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Sean Tembo questions President Lungu’s belief that the economy is booming and under control

Headlines Sean Tembo questions President Lungu's belief that the economy is booming and...

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) President Sean Tembo
Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) President Sean Tembo

The Patriots for Economic Progress says it has noted with regret the recent statement by President Edgar Lungu, that the economy is booming and under control.

Party President Sean Tembo has since appealed to President Edgar Lungu to learn to distinguish his personal economy which has experienced a rapid boom ever since he ascended to the Presidency, from the national economy which has totally collapsed ever since he took up the Presidency.

Mr. Tembo said it is evident to all and sundry that the PF Government is currently struggling to meet basic financial obligations such as servicing its huge loan portfolio, paying civil servants salaries in full and on time, paying university lecturers, paying salaries of Zambian diplomats abroad among others.

He said this is evidence enough that the national economy is on the verge of collapse.

Mr. Tembo said on the other hand, it is equally evident to all and sundry that President Lungu’s personal economy has been experiencing rapid growth ever since he ascended to the presidential office, as evidenced by his recent procurement of a brand new Gulfstream G650 private jet worth more than K900 million as well as by his own public testimony that he has “akasaka akandalama”.

He has advised President Lungu that whenever he decides to comment on the economy, he must specify which economy he is talking about; whether his personal economy that is booming or the national economy which is on the verge of collapse.


    • I thought he was dead! Wasn’t he on hunger strike until president Lungu sold his presidential jet? He is really a walking miracle!

    • Its hard to believe how a kachasu drinker from Chawama could become a president and people thought he would improve their lives.

    • Any that support s u5 makes including gbm at the time.

      Let shown tembo leave upendi you will see how they will attack him like killer bees

    • Politico

      Any support other than for corrupt debarred lawyer makes sense unlike you who supports the corrupt leadership in the history of Zambia

    • At this point only the personal economy of Edgar Lungu and those around him is growing. Edgar Lungu has no idea about Zambia’s economy. He has no capacity for it

  1. Edgar Lungu is mocking Zambians now as if he does not know the economic hell he has created for the ordinary Zambians through corruption and incompetence.Many Zambians are just waiting for 2021 to teach him a lesson.Let him and his loyalists prepare to sleep in dirty places after their arrest for plunder.Then he will know about a booming economy.

  2. The economy is very sound,Compare with the 90s and during Kaunda.Mind you the population is fast growing compared with impotent Namibians and Batswana who have failed to reproduce at a very faster rate and keep on boasting of higher per capita.Look at economic and industrial output now comared with the supaloaf days when things and companies were state run.At the moment our industrial output far outstrips that of Bostwana and Namibia when it comes to consumer goods,The two depend on South Africa for simple products like crackers and sugar.

  3. He quacked in bots and obtained money by false pretence.

    Ati I will fast till lungu sells the jet hehehe

  4. #1 Spaka, ” This tembo chap talks sense and on point most of the time he opens his mouth ….”.

    Only if you are a trib.al, then he makes sense. How can he make sense when most of the time he does not speak the truth, e.g. he promised to hunger strike but here he is looking well nourished…. kikikikiki

    • And lungu promised 1 million jobs pa , who is a worse pompwe to belive lungu or tembo between you who believes lungu and myself for liking tembo ????

  5. Ala iwe Shown Tembo, how come you are talking to us without mentioning the trib.al “Alliance”?
    Do you think Trib.al Hacks will be happy to realise that the so called Alliance is dead, was actually still born as I said at the time?

  6. Hahahaha ,the only things booming have been IMF warnings,Fitch Ratings downgrades and debt + inflation out of control. GRZ is fool’s paradise.

  7. Sean Tembo should strive educate the peoples of Botswana and Zambia on the meaning of thriving economic status of the two friendly southern African States. Or else he belongs to the Club of African traitors – stooges of western capitalist states to be specific. Apparently, has Sean ever driven along Great East Road to visit his village in Eastern Province?

  8. the economy is booking in their pockets that is what they mean. see a junior civil servant in state house can make 120,000.00million us dollar within a short time without sweating cool cash. what more na ba boss . he was selfish not to remember others in the deal so he got himself checked. more money in their pockets.

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