamentary cooperation between the two countries, to name just a few areas.”

In accepting his award, Ambassador Simuusa said that he was honored to receive the award and recognized the members of staff at the Embassy of Zambia in Seoul for their hard work.

He said that he was “impressed at the accurate capture of the efforts highlighted in the Award.”

“The conferring of the Award goes to show that the strategy and efforts towards raising awareness, improving relations, to name a few, are yielding fruit and are paying off. I wish to acknowledge that without your commitment, dedication to duty and efforts, this Award would not have been possible. Please keep it up and let us continue to score and shine as a team.

Ambassador Simuusa receiving the award
Ambassador Simuusa receiving the award


  1. Some so called awards are a joke!! Has the man brought Hyndai or Kia manufacturing plant to Zambia? Or even a small boat (pabwato) manufacturing plant to Z so the people of Luapula can reduce blindness by learning to fish on small boats? Zero! So katwushi what’s best here

    • Kekekekeke Emmanuel Mwamba may reward himself too. Ka Mukwita may hang himself for not receiving no award ever.
      Wilber Simussa, former Sata’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Respectable people.

    • These are ambassadors who are working silently behind the scenes like an ambassador should …not every week issuing silly self promoting statements like those two fooooools Anthony and Mwamba or that moron of woman in India who films a young student plead for her parents to send school fees.

    • Congratulations!!! That’s a prestigious award and I am sure we will see the fruit of your labor soon.

      Keep making the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise proud!!! Proud of you.

      Ala tweende webo, tweende Simuusa.

      Let’s roll … epo mpelele,


    • Bongo Bongo – Bringing such investors is not the job description of the Ambassador…this is why I detest middlemen like Mwamba and that silly boy Anthony in Germany. Do you even know what entails to have a car manufacturer…ZESCO can’t accommodate it.

  2. For sure , he was given an award for nothing but telling Koreans in lectures how nice Zambian and lungu are

    ……show us koreaian manufacturing in zambia he has brought

    • In Zambia they assume an Ambassador is a loud mouthed publicity seeking car salesman like Mwamba or Anthony in Germany.

  3. Whichever way one looks at it, news that paints Zambia in a positive way is good. Let’s learn to support each other. I say, Congratulations Ambassador. May this give you more credibility as you continue to put Zambia’s interests out there in Korea.

  4. To all you haters, what would have been your comments if the news about the Zambian ambassador was in the negative?? Graduate from the PULL HIM DOWN MENTALITY. If you want to learn more about why he has been honoured, do some more research instead of rushing to exhibit your ignorance

  5. Any good vibe about Zambia is much more welcome. Congratulations ambassador for an award well deserved. Much congrats to your team for the good job they are doing. Respect.

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