Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi
Former Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi

Former Community Development minister, Emerine Kabanshi has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate Court, on charges of abuse of authority of office.

Ms. Kabanshi could however not take plea, as the state had brought a defective indictment.

The former Minister faces two counts of willful failure to comply with laws relating to procurement.

In this matter, Ms Kabanshi is accused of failing to comply with the law, when she engaged ZAMPOST as the service payment provider for the social cash transfer programme.

In the second count, she is accused of having failed to comply with the law in amending the contract, between the Ministry of Community Development and ZAMPOST for the social cash transfer programme.

When she appeared before Magistrate Lameck Mwale, the accused observed that the indictment only had particulars of the offence and not the statement of offence thereby making it defective .

The prosecution team apologised and promised to bring a competent indictmentand Defence lawyer, Katino Mwale also applied for an adjournment to allow him read through the new indictment.

The court has since granted the application and adjourned the case to June 26, 2019, for possible taking of plea.

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  1. Lungu should also be in court for abuse of authority. He got the eSwatini mansion and kept it instead of handing it over to GRZ as someone who is not supposed to profit from holding public office.Any gift you get from doing public duties should be GRZ property .


    • This woman is a sacrificial lamb. The real thieves are at large. Chanda who was running zampost should be the one who is in court. This woman was just a figurehead at the ministry.
      Moreover, what about Amos, Kaiser, Kampyongo, and all the others cited in the AG and FIC report. What about Pres. Lungu himself who can meet with a crooked, recently jailed “business man” Wicknell?


    • Meanwhile Chitotela is able to go to court with a GRZ vehicle with a flag on it to answer corruption charges!!


  2. This reason i feel let down by this madam is how she authorised the retirement in national interest of directors at her ministry. karma knows every one’s address.The tears of those guys are a sacrifice of praise to God.All those who participated in that scheme will go the same way or another


  3. This woman got fired even before law enforcement agencies concluded their investigations. Chitotela, who is Lungu’s ATM card, was investigated, arrested, charged, arraigned before court but he is still flying the Zambian flag on his official vehicle. DISGUSTING!!


    • Which nominated MP naimwe ba Dokowe? She is ELECTED MP for Luapula constituency in Luapula province


    • What do you expect from a Corrupt Drunken thieving Spiv?
      Jona Chakolwa has reduced Zambia to a Basket Case, as he’s only in office for his, & Tasila’s belly, & pockets!


  4. Stop trying to prosecute a woman on simple Non Compliance. Prosecute the thieves who have STOLEN public funds and are building mansions everywhere!!!! Stop it. The men are busy stealing and they are left alone


  5. Let her tell the court who has been siphoning money from zampost.
    The ball is in her hands now to point
    Who has been chewing with her.I know
    She is not alone.There is always a big
    Fish eating with small ones.


  6. I dont know this woman but I feel sorry for her because while the real gangsters are still in Government this poor woman has been taken to court. Maybe she didnt share.



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