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Zambia Police to engage all political players ahead of Katuba By Elections

Headlines Zambia Police to engage all political players ahead of Katuba By Elections

FILE: President Lungu addresses a mammoth rally in Katuba on July 13,2016 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

Police in Central Province has aid that they will engage all political players in the run up to the July 30th Katuba Parliamentary by-election.

Central Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga said that this will be done to avoid any form of violence during and after the election.

Mr. Katanga told ZNBC News that Police want to ensure the election is violence free.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has set July 30th as a date for the Katuba by election and other local government by elections.

The Katuba seat fell vacant after the death of Member of Parliament Patricia Mwashingwele May 2 after a short illness.

Meanwhile, -The Anti-Voter Apathy (AVAP) Executive Director, Richwell Mulwani, says his organisation has already started conducting voter education with electorates in Katuba constituency ahead of the parliamentary by-election slated for July 30, 2019.

Mr. Mulwani says it is important that people especially youths are reminded of their right to vote and the need to uphold peace before, during and after elections.

In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, the AVAP Executive Director, indicated that his organisation will hold a number of meetings in Katuba constituency in Chibombo district and Lubwa ward in Kitwe, to ensure that electorates are fully engaged in the electoral process.

He noted that it is also important that electorates take keen interest to monitor nominations for their preferred candidates as they prepare for the elections.

And Mr Mulwani says his organisation will engage more stakeholders to help with educating young people especially, as they are more vulnerable and are usually used as tools of violence.

He observed that since Katuba is near Lusaka, it is easy for youths to go to Katuba and to cause distractions hence the need to sensitise the people in the area not to entertain any form of violence.

Mr Mulwani emphasised the need to help youths realise and understand that they are the country’s future leaders and should therefore be at the center of promoting peace.

He also noted that AVAP will this time around scale up its voter education in Katuba, as most people shun voting especially when there are cases of violence being recorded.

Meanwhile, Mr Mulwani has also stated that his organisation will further engage political party leaders on the need to uphold the electoral code of conduct during the by elections.

The Katuba Constituency seat fell vacancy after the demise of the area Member of Parliament Patricia Mwachingwele.

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    • Folks there is absolutely no way Pamela could have pulled the Italian job like heist alone without helping hand of the PF authorities. Evidence is there to show that PF takes care of thieves and robbers. Lungu releases more thieves out of jail than innocent people arrested for political reasons.

      News reaching me from the red brick reliable source is that Pamela the Barclays robber did not work alone. The source said she was coerced by some top PF thugs to steal the money and they helped her with a diplomatic passport to evade capture.

      I think there is some truth in this owing to the fact PF is so broke that they can even resort to stealing money from local banks using bank workers to raise the much needed money because local banks are also unwilling to lend PF cheaply anymore…

  2. Just prepare to lose intead of issuing these negative comments you are putting out to cover your fear of the better party winning.

  3. Police just stay in office, PF cadres are more powerful than Zambia army,zafu,game range, and police this time.Dont say what you can not do otherwise you will be ???? fire with immediately effect ???? . under PF we are in mess no principles.

  4. @ Halfpant do you think under UPND there is any principle when they even fail to hold a convention and they always think that a Tonga must be the head of the party?

  5. When barbarians call you the negotiating table, just be very prepared, before they pull some dirt trick out of their bag.

  6. We all know ZPS is State Captured and there is no way it can be impartial. ZPS we all know will be Aiding and abetting PF Election Rigging. UPND supporters should enjoy proceeds from “Kasaka Kandalama” and vote for the UPND Candidate on the Voting Day. We can’t vote for GBM’s Thieves and Kabolalas. Forward Chabe!

  7. Meeting meeting, are we in 1964? It is cadreism policing that have shamelessly brought you to this nonsense. Nothing sensible is expected to come out of this nonsense.

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