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Auction sale for carcasses of the 72 animals slaughtered in Choma on today


Some of the slaughtered animals lying in a pool of blood in Choma after the department of Livestock slaughtered them on Saturday
Some of the slaughtered animals lying in a pool of blood in Choma after the department of Livestock slaughtered them on Saturday

The Choma Magistrate Court has ordered for the auction of the Carcasses of over 70 animals that were seized from a farmer and killed in Macha area on Saturday.

This follows an application to the court by the Choma Veterinary Office.

A notice of Sheriff’s Sale by Public Auction revealed that the carcasses will be auctioned at Choma Halaal Abattoir in Mbabala area.

The notice lists 32 Cattle, 12 Sheep and 28 Goats as animals that will be sold to the public from farmer Mr. Kembe Siantimbe.

According to Mr. Siantumbe, the animals were seized as he was trekking them from Pemba to Mumbwa where his family has recently relocated.

He has described the slaughter of his animals as a death penalty saying his entire family and the education of his children depended on them.

The slaughter of the animals has been received with mixed emotion from a cross section of society with argument torn between the law and whether officers should have sought other alternatives.


  1. So where did they find room to put 72 carcasses if not the mortuary at the hospital? That meat has gone bad already…..

    • I simply for you again:
      There is travel barn on animals, from one village to other.
      The animals need vets PERMIT or humans call it VISA.
      Animals didn’t have VISA to Mumbwa.
      Now PF government employees arrest animals like 77 illegal Somalians, and PF thugs murder them.
      The same those animals murdered in Macha should have just be deported to Pemba. Simple.

    • They could have simply quarantined the animals instead of slaughtering them. The owner could have been made to pay a fine and cost for quarantine.

      What kind of humans can do this to another person? This is against human rights because GRZ has taken away his livelihood. GRZ has now reduced this man to a destitute.

  2. Please give the man all proceeds from the sale otherwise this is the state stealing from a hard working man trying to make ends meet. Fining this man should have sufficed! Yes quarantine the animals too if necessary. The sad part is that indigenous people have no protections. Had it been someone from China, the story would have been different. May the Lord help us

    • “My Point” you have really your point. Brilliant, considerate, ethical and thorough. Poor indigenous people whose fortunes in their own land are destroyed but those of other nationals especially China are protected

    • My point – Do you know what an Auction is? Veterinary just want to recoup their costs after that they want to get rid of the meat…so if bidders are smart they wont bid high…the farmer will simply get peanuts!!

  3. These fools, they act first and then start thinking afterwards. Sad, they don’t realise that once a life is gone that’s it.

    • Imagine!! Instead of just telling him to walk back.
      ECZ put up rules that don’t ship cadres from Lusaka to Sesheke. Police beat up illegal PF cadres from Lusaka, and government FIRED the officers.
      77 Cadres were not slaughtered, they just went back to Lusaka.
      That genocide on that local farmer’s animals is troubling.

    • Excuse Nostra…. his friend Ndobo has grow up him still behaves like a child at preschool. Yes the animals should have been quarantined.

  4. people shouldn’t participate in this auction sale if they really feel sorry for this poor person so that we see what the government will do with these Caucasus.

  5. Are there no lawyers to help the farmer and his family? The proceeds from the sale must be paid to the farmer.

  6. That the carcasses are going to be auctioned could only be interpreted that the animals were healthy. Simple reasoning with consideration for the rural small scale owner would have demanded two options as already suggested; an about turn or quarantine with a fine. Action by government was unreasonable! Muchenjele when you don’t understand the ways of some livestock owners muminzi!

  7. So the meat is safe for human consumption after all. Meaning the animals were disease free. So what risk was prevented?

  8. Some people can be so heartless! They could have at least given him a better punishment than slaughtering his entire livelihood. Criminals are going scot-free after plundering national resources as reported in the FIC report but here is a poor cattle farmer worth only K140,000 who had his entire future destroyed within minutes.Let’s be a fair society

  9. Sad for this man, hope we as Zambians can come together and contribute to help this man. The government could simply have checked those animals if they were fine let them go and send the man a bill, it’s not like he was going to run away somewhere. They knew where he was going, now here you’re hurting the people you supposed to collect from. Biting the finger which feeds you. This is indeed injustice a foreigner or Chinese would have got off scot-free plus not lose any animals.

  10. At Jay Jay, are you asking the question so I can give you a lesson on what an auction is, because I am surely up to the task. In the future, stay in your lane because I am not interested in petty and unreasonable arguments and please don’t bother to respond

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