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Relocate ECOSSOC secretariat to Lusaka – Emmanuel Mwamba

General News Relocate ECOSSOC secretariat to Lusaka - Emmanuel Mwamba

Zambia has called for the immediate relocation of the Secretariat of the Economic Social and Cultural Council African Union Organ, from Addis Ababa to Lusaka.

Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the African Union Emmanuel Mwamba said the meeting to discuss the 2020 budget funding have commenced for the operations of the African Union.

Mr. Mwamba said the funds proposed in the budget for the relocation, recruitment and operations of ECOSSOC must be supported by member states to ensure that the Organ relocates from Addis Ababa to Lusaka.

He said that Zambia has met all the conditions regarding the hosting of the Secretariat’s and expressed worry at the continued delays.

Mr. Mwamba also informed the meeting that a ceremonial launch took place in Lusaka last week.

He said that there should be no further delays to the relocation.

ECOSOCC is an advisory body of the African Union designed to give civil society organizations (CSOs) a voice within the AU institutions and decision-making processes.

It is made up of civil society organizations from a wide range of sectors including labour, business and professional groups, service providers and policy think tanks, both from within Africa and the African diaspora.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Inutu Mwanza the First Secretary for Press Secretary and Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia.


  1. Decision to relocate this AU organ to Lusaka was taken before Emmie Mwamba’s time in Addis Ababa. I hope he will not claim credit for it.

    • Please Emma help your friend Sunday Chanda get a job as your Image director at your embassy. You make unstoppable team.
      Sunday Chanda has been undergoing diplomats training at NIPA for too long, no job jet.

  2. But we are hearing it from him some people can be too jealous of their friends, to anything there must be some one pushing for it to happen .
    There are some decisions which have been made in some which have not been implemented that is we know, if you are doing your job don’t listen to some crazy negative voices.

    • Jealousy of what? Mwamba! What is there to be jealousy of in an uneducated and uncultured carder like Mwamba. Pretending to be a diploma when in fact not. Please spare us of this PF mentality. We are above that.

  3. Uyu naena chik***, every day in the news. I guess he writes these stories for himself. We are tired of him, is he the only diplomat?

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