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Sunday Interview on FIC With Dora Siliya

Videos and Audios Sunday Interview on FIC With Dora Siliya


  1. Why is lungu the only leader against FIC ?
    Here are some reports , they are similar to Zambia’s

    Copy and paist


    United Kingdom



    South Africa

    • MMD has found a partner in Lungu’s PF to continue the plunder from where they left it and they are now they are covering the tracks in the way they are not good at. We have been here before, remember how plunder hell broke loose with Henry Banda, a non Govt official at the helm. Dora is clearly cornered and is defending the indefensible, uko!

    • Very articulate DORA siliti.
      Great points!
      If that can’t be any clearer, those in the dark would be the UPNDEADs, believe me.
      They have deliberately chosen to be immoral.

    • FIC has done the right thing. Such intelligence of Financial in nature is an exception, it’s not classified and can go into the public domain to endure that public servants with financial improprieties who resist resignations are exposed and flashed out. Of course other intelligence is not shared for the reasons but financial has to be to name and shame erring govt officials. Remember the expenses scandal I the Houses of parliament, that had to be dealt with and loophole immediately sealed and all affected either resigned or payed back to protect the public purse. TO CLASSIFY THIEVING IS TO ALLOW WRONG DOING.WHER IN THE WORLD WILL A GOVERMENT OFFICIAL DARE TO GO ON PUBLIC MEDIA WITHOUT SHAME TO SAY SUCH RUBBISH! Dora go away!

    • Just because you cannot make out any sense in what she’s saying does not mean she’s talking rubbish. Her explanation on who is supposed to do what in government is plausible to anybody who listens attentively.

  2. She is here to Finnish Chagwa the way she did to RB! Sadly, Chagwa can’t fire her so his fate is sealed!
    Avoid having shares in subordinates of the contradictory gender to avoid self-imprisonment! Dora is one of the PEP criminals who will do everything to hide the truth! People who are clean would welcome the FIC reports and would be willing to be investigated to clean their names! By their continued onslaught on FIC, they have confirmed everything! FIC is right!

  3. Why so much dust being raised by the government over FIC reports. What are they hiding. Its clear that there is a lot of truth in these reports and some people are being stripped naked for all to see. We all get worried when we hear mfwiti mfwiti in a village because we know mfwiti can destroy. And no one would say namukanilani over mfwiti rumours.
    What a disaster!!!!

  4. When your head is buried deep in hatred, your ability to see or think straight is hampered. Some people criticise for the sake of criticising regardless. In my opinion her explanations make sense. The problem is that most Zambians are blind to people who are actually stealing before their very eyes because of the hatred of one person. The FIC report has given us a glimpse of something we’ve always known. The pressure should be on expediting the process so that the stolen money is recovered if indeed it found to be stolen. We really need to cut the crap of always looking at state house to solve all our problems. Pressure should be on all the security wings to perform after all the president depends on these people not the other way round.

  5. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Crooks are always afraid and they would try to spin the truth and alter the discussion in their favour.

    What they want is for this organisation to be yet another rubber stamp to hide their corruption.

    FIC is itself an investigative agency who have performed a thorough forensic analysis; I would trust their investigations over the incompetent Zambia police who are just tools of oppression used by Lungu on his perceived political enemies. Just empower the agency to prosecute and lock away suspects.

    I was watching Chernobyl miniseries and there was this powerful statement from one of the lead characters: “Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid.”.

    (I highly recommend Chernobyl by the way to see what…

  6. This reason I usually say that most of our current crop of politicians are idyots. If the FIC report had mentioned Hichilema, Mukuni, Kambwili, Kalaba, Milupi, Guy Scott, etc the PF would have been agog with excitement. They could have even gone further by calling for their arrest and dissolution of their Parties. Every Jim and Jack in the rank and file of PF could have been praising the FIC. Can you address the issues that the report has raised? We are not interested in all these tantrums. What kind of people are these?

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