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Chinese couple hacked to death in Mumbwa

General News Chinese couple hacked to death in Mumbwa

A Chinese couple has been hacked to death in Mumbwa by unknown people.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said the couple was murdered in the early hours of today June 19, 2019 between midnight and 04:00 hours.

Ms Katongo identified the couple as Jinrong Yon 53, and his wife Zuming Hu 49.

She said the bodies of the duo was discovered at around 04:30 hours inside Sun Share Shop by a security guard at one of the shops within the same area which is just opposite Sun Share Shop.

“The guard was also contracted by Mr Yon to be collecting garbage from their premises in the evening and morning. No arrest has been made yet and investigations in the matter have been instituted,” she said.

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  1. This is very sad news, and my sincere condolences to their family.

    One thing is for sure, the culprits will be caught very soon, as this government protects foreigners like eggs (which it should do). We pray this government applies that same protection to its citizens though!

    The harsh economic climate in Zambia is making our citizens do things that bring shame to our country.

    • Very sad news. The loss of human life in such tragic circumstances is always heart wrenching!

    • Heeeesh these PF thugs are becoming too much. Did they check where that gang they sent to attack Kambwili in Luanshya was yesterday?

    • Police please start with their Chinese friends and gambling records first and just may be extend to the poor local people …

    • In China the government practises a serious rural-urban influx control policy which only allows rural people to move to an urban area if they have a job waiting for them. This enables the Chinese government to control crime, emergence of slums, homelessness and squatting. In Zambia we have completely lost it. Admittedly, the Communist Party of China can afford this because it has no political competition and frankly doesn’t need it at this time. It has done very well thank you without political competition, hasn’t it? Such violent crimes can only increase and I am afraid we are all potential victims.

    • This is sad development and should be condemned…you have these so called investors being given land they build shops and live in the shop how does this value addition it just brings imbalance in the community. Chinese buy from Chinese wholesalers from manufacturers in China to sell in their shops with loans from Chinese Banks then pay locals poorly…this is why you can not just go in any country just open a retail shop.

    • @Indigo tyrol agreed this is a very sad incident and we as a nation offer our sincerest condolences to the family. The culprits will certainly be caught, it’s just a matter of time. Certainly this most likely was a robbery attempt, with the added pressure from govt and I’m sure the Chineae embassy those who committed this evil act will face the law.

    • Read the article before giving your s.tupid source comment. Wife(49). Chinese never get pregnant at that age

  2. It is UNZAMBIA or UNAFRICAN to comment or say bad words denth of your fellow human being. where are we going as a country if we can be rejoicing killing of a person whether PF or opposition, lets stop being childish and console those who has lost beloved ones

  3. Xenophobia against Chinese Citizens is wide spread among Zambians. That is why it will be unwise to the Chinese Investors as the New Shareholders in KCM. Relationship among Chinese and Zambian Nationals is very Poor so the Govt should keep Chinese away from the Copper Belt. The writing is on the Wall.

  4. Have the initial investigations shown whether it was a robbery, burglary or is anything missing from the premises? If nothing is missing then it may just be a fellow Chinese the police is looking for, or it was a Zambian criminal/s who the murdered couple couldn’t understand when s/t/he/y was/were demanding for cash and valuables.
    Hope they cash the criminals soon enough.

  5. This is sad, I hope they are caught.

  6. The Chinese are known to have huge amounts of cash on them. Perhaps the motive was to steal money but the thieves were known to the Chinese couple hence them being hacked to death. Sad development.

  7. This is the RESULT when the RULE OF LAW is lost in a Country.
    Wait until it hits State House where it is coming from!!!!
    Such barbarism MUST NOT go unpunished.
    Pamela has escaped the drag-net and is still chewing the $400,000.

  8. Nabeve how do you sleep in a shop? Maybe those thieves wanted other goods and choncholi disturbed them.

  9. I have just seen the CCTV video of the hacking of the two Chinese. With the clear video Zambia Police to quickly use the media and arrest the man. It was only one man. Imagine. The wife got up and instead of running away she went to the man who was killing her husband. He attacked her. We hope he will be caught and let the law takes its course.
    Even if it is poverty, you can’t just kill people like that. MTSRIP.

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