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DEC commissioner should resign for attacking the FIC report – Tembo

Headlines DEC commissioner should resign for attacking the FIC report - Tembo

Commissioner of the Drug Enforcement Commission Alita Mbahwe
Commissioner of the Drug Enforcement Commission Alita Mbahwe

The Patriots for Economic Progress has demanded for the immediate resignation of Commissioner of the Drug Enforcement Commission Alita Mbahwe for openly attacking the Financial Intelligence Center over the recently published trends report.

Party President Sean Tembo says Ms. Mbahwe is no longer a fit and proper person to continue occupying such a coveted position in the context of the criminal justice system of this nation.

Mr. Tembo who is saddened with the recent attacks on the Financial Intelligence Center by the Drug Enforcement Commission over the recently released trends report says such attacks by one state institution against another is retrogressive to the standing of the nation in the eyes of the international community, and gives a perception that there is a disorganized Government in office that is unable to coordinate its own state institutions.

Mr. Tembo said the Trends Reports published by the Zambian FIC are similar in detail and content to Trends Reports published by other countries in the region and overseas.

He said the attacks therefore, made by the Director General of DEC against the Financial Intelligence Centre do not only lack merit but are probably laced with malice also.

Mr. Tembo noted that if the DEC Director General had genuine concerns against the operations of the Financial Intelligence Centre, she should have had the presence of mind to engage FIC in confidence and seek to iron out those concerns.

He said the action of convening a press briefing just for the sole purpose of assaulting the integrity and standing of a fellow state institution can only come from a person that is either compromised by those mentioned in the FIC Report, or someone who lacks a sense of judgement requisite of a person holding a position as important as that of Director General of the Drug Enforcement Commission.

Mr. Tembo said PEP and the Zambian people have lost confidence in the integrity, independence and objectivity of the Director General of DEC, given the callousness of her actions in this regard.

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    • My people wants:
      Laura Miti as DEC boss.
      Martha Musipe as ACC boss.
      Mary stays as FIC boss.
      Women power!

      I love Alita and Mary, but Alita is partying too much at Plot 1 bar.
      “Ba Nostra kwangangala mwangala naba Edgar bushe kwapamenso!?”.

    • Alita is useless, we need Zambian professionals to stand up for what is right. PF is too corrupt a party and Edgar Lungu is simply the worst president Zambia ever had

    • Just look at her where would she go if she resigns apart from back to her village to look after chickens and pigs…she would never resign!!

    • Sean is sick.
      Such characters must not be near leadership in Zambia. Nzelu palibe.
      A long way to go.

  1. I don’t think it is in the interests of our population at the moment to do things “in confidence”. There is so much incompetence that the best bet we have is to hear out the half-baked appointees in strategic positions. As they make fo.ols of themselves on a continuous basis we will hopefully learn not to make mistakes in the future about whom we put in such positions.

  2. Is this this not the guy who was convicted in Botswana on fraud charges. He has no moral right to tell anyone to resign.

    • Old School
      You cant read the topic?The issue here is DEC’s reaction to FIC report, ufwile wali chikopo sana kuskulu…

  3. These are women destroying the nation.You expect her to fight corruption coz what she has also are proceeds of crimes.This country is full of men and women who are jokers who don’t care about the future of our children as long as they are driving latest cars it’s well with them.Short sighted Africans.I don’t know if you’re happy to call you dull pipo without brians by Eauropean and Americans.We need new generation who think about having a new Zambia where our children will be employed without finding a hustle in searching for a job.Create industries bamambala.Women without substance.let her resign please

    • Look at some Institutions headed by women today and tell me which one is going in the right direction. FIC is exceptional, no wonder thieves, Plundering Fools [PF] and all corrupt elements are up against FIC. You can imagine what can happen if you made a statement in a public place condemning thieves, only to realize that you are in the territory of thieves!

