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8 carcasses of the 71 slaughtered animals go missing

General News 8 carcasses of the 71 slaughtered animals go missing

Some of the slaughtered animals lying in a pool of blood in Choma after the department of Livestock slaughtered them on Saturday
Some of the slaughtered animals lying in a pool of blood in Choma after the department of Livestock slaughtered them on Saturday

CONTROVERSY has reportedly erupted between the farmer whose animals were killed in Choma and veterinary officers after it was discovered that eight carcasses of cattle from the 71 slaughtered animals had gone missing.

Last Saturday, veterinary officers slaughtered 32 cattle, 28 goats, and 11 sheep, valued at K138, 000 belonging to a farmer, Mr Keme Syantumbe. This was after Mr. Syantumbe attempted to move his animals from Pemba to Mumbwa via Man’gunza on foot from the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) affected area.

The Choma Magistrate Court has ordered for the auction of the carcasses following an application by the veterinary office in Choma but before the exercise could commence yesterday, it was discovered that eight carcasses were missing.

The veterinary officers, when confronted by Mr. Syantumbe about the whereabouts of his animals, reportedly told him they had been burnt.

The auction went ahead as planned but Mr Syantumbe later accused the officers of insincerity in an interview.

“They seized and killed all my animals but never gave me results from the samples they took to ascertain if they had the disease. The worst part is that when we went for auction, eight carcasses were missing and when I confronted them, they told me they had burnt them.


    • Feed them to the lions for I care

      They probably smell like my backside – why keep therm?


    • It’s now a country of thieves from the president to the last person in line. Thank God I left decades ago. Stealing is now a full time hobby

    • Zambians and theft, kaya.

      It is like we have an unspoken competition to see who steals the most.

      In a far distant first, and still the reigning champion, we have His “Excellency”.

    • This is what Zambia has been reduced to under corrupt Lungu and his cruel regime. People in positions of authority are mistreating innocent Zambians and stealing from them with no fear of repercussions whatsoever. This is broad daylight robbery. Of course they know that Lungu himself doesn’t care as he’s too busy with his own corrupt activities. If anyone thinks they’ll find justice in Lungu’s Zambia, keep dreaming. Because it aren’t happening. Zambia is now steeped up to it’s neck in corruption. Not even the FIC report is slowing down these shameless bandits. These shameless thieves who slaughtered the poor farmer’s animals have no heart at all. What a shame.

    • just this morning, there are more than 5 theft stories. From Musukwa’s KCM, to girls at Barclays Bank, Veterinary Officers….
      Who is the boss in that country kanshi?

  1. How cruel can you be! You shoot down the entire herd of cattle for a poor herdsman and loot part the carcasses! God is watching!

    • Extremely cruel. The houses of the conniving and thieving officials will never know peace unless and until they own up and seek the forgiveness of the owner of these animals. They have certainly failed to account for their actions.

    • @Njo,
      Those barbarians, armed robbers didn’t shoot, they stabbed and axed animals. Genocide.
      Just wonder why they are tormenting the farmer in that way.
      Cruel people.

  2. Give the man a report that shows whether his 8 animals were diseased or not – also, LT please do some digging. For example, is this man mandated by law to receive a report on his seized animals? This kind of reporting is not helpful. You tend to inflame situations by keeping some parts of your reporting silent. How about showing you made an effort to contact whomever is supposed to furnish some missing information? Pa Zed peve ni loss bati.

  3. This reminds me of back in they day when the neighborhood police came to take kachasu from the local people only to find out that they were drinking out! The process is questionable and should be investigated

  4. Only in Zambia this happens. Why would the animals be deemed OK for human consumption if were effected?. Its a disgrace that our court will order the carcasses to be auction for public consumption when the animals have been destroyed because of “FMD”. Everybody involved in this saga should be sacked and let the man be compensated. BRING BACK THE MISSING CARCASSES

  5. This was agravated robery. The man must be compansated for his animals and for mental and physical trauma , and distress.

  6. This is what we have always said, we are just a shameless corrupt bunch. We really need to start to sensitise the new generation about the ills of thi scourge/cancer that has ravaged our society for so long. We need a new thinking and integrity instilled in the new generation. It is not even a “Lungu only” problem as some Ostriches would like us to believe. It is the whole of our society even the so called arm chair critics or the corrupt opposition politicians. We need to look inward and start building a society that has integrity and a deliberate conscience for integrity. Otherwise, such is the nature of our society. Our politicians cannot be different from this kind of society. Very very sad.

  7. Everywhere it’s now some theft being reported.lm out in the country & found two young women talking about the reported Barclays theft.The girls praised the bravery of the alleged culprit.I thot to myself role models these days are common criminals.what a tragedy when tech billionaires are millennials.shame!

  8. Ask the guy who stole from a poor widow, he would say it is speculation – mfwiti mfwiti mfwiti. What a Country of thieves starting from the top.

  9. Let us not misrepresent the facts in our comments:
    1). The animals were confiscated by the state because the Owner breached the ban of moving animals from a Foot and Mouth Zone (nothing wrong with that). Is these animals were diseased then lots of innocent people would have died.
    2). Its government’s decision to either burn all the animals or auction the animals deemed free of disease (nothing wrong with that). For example Property from proceeds of crime is ceased by Govt, Trucks used to commit crimes get ceased by Govt – It is the prerogative of Govt to either auction these ceased items or destroy them (nothing wrong with that).
    3). Carcasses missing before auction (EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THAT). THOSE INVOLVED MUST BE INVESTIGATED AND BROUGHT TO BOOK. If 8 carcasses were burnt they…

    • the govt looks after citizens some who are illiterate why do u want to improverish them when u can educate the animals were stl within the jurisdiction wat happened shows a cruel govt that does not care for its citizens.

  10. 3). (continued) If 8 carcasses were burnt they should show proof because there should be a trail of ashes somewhere – IF NOT THEN MTENGENI KU NDENDE UYO.

  11. Stealing pa Zed …. is a lifestyle, has that girl who stole US$400K been caught? Tuleisa tuleisa…. kwashala ba PF after 2021.

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