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Zimbabwean Businessman Wicknell visits President Lungu at State House

Headlines Zimbabwean Businessman Wicknell visits President Lungu at State House

Wicknell Chivayo with President Lungu at State House

Zimbabwean controversial business man Wicknell Chivayo has has described President Edgar Lungu as one of the one of the most amazing and kind hearted African President.

Chivayo who is known as Sir Wicknell took to social media to express his joy after meeting with President Lungu in what looks like a business meeting.

Chivayo is controversially known in Zimbabwe for having strong links with ZANU-PF with some linking his wealth to corruption.

In October last year Chivayo was discharged by the Harare High Court after the state dropped cases of fraud against him.

Chivayo said as Managing Director of Intratrek Zambia Ltd, Zambia and Zimbabwe are one and that he is equally at home in Zambia.

He posted the pictures of his meeting with President Lungu on his social media platforms and followed it up with motivational messages.

Below is Chivayo’s message

ROYAL BLOOD FLOWS THROUGH MY VEINS…One of the most amazing and kind hearted President’s we have in Africa HIS EXCELLENCY the President of the Republic of Zambia CDE Edgar Chagwa Lungu with yours truly the Managing Director of INTRATREK ZAMBIA LTD…Zambia & Zimbabwe – ONE NATION , I’m equally at home both in LUSAKA and HARARE…As the REGIONAL COORDINATOR for a multi billion dollar conglomerate I will tirelessly pursue my passion to generate more renewable energy for AFRICA.

In this beautiful country next door we have implemented and successfully completed 26 FULLY FUNDED turnkey EPC projects…I’m a business man of international repute and always remember I’m not really an unusually intelligent person with extraordinary gifts.

I’m just a regular person who made a daily list of critical tasks that needed to get done AND DID THEM even when I didn’t feel like it…BE POSITIVE , BE SMART , BE PRO-ACTIVE and learn to try out new things. The world is not ruled only by us PRAYER warriors but also by the MENTAL warriors.

Thinking is the highest paying job in every field. Make out time to think CREATIVELY & STRATEGICALLY…Many great ideas have been lost because people who had them could not stand being laughed at.

The greatest prison people can live in is the fear of what others think…When you make it BIG they will all HATE you , spread lies and then also recruit others to HATE YOU so JUST IGNORE THEM, KEEP GOING and DONT LOOK BACK.

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    • Yes,Zambia and Zimbabwe should have been one but many Zimbabweans, especially Shona-speaking ones do not want it that way because privately they have contempt for Zambians and even their fellow citizens the Ndebeles (it stems from pre-colonial history where Ndebeles used to load it over the Shonas because of their then superior military skills).

    • This is a guy who was imprisoned in Zim not long ago. A guy who swindled the Zim government out of USD 5 million and is known for bribing politicians. This is the kind of person you go and meet surely? Yet when a renouned economist like Oliver Saasa wants to meet you, you are unwilling. I could list lots of scandals that Wicknell has been embroiled in but I will spare you. Thats the person the President is welcoming to state house.
      For those of you that support EL must ask yourselves some very serious questions

    • Birds of a feather, flock together.

      Lungu is like a magnet for corruption. Corruption follows him everywhere.

      Because of his greed, his own daughter will end up behind bars. I bet the prison guards will enjoy her very much.

    • If there is any proof of how reckless our president is it is the fact that he sees nothing wrong with his daughter being engaged in shady conduct,if he cant be responsible enough as a parent to stop that how can he take care of ordinary Zambians,that alone disqualifies him from being president

    • Why are we not surprised LAZY LUNGU would never meet genuine Zambian business men only attracts rotten corrupt scumbags. The man has destroyed our country with his rot.

    • Other Presidents would host top 25 Zambian farmers, entrepreneurs for breakfast at State House not our dull barfly Edgar Changwa Lungu he would rather drink whiskey with small corrupt foreign boys then next week he will read a speech telling off Zambian businesses.

    • Embarrassing Lungu, never stop to amaze us. Is this a Guy you can entertain? Bwana President you have lost it.

    • I normally have a problem with business-people meeting presidents because they have little in common. ECL represents a state party while this Zimbabwean represents a corporate party. Therein lies the problem. If it is Paul Kagame, John Magufuli or Angela Merkel, no problem because they are all heads of government. Was there any time you saw Bill Gates visiting No. 10 Downing Street although he is a frequent visitor to the UK? Reason is simple. Gates has little or no business meeting the UK prime minister.

    • Birds of the same feathers flock together. Whicknell Chivhayo is a notorious Fraudster with Political connections to the Zimbabwe Govt. Whicknell has a Case in Court in which he defrauded Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority of USD 5 Million. Its not surprising to see him associating with the Master of all Corruption Activities in Zambia. As they say a fish Rots from the Head Down wards.

    • What is the name of the game, does it involve ED?
      Watch on zimeye;
      Watch on YouTube; Wicknell Chivayo finally arrested

  1. You lead a multibillion dollar conglomerate?. Please bail us out of the Euro Bond. Then we can pay you later man.
    Other than that I like your spirit. Implement ideas and things will change. I also like it when you say thinking is the highest paying job. But this statement needs a qualifier. Its only in upright societies that this applies. In most African societies, professors, PhDs, Masters who spend most of their time thinking are struggling. The grade 7s in politics are doing well.