  4. Why all this fuss protecting the thieves? Thieves are showing off and competing about the size of their loot.shows you that those mentioned in the FIC are working hard to protect their loot

  5. DEC is a symptom of a wider problem of Compromised State Institutions which are supposed to maintain checks and balances on the excesses of the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary!
    The folly of us Zambians is we have given too much power and leeway to the executive! When a compromised person ascends to the top of the Executive branch and starts appointing cadres to head key institutions, this is the rubbish you get! We need Surgery in this country! Panadol has stopped working! The one who needs to go is Chagwa and his bunch for compromising all State Institutions for Good Governance!

  6. ACC got more cases than DEC. That is the reason why the amount of money under consideration is rather small. May be they must hold a joint press conference and take questions from members of the press and interested members of the public. The fight against corrupt, tax evasion, money laundering or terrorism financing starts here. Of course the queen is FIC. FIC can operate at Interpol level or at Europol level without any problem.

  7. She looks more like a PFoools cadre that a DEC commissioner, so the whole country has useless id!ots in positions of power, her agency only knows how to convict poor farmers in rural areas for small kilo`s of dagga… what a shame, she looks very unhealthy to me

  8. She just wants to get into bed with the looters if she already is not……as Tembo says , that report released by FIC is in standard format of the type released in more then 80 countries where FIC type bodies operate , so why is lungu the only leader who is against this report ???

  9. DEC under this leadership is just fit to handle those who are captivating the weed. If they can’t investigate what’s in the public domain,how will they manage what is in secret. We need proper heads of government agencies to deal with thieves in government

  10. There was old short story which was told by the story-teller. The rats designed a trap in form of a bell to trap a cat, so that when the cat start tracking the rats the bell would ring. Now the challenge was who would volunteer to put a trap bell on the cat’s neck.
    After a nice FIC report, now DEC, ACC, ZRA and Zambia Police are all mute awaiting instructions from House#1. Furthermore, the government has started saying the report is half-baked; meaning the PF administration works only on fully-baked report and because HH passed some comments so the report will be considered “Null and Void”.
    So Zambian let’s just throw away the FIC report and start stealing afresh. This time the PF government won’t be stealing in dollars but in kwacha so that people in villages should understand how…

  11. Viva FIC! DEC, shame on you for not doing your job professionally but waiting to dance to the tunes of politicians.FIC has actually rendered you useless and toothless. You just follow up the ‘small corruption’ of civil servants

  12. This time the PF government won’t be stealing in dollars but in kwacha so that people in villages should understand how much exactly was stolen. First get a loan from the donors, and then give it to AVIC, then AVIC deposit into a certain account to be instructed
    At the moment there is an austerity measure, social cash transfer, Katuba bye-election, KCM with the Nchilo brothers, changing the constitution to coalition because 50+1% is an old fashion, NDF country wide sensitization and also looking for Amos Chanda’s replacement. Green Magic; monkeys ,ghost ,corruption and wrong or cooked statistical data analysis from Central Statistical Office am now tired

  13. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Very compromised DEC and the rest of the law enforcement agencies in Zambia. Watch how they put too much energy into undermining the FIC instead of devoting time and resources to apprehending the culprits mentioned in the report. Oh I forgot, they can’t arrest themselves. Any right thinking Zambian with no connection to the criminality mentioned in the report would welcome the FIC report and the fact it has been shared with the public. So all of these vuvuzelas bashing FIC are just doing so in their selfish kabwalalas masholi interests.

    Not sure when Zambians will stand up and demand accountability and transparency and the return of their country.

  14. These people have no shame at all. No remorse whatsoever. They plunder the resources of our country without restraint and arrogantly defend their despicable actions.

  15. Where to Zambia my beloved in 10 year’s time? Or 20? Or 50? I shudder to think country men. I shudder to think.

  16. In Bemba we say – Bakabolala balipama!
    It simply means a thieves are very courageous to the point that even when caught red handed, they won’t admit they have stolen! They will say “Ntolelefye.”

  17. The old saying “Scratch a lie and catch a thief ” .The FIC director is a true patriot she made a selfless decision look at how she has exposed the true levels of state capture in Zambia %%touch her and out of power you go.

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