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First ever Higher Education policy launched


Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo

The Ministry of Higher Education has launched its first ever National Higher Education policy, with a call for the Zambian citizens to view education as a key driver of economic and social development.

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo has called on management and staff in higher learning institutions to change the way of doing things and always aim at providing services that are relevant to the country’s development agenda.

Speaking during the launch of the policy in Lusaka today, Professor Luo explained that the higher education sector is key towards achieving most of the economic aspirations of the country.

She said this is because all the set economic and development goals require appropriate and skilled human resource to drive the agenda.

Professor Luo noted that this is why there is need for higher learning institutions to respond to the needs of the market by offering quality education and research that is beneficial to the country.

She pointed out that the policy which will be accompanied by an implementation plan will go a long way in enhancing the quality and increased access to higher education especially among the vulnerable communities, especially in rural areas.

The Minister further disclosed that the policy will also help in enforcing the 30 percent girls, 30 percent women and 10 percent for people living with disabilities, preferences when it comes to government support.

And Acting Secretary to Cabinet, Patrick Kangwa has reaffirmed that his office will continue to support efforts aimed at improving service delivery in the public sector.

In a speech read for him by Permanent Secretary Enumeration, Kashio Mwenya, Mr Kangwa expressed hope that the first ever higher education policy will help in building capacities and actualize ideas that are vital in the country’s implementation of various national development plans.

He has since advised higher learning institutions to ensure that they follow the guidelines in the policy and use them towards improving quality and standard of education being offered to people in the country.


  1. Kono inanyo yo Nkandu Luo ha bizezwi kwa mileko, is there any degree of aesthetic repulsiveness worse than this chimpanzee from kwaNaBwalya sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How does the prolonged closure of CBU fit into your assertion that “education is a key driver of economic and social development”? Do you even listen to yourselves when reading those empty speeches?

  3. Ka Coperbelt University ukwisula kaili, thats when we can talk about other things madam. Good great policy will not help us madam when we can’t manage what is already in our hands. Twiswileniko Coperbelt University, twalalabako ukubelenga

  4. Mr Nkandu Luo stop playing with people’s emotions. You the opposite of what you are speaking. People should not be so easily cheated by these PFools who have destroyed even the little that was there. Zambia does not deserve such wicked leaders.

  5. What does the policy actually say? What is new in it? What kind of reporting is this? We are not any wiser about this policy.

  6. Hhhm Agenda 2063 for external funding. Not bad as long as talking is minimised and walking the talk is maximized.

  7. this article has no content. what policy? what is the policy? you have said nothing about the actual headline. this article was about as useful as chewing gum.

  8. What about the opening of Copperbelt University?
    What are constitutes of the said policy?

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