  2. On this one, it’s a No for me Mr. President especially having read about this guy and his controversy. He is a briefcase Businessman who has taken advantage of the confusion in Zimbabwe. Same group with Ginimbi. If it was Strive Masiyiwa no problem

  3. Goodness me.The Picture has a lot going on in the bottom left corner for those who have sharp eyes. Lots of Books to read and newspapers to go through and phones to browse the internet and social media and finally a glass of the beloved Jemerson whisky. It must have been a visit made in heaven indeed.




    • EDGAR CHAPONA LUNGU: I have a problem with your pretence or is it ignorance. Colonialism and adoption of non-African religions has had a profound impact on us Africans from our names (although some change is taking place in modern times), culture and mannerisms etc we remain a conquered people. Please check out this book by Jan Vansina, a Dutch historian: BEING COLONISED: THE KUBA EXPERIENCE IN RURAL CONGO 1880 TO 1960.Early Christian missionaries were telling people that African names were heathen and we accepted it because we wanted so-called salvation. Islamic Imams, same thing.

    • We did not inherit these names willingly. That’s one big reason why we should be dropping them They were forced on us when the coloniser couldn’t pronounce indigenous names.
      At times our ancestors were told that everything African was uncivilised so they must adopt European names to become civilised. Enticement into slavery
      The coloniser would also tell you that to be accepted in his religion you need to have a white name. It was enforcement of mental slavery. Some of us have now chosen to continue with this slavery of the mind so we try to come up with fancy sounding European names thinking we look better with the names. Let’s b awake




    • Secondary school or School of Higher Academic and Professional Education (SHAPE)?

      Well me, I’m just trying to ignore the fracas surrounding this visit and pick out some jewels out of the motivational utterance of the notorious Z.I.M businessman.

    • That’s Nine Chale for you always seating on the fence…am sure his German wife bosses him around in the house.

  6. I dont think we fully realise how dire our situation is as a nation.That glass in the bottom left of the picture should worry us,i mean look,our president is not the sharpest character around we must admit that,but can you imagine combining that with beer,then a slice of corruption and bad company,will there be anything to salvage by the time the man is done with that office?

  7. This guy is very smart and still very young. He is a teflon don he once laughed at people who made fun of his weight. He said the money in his bank account makes him fat without eating.

    • People like you are the reason corruption is hard to fight. Goodness I am upset now. Crooks need to be locked up. We need upstanding citizens moving Zambia forward.

  8. Absolutely true! Creative thinking generating, Good Ideas to solve problems is a very good skill that really can’t be taught fully. It’s a talent, God given, inimitable. The ability to find solutions generated out of the box is indeed what people, Conglomerates headed by uniquely talented people seek.

    Kanye West tried to say this to black people, but he was attacked for the slavery ‘was a choice,’ connotation. But as he explained later, quote, “[T]he reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years. We need free thought now. Even the statement was an example of free thought. It was just an idea. [O]nce again I am being attacked for presenting new ideas.”

    • We don’t need new ideas that attack our established commonly held values and beliefs tested over time, but we do need to understand the inimitable TALENTs and SPIRITUAL GIFTS that come from God and are not learned, earned. That’s what democratic rights try to underpin. A LEADER/PRESIDENT, must have and must profess these talents.

      Elitist thinking practiced by UPND, is retrogressive and is colonialist in background. This idea that everyone of voting age must shut up unless they are above Grade 12, is ignorant. HH/UPND, can only produce DEAD WORKS, because they believe in the cult of self aggrandisement rather than the respect of all citizens as relevant. Who votes for HATERS?

    • And His Excellency President Lungu, displays all of God’s Spiritual Gifts. Favoured to Lead his people to prosperity. This is a task for which judgement is in God’s Court.

      Corruption is the thief in the night that takes away the promise of salvation from any chosen Leader.

  9. Thumbs up or thumbs down are no problem but it is good to have a dialogue. Why do you disagree or agree? Look at the USA. It’s a large country and deliberately meant to be big by the founders and subsequent governors, actually a continent with a number of time zones and geographical and climatic differences. Imagine if Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Angola and Botswana were one political entity and run properly. No one would starve even if the harvest is poor in one area because other parts would receive rain.

  10. Lungu has zero morals or integrity, lungu would gladly count as his close associates thieves, swindlers or any convicts….

  11. we are so desperate for anything, its time we peeped game,I hope our opportunity survives the opportunist.we dont need any foreigner to supply any solar panels or products, we can do that,what renewable energy is he talking about.
    Allow us in Mr president,Dreams, Goals, Aspirations we have mapped it all,we have a paper route.He is trying to take advantage of the low water levels in our hydropower dam,allow us to propose solutions to that effect.
    He is trying to sweet talk you ,there is no one nation here, i need a passport to get to Zimbabwe.

  12. The President is a down-to-earth man. Imagine, you call him by all sorts of adverbs but allows you to live freely. You cannot compare him to Kagame in as far as tolerance is concerned otherwise you would have been in jail all you who feast on insults. Only after he has made his own judgement can he decide to ditch one or continue the relationship. You cannot choose for him.

  13. Daliso,Chagwa, lungu, tasila, Zambia will have problems, zambia will fall, zambia will be burnt and will be finished. All these names from one family and you expect anything good out of it

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