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UPND is not a dictatorial party, claims are unfounded

Headlines UPND is not a dictatorial party, claims are unfounded

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema with Party members
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema with Party members

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) in Eastern Province has dismissed accusations by Patriotic Front PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila that it is a dictatorial party.

During the PF provincial conference in Chipata last week, Mr. Mwila alleged that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has denied his members a chance to exercise their democratic right to vote by imposing himself on them as a life president.

Mr. Mwila also challenged leaders from other political parties especially the UPND to emulate the PF which relies on democracy and inclusiveness.

But in a rebuttal, UPND Eastern Province spokesperson, Victor Mbuzi says Mr. Mwila’s sentiments are unfounded because his party has held elections time and again.

Mr. Mbuzi alleges that it is the PF which has failed to accommodate people with divergent views as evidenced by the barring of some people to contest in the recently held provincial election.

He says had the PF been democratic as it claims, there was going to be no candidate who pulled out of the race like Elias Daka fondly known as ‘Eriboma’ did because it was marred with violence and intimidation.

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    • @Ndanje Khakis I knw right hahahahahaha UPND chabe HH has indeed imposed himself on them as a life president.

    • He is leading the second largest political party which had 2 vice presidents, then reduced to 1 veep, then to zero. He is the alpha and omega. Surprisingly his hypnotized followers don’t see anything wrong with this!!

    • If he cannot be challeged when he is in the opposition and has been leader for over 15 Years now. What more when he gets real state power??? He will be a dictator that we will not be able to control.sTOP HIM NOW!!!

  1. If what Mwila said is not true………………….Then……………..When is UPND going for a convention where HH will be challeneged????????????

  2. So HH can freely hold meetings in other provinces but his colleagues cannot hold any in his own province. Of course HH is a dictator the only difference is that he has no instruments of power. But the little power he has in his mainly tribal party shows clearly that he is a dictator.

  3. HH came into the political arena with the following ambitions that he wants to achieve at all costs, hence his clinging to UPND Presidency forever (1) to promote TONGA ethnicity- he wants to make history as the first TONGA republican president. If by grave mistake he becomes president, most of the senior positions in government will be taken up by TONGAS resulting further into tribal divisions in the country. The man is already a tribalist he is going to amplify this tribalism DNA once he is in the state house (2) To avenge his losses- the man is so bitter and jealousy that he would not spare anybody perceived to be his political opponets especially those from the East and Bembaland, Zambia under HH Can see more bloodshed than ever before in the history of this Country.

    • Are you telling us that Tongas are not Zambian? Are you telling me that me that God only has chosen two privinces to lead? Zambia has over 72 tribes and Tonga is one of them and can lead well Zambia than thieves of the day in PF.

  4. we kcnow thar pf fears hh like one fears to play with fire. so far hh is the only opposition leader every pf members cadres etc give uncontrollable kupolonya . so its hh chabe for 2021 till zambia is free from thieves.

  5. For sure Tonga’s are more liberal than we people from the north and east. Had it not been for Tonga’s love for Zambia there could not have been Choma declaration because people of the north and east could not allow that to happen if they were in power. Harry Mwanga gave power to KK, Arther Wina gave power to Chiluba. HH took in the selfish easterner and northerner to work with him but both went in to one day become Presidentd. They all left because they did not manage. .Remember all leaders have some element of dictatorship. Let us build Zambia as One Zambia One Nation. Tribal is ones ID just like God chose the tribe of Israel as His favourite people, now we are one in Christ. Both the President and HH have condemned Tribalism.

    • How can God have favorite people? Does it make sense that someone who made everyone loves others and doesn’t love others? So according to your logic the Africans become cursed? When they did not even participate in the killing of gods son??
      Stop feeding on other people’s propaganda which is only produced to make you feel inferior.

  6. Iwe Mbuzi, are you a trib.al? Everyone knows that he who does not go for a convention for 15 years is a dictator. Or have you redefined “dictator”? And he was inpised trib.ally anyway and the ekection rules gave nor been changed in upbd gave they? Didn’t your SG Katukana announce concention? Ama Trib.als nabo, we mwandi!!

  7. Fi UPND go for a convention… why dont you chose leaders and yet you want to rule Zambians? Atase bane go to hell with your dictator HH. Thats why I cant vote for UPND…you are dictators period.

  8. This is the trouble with UPND! They don’t still understand Zambian politics!
    Zambian politics is about sticking dirty stickers on your opponents, then they will be busy trying to clean themselves and meanwhile, you will be gone! What Mwila has said is true for both UPND and PF (Chagwa Vs KBF)!
    The best self-cleaning UPND needs is to go for a long overdue party convention! If HH and his minions don’t listen, they deserve more losses! If you can’t listen while in opposition, it becomes worse when you get state power and that’s the danger we see with UPND! Take it or leave it!

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