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Central Committee PF Member warns Oppositions against twisting President Lungu’s reaction to the FIC Report

Headlines Central Committee PF Member warns Oppositions against twisting President Lungu's reaction to...

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili

Patriotic Front (PF) Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe has advised the opposition to stop peddling falsehoods that can mislead the Nation

Reacting to comments by made by National Democratic Congress (NDC) party leader Chishimba Kambwili, Mr. Mbewe said that it was irresponsible for opposition leaders to twist any statement issued by President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Mbewe said that the Patriotic Front will not allow the opposition leaders to continue peddling falsehoods in the media in order to gain political mileage.

Mr. Mbewe said that President Lungu was just advising the Financial Intelligence Centre to stop misleading the country because of the Speculative and raw data they released.

Mr. Mbewe said that the PF has for a long time been challenging the opposition to provide evidence of how the Government and President is corrupt, but they have failed.

After attending a court session, NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili said that he will jail President Lungu once he forms Government in 2021 and asked President Lungu to immediately step down as Head of State on account of incompetence.

Mr. Kambwili said that Mr Lungu was a shameless corrupt leader who was shielding fellow corrupt Government officials and that it was inconceivable that the Head of State has deliberately elected to rubbish the latest FIC report.

Mr. Kambwili wondered why president Lungu was shielding corrupt elements and questioned why Mr. Lungu did not respect the FIC.

Mr. Kambwili said that the President was scared to comment on the FIC report because, the Republican President himself is corrupt, and wondered why President Lungu could not respect governance institutions.

The NDC leader accused President Lungu of governing the country like the extension of his bedroom.

Mr. Kambwili said that he will pursue all criminal elements cited in the FIC report once the NDC forms Government.


  1. Chishimba Kambwili is corrupt how did he obtain the plots on Mufurila road, how did he obtain his PHD……………………………………..

    • My fellow Zambians, the time is now right to engage INTERPOL through maybe the British High Commission in Zambia. There is enough evidence for alleged crimes in the FIC report(s). In addition, all mentioned individuals in these reports must be banned from international travels with immediate effect and all diplomatic passports cancelled. All suspected foreign accounts should immediately frozen. But just in case they make any foreign trips, they should be arrested by Interpol in those countries.

      Enough is enough.

      God bless Zambia.

    • Yes he is but that’s not important for now let’s start nabbing these current shameless ministers who re living extravagant lifestyle to pave way for young ones to also ve ministerial jobs

    • Issuing useless warnings instead of telling their leader to host press conferences at State house instead of issuing half baked statements on airport tarmacs around the country.

    • All of a sudden any article that mentions Chishimba Kambwili now only gets less than 15 comments…his 10 minutes of fame of over…looks like Zambians have realized that Kambwili is just a Mpatamatu noise maker

    • “I know that what is happening at the FIC is gossip, it is not helping us, it is not helping the Republic, and it is not helping all those well-meaning people who are stakeholders. If I go and say ‘Umu mumunzi mwafa munthu; so ba mupaya ni baja, sini baziba sininga ulule. (If I just say in this village there is a murder and I know the murderer but I can’t mention the name) it is not helping us. I can’t go public and say this Politically Exposed Person did this and then I leave it to people to construct it. What we are seeing is fuelling gossip,” said President Lungu.

      “So the law has to be revisited so that the FIC- if they see anything wrong, they tell the police because it just says ‘PEP’ Politically Exposed Person did this. Now we can’t afford having ‘Kachepa’ because that is a…

    • Now we can’t afford having ‘Kachepa’ because that is a Kachepa for me. Kachepa is a gossiper. What I know is that the law says FIC will render their report to the Minister; the Minister will table it before parliament. …not Edgar Lungu is doing this and this and this… Namikanilani (I have refused)”…I refuse to be part of this! ‘Mfwiti mfwiti mfwiti’ kuti? (A witch, a witch, a witch…where?)”

      How can any normal honest Zambian defend such utterances? No wonder Amos jumped as you can not defend a drunkard 9-5 everyday

    • There we go again. Now Amos chanda has become an angel. Only yesterday he called all sorts of insults by this maron. I anticipate ECL will be glorified should he step aside in 2021. These fulls have no morals at all

    • **Just In***
      Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Saturday sacked the Minister for Industry and Trade, Joseph Kakunda, and the Commissioner General of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Charles Kichere for non performance …our daft President LAZY LUNGU is still issuing warnings to drunkards and ministers attending court sessions. Magufuli is embodies what leadership is all about.

