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Working Conditions for Teachers in Most Private Schools in Zambia is horrible

General News Working Conditions for Teachers in Most Private Schools in Zambia is horrible

The National Action for Quality Education in Zambia is disturbed over the horrible working conditions for teachers in most private schools across Zambia.

Last year on 30th June, the organisation issued a statement detailing the findings of the survey they did with regards to conditions of service of teachers in private schools.

The national survey had revealed that teachers working in most privately-owned schools were exposed to salaries below the statutory minimum wage with some trained teachers shockingly getting paid below K800 as salary.

The Organisation called on the Ministry of Labour to swing into action and arrest the industrial chaos in these schools but the Ministry was unmoved and the ugly picture has remained the same.

Aaron Chansa, the Organisation Executive Director said teachers in most private schools have continued to get slavery salaries.

Mr. Chansa said this is a big insult to the teaching profession and cannot be allowed to continue and has demanded that all teachers in Zambia be respected and rewarded handsomely for shaping futures of all in society.

He said the nation must further be informed that most owners of private schools in Zambia do not want their teachers to be unionized.

Mr. Chansa said this sad reality exposes teachers to a lot of intimidations and job insecurities and has encouraged teachers in private schools to unite and form a trade union which will be able to advance their interests.


    • Correct grammar: Working Conditions –> “are”, not “is” terrible. Iyo yeve ya no proof-reading nalesa.

    • Schools run best when they are not for profit. Schools don’t make profits, even the big ones like ISL, Banani, and Baobab.

  1. This is the reason why pupils from these schools are taught parroting as opposed to actual learning. It is wrong to these schools ‘just’ private school they are instead ‘private community schools’ taking in the rejected pupils from the govt schools.

  2. its time for government to apply the principle of equity stratifiers in the provision of basic education. it should through partnerships with communities. the schools should controlled by community lead mangement boards with the authority to hire and fire. equity through P.R.O.G.R.E.S.S. place, race, occupation,gender, religion, education , social status and social capital. this approach can be piloted in all regions of Zambia case of doubt. the experience on the ground is that for Profit Schools and grant aided schools a running smoothly. lets face it reality has dawned of Zambia. Education has become a resposibility of individual families.

  3. It’s a national scandal! Most teachers in private schools only receive one salary every term, they don’t get paid in the months of opening and closing. The corrupt Union leaders and corrupt labor officers together with their useless Minister can’t do anything. People are suffering! Who’ll redeem my teachers? The PF has failed many, it’ll be good riddance in 2021. A normal person can’t seek a 3rd term under such conditions

  4. The biggest problem in Zambia, is that even some posters on Lusaka Times are ignorant. We need to band together as Zambians and end this rot. Not everything is political. For your own knowledge, this happened in the Kaunda administration as well. Problem with a lot of Zambians is that they think people with white skin are superior, even when Jesus was most likely a brown man like Zambians. I end here.

  5. Edgar Lungu, the biggest thief and biggest enemy for our country has destroyed our country, period. Criminals have hijacked POWER in PF. These guys are not there as people’s servants, but are there as looters.
    Lungu is pretending to hate tribalism, yet he is busy victimising Tonga civil servants.

  6. I thought the minimum wage for a teacher is 500K, THESE SCHOOLS ARE PAYING 800K thus much better than government schools. I know of one neighbour ni teacher paka private school ah the chap has so many tuma young girls and i benefit from him

  7. The same teachers once employed in GRZ will be calling for strike action whenever there’s a salary delay. Also have something against owners of schools. They live in luxury, pay their fellow Zambians peanuts but are quick to condemn the Chinese who somewhat pay a livable salary.

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