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UNZA shifts Presidents Lungu, Mnangagwa’s conferment ceremony to next Friday


UNZA Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba flanked by Deputy Vice Chancellor Enala Mwase (l) and UNZA Registrar Wamundila Sitali speaking during media brief at UNZA
UNZA Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba flanked by Deputy Vice Chancellor Enala Mwase (l) and UNZA Registrar Wamundila Sitali speaking during media brief at UNZA

The University of Zambia has moved the planned conferment of Honorary Doctorates on Presidents Edgar Lungu and Emmerson Mnangagwa to next week Friday.

The University has also announced that the venue for the ceremony has been moved to Mulungushi International Conference Centre from the University of Zambia Great East road campus.

The initial plan was to confer the Honorary Doctorates on the two leaders for their contribution to good governance today, Friday, June 21st 2019 at UNZA graduation Square.

The decision to honour the two Presidents has attracted widespread reactions from commentators from both countries.


    • Edgar Lungu Achievements in good governance
      – scrapping of meal allowances for poor kids
      – non-payment of pension for former lecturers
      – monthly traditional ceremony of late payment of salaries for current lecturers
      – killing Vespers, no policeman was punished
      – retiring police officers who deal with PF hooligans
      – denying citizens peaceful demonstrations
      – keeping ministers charged with corruption in cabinet
      – denying opposition rallies and mobilisation
      – etc

    • Vespers Report is there sitting on his desk …he has not dont anything when its leaked to the public he gets angry!!

    • Zambians who are highly educated are slowly becoming zombies under PF. What’s happening? This has not spared our courts, law enforcement agencies and legislators.

    • #Sampa. No it is not buffling. This the PF way of doing things.They had to do it because GBM and Kambwili have honorary doctorates.

  1. In all fairness, ECL does not deserve an honorary doctorate in good governance.

    As, an alumni of UNZA, I’m saddened I will not longer support fundraising efforts in support of the University. They can make up through their support to the two State Houses.

  2. This is perhaps the worst reputational crisis scandal UNZA has brewed for itself and the country.
    Lungu has no good governance record that deserves recognition in the form of a honorary doctorate. If anything, Lungu has presided over the Wasted Years of this great republic through horrible governance. By awarding Lungu a honorary doctorate, UNZA debases other honorees who deserve it, and minimizes other serious academics–such as those in UNZA– who toiled for the real doctorate. The politicization of “doctorates” is a serious aspersion to the academic world.UNZA should be ashamed of itself for the country.

  3. Bwana/Madam “I love Zambia”, you are at liberty to take your kids to RUSANGU UNIVERSITY. Any University in this world can confer an Honorary degree to any person that university deems deserve the honour.

    I will not be surprised nor fume about it, if an American university conferred an honorary doctorate on HH in honour of his greed to grab land and displace the people of Namwala.

    • Use your brain not emotions ba Mwansa Kabinga. Do these two presidents deserve this honour? I am sure you are one of the educated morons bringing down our country. By the way l don’t even know that university you are talking about. My kids are attending reputable universities overseas. Continue no bupuba bobe

  4. Stop being jealousy.The peace that you are enjoying today in Zambia is because you have a president who is a democrat.For those criminals who break the law,you have to answer charges…..that does not amount to bad governance at all.Please be sober and objective in your criticism.

    • #Truth No, no, nobody is jealousy. One is only jealousy of a genuine achievement.Not a faked one.The other day my neighbour named my dog Professor Sammy.And I felt jealousy.

  5. In the next gov’t, this honorary doctorate will be reversed.
    Prof. Mumba and Prof. Mwase will be prosecuted for abuse of authority public office.
    The law is clear. Thanks

    • Let’s stop commenting in issues that we are not well versed. Leave issues that concern academy with academicians. Concentrate on political matters. Leave the two professors Mumba and Mwase alone. They surely are in a good position to interpret what constitutes good governance. And hence they know what corresponding honorary qualifications attached to each of them.


  7. Let us give respect to his Excellency the President and honor him and his friend from Zimbabwe with Doctorate in Witchcraft.

  8. Any reason for the deferment of the conferment of Honorary Doctorate Degrees on their Excellencies from the both sides of the Zambezi river ?

  9. God is watching He knows who deserves it and who does not,if this confernment is politically motivated then it means nothing to both the one conferring and the one being conferred.

  10. ECL the likes of dictators, is the one forcing UNZA management to do that so as to deceive the international world in preparation for massive 2021 rigging. He doesn’t care about docile Zambians he knows they can’t do anything. I feel sorry for the poor vice chancellor and team they also don’t like the idea but can’t do anything, the mighty Lungu has directed and it has to be done! Whether at UNZA premises or not

  11. I personally think the Vice-Chancellor, his vice, the registrar and the wider senior management of UNZA were arm twisted into conferring ECL and Mnangagwa with Honorary Doctorates. I do not think anyone in their right senses can say Chagwa has practiced good governance in managing Zambia. Our President has been a total disaster.

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