    • Meanwhile in zambia when the president dismisses such people the marons are up in arms condemning the president and praising the dismissed. Ck is now a hero today by these marons. Stop telling us about Tz.

    • OVAL …. – My dear dull friend why are you attacking from behind a tall wall fence? Are you afraid that I will remind people of your inability to tell the difference between hectares and acres? Be a man and attack head-on not like a small Jackal waiting for crumbs!!

    • ECL nailed it.
      FIC report left more questions than answers. It was like a research proposal. No meat but bare bones.
      CKinsultor is a wasted project.
      Form Government my cracked foot.

    • Lungu is the only leader in whole world who accepts being called a corrupt thief every day ,

      Why does he not sue those accusing him of being a corrupt thief ???

  2. If Lungu came down hard on corruption and fired corrupt Ministers he would get the backing of many people even opposition supporters and this would ensure a definite win in 2021. But it is Lungu’s arrogance and shielding of corrupt elements in his government will be his downfall. MMD was voted out of power for the same reason of corrupt Ministers, sadly Lungus advisors are not advising him well.

  3. I hear CK ( mr verbal diarrhea or twuba twuba) has 39 corruption cases in court of law..?
    Democracy is good, thieves can publicly accuse fellow thieves with impunity….

  4. Mfwiti mfwiti mfwiti, Mbewe! Amos said it and he asked you people to search your inner self. Amos was president in making who are we to disagree?

    • I wonder who LAZY LUNGU will choose to hide behind I doubt a sober minded woman would work with those komboni drunkards…now even his smiling assistant Freedom is in hospital after accident. LAZY as usual can’t bring himself to host a press conference.

  5. Central Commetee?
    Under which law they are allowed to threaten?
    Has the freedom of expression been abolished?
    Instead, take action to prosecute your members for destroying economy thru grand theft, plunder and institutionalized corruption.

  6. So he thinks he can be President overtaking those who have fought battles of politics, insulting Easterners, and ELC can give power to him, a lot think that they will jail Edgar Lungu.

  7. CK, why not tell us about the court case?
    How did did it GO?

    Meanwhile, TWO innocent boys boys who fraudulently cleared your company were fired from ZRA.
    They are NOW languishing at home without a job.

  8. FIC has given enough evidence and you still want evidence. When you see the ground is wet outside just know that it was raining in the night – and you still want to be told that it rained last night. You are a disaster guys. Read between the lines and don’t think all Zambians are fools.
    You will cry one day. Watch the space!!!

  9. Kammbwil , hh tembo mambo and others are great as far as checks and balance are concerned. Only thieves are scared. Ck mwandi bebe be pompwr! Those who are writing against you are the beneficiaries of the stolen wealth.

    • CKinsultor’s cases of dirty corrupt thieving like charges leveled against Chitotela are already in court. Hehehehehehe! He himself is been checked and now being balanced in court.
      What are you mumbling about?

  10. Mr. Lungu ,

    What type of a leader are you who accepts to be called a corrupt thief everyday ???

    Have you no shame or morals ??

    Pleas take legal action against those defaming the presidency , it is not normal to think such defermations are ok.

    You are lowering the standards of your Offìce , actually all civil servants think being a corrupt theif is no big deal …..if their boss accepts that label

    • My answers:
      1. I am anointed, visionary, humble and Endemically Corrupt Leader and I do not care if you call me corrupt as I am corrupt;
      2. Shame or morals? Who cares about that crap. What is important is the security of my loot.;
      3. What for? To be cross examined and forced to admit that I am corrupt?
      4. I am not lowering the standards of my office. That was already done by RB. I am just maintaining non existing standards

  11. Why are ECL and PF fighiting FIC ? What is the problem ?Why are they nervours? Kachepa or no kachepa,gossip or no gossip the truth will always remain the truth. Kachepa and gossip do not change bank accounts.If you are not involved in any corruption you not not worry about gossip or kachepa. The guilty are indeed afraid.

  12. Who is Kebby Mbewe? The guy who said…”international countries”? How can such an illiterate chap even understand what FIC is? Ignore him!

  13. The opposition is right and all those writing against the opposition for speaking out against the stolen wealth are *****s and beneficiaries of stolen wealth. They are also just afraid of the rupture and tribulations expected come 2021. How much you talk and attempt to cover the sins of your thieving masters it Will not Carry any water. Oh 2021 is near! Luck is Amos who has repented and is now born again

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