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Things will fall Apart: The Hichilema/Kambwil Coalition Cannot Hold

Columns Things will fall Apart: The Hichilema/Kambwil Coalition Cannot Hold

HH and Kambwili
HH at Dr Kambwili’s residence

Respect is earned (not solicited) Kambwili’s passionate plea for Hichilema to beg his MP’s to respect the NDC leader is therefore ridiculous

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

Mr. Chishimba Kambwili’s recent complaining as reported in the media that the UPNDC coalition will collapse and perish because of “disloyal UPND parliamentarians who are busy undermining the Opposition Alliance Partners” is ominous of the pending heap of rubble that awaits their coalition.

The coalition between Messrs Hakainde Hichilema, Chishimba Kambwili and the leaders of an assortment of some nondescript political parties is laboured. They toil to present a unified front, but the reality is that theirs is a very strained abnormal relationship that requires excessive effort.

And why is it strained? Because the foundation of their relationship has nothing to do with noble virtues. Sadly, the UPNDC coalition is founded on all the wrong reasons which include selfish ambitions and bitterness arising out of envy and jealousy of the progressive leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front Government.

The reality is that within the UPNDC coalition, there is a growing remnant of principled UPND Members of Parliament who have had to sacrifice most of their principles just so that Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s personal fantasies maybe fulfilled. The frustration within UPND is growing and festering.

Kambwili’s passionate plea however comes as no surprise, considering that the UPND coalition with Chishimba Kambwili’s beleaguered NDC faction is highly unpopular with many UPND supporters who still have Kambwili’s vulgarity and blasphemous statements about the people of Southern Province ringing in their ears.

Hichilema’s desperate and irrational greed for power has also driven many disillusioned UPND supporters further away. Many UPND Members of Parliament and councillors across the country are frustrated by their leader’s selfishness when he prohibits them to work with government officials in bringing the much needed development.

This is just a tip of the giant iceberg of baloney beneath the surface of UPND that angers officials within the party enough to take a stand against dubious UPNDC coalition partners like Kambwili.

It cannot also be ignored that a significant number of UPND parliamentarians very recently defied Hichilema’s irrational orders for them to stay away from the National Dialogue Forum (NDF). The cracks that Hichilema has plastered up since 2006 are now not only more visible, but they are also going deeper into the foundation of UPND. There is a mutiny developing within UPND, and Hichilema’s attempts to enforce respect for Kambwili will be futile.

Respect is earned- not solicited.

Given the toxic foundation and malicious objectives of their relationship, both Mr Kambwili and Mr Hichilema should be asking themselves if they are truly worthy of respect.

Kambwili seems to have forgotten that Hichilema has had alliances with the ruling Patriotic Front then as in Opposition and the United Democratic Alliance (UDA). If only Kambwili could read into Hichilema’s history of alliances, he’ll have an idea of how this one is going to end.

What Kambwili fears will surely come to pass: his coalition with Hichilema is built on sinking sand. It will fall apart.

The Author is Media Director at the Patriotic Front Secretariat

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  1. Leave the the opposition alliance alone! Instead, PF should concentrate on paying back monies stolen from the Zambians.

    God bless Zambia.

    • 40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ 41 “Then he will say to those on his left (PF thieves), ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed.

      God bless Zambia.

    • Sunday Chanda !!

      Best to concentrate on the job the people of Zambia elected PF.. to run the nation.

      You are sounding like you are in opposition. You guys dont just realise how much work you have on your …

      ++ To Do List & The Bucket List

    • Sumaili should check Sunday’s bedroom, why is he fighting Kambwili over HH? Sunday will never stop writing love letters about HH. Zambia is a christian nation, therefore Sunday there are so many women like out there to fantasize on, pick on Martha, she is single and not busy.

    • Mr.Sunday “Know it all” Chilufya Chanda, mind your PF business, no one asked you for any advice or for your opinion.
      Leave them alone.

      Talk about the measures that your boss is talking about concerning the struggling economy.
      Talk about the issues that Zambian people are facing and the measures your PF is taking to alleviate suffering. That is where YOUR BIG MOUTH should be. Other, stop bothering us with such unbelievable CR.AP.
      You have just spoiled our weekend.

    • Let hh learn from gbm. You cant tame ck . Very soon hh will regret why he had to align himself with mbwili

    • I would love to see them hold on to the end.
      That said, two hyper presidential aspirants cannot deliver a credible alliance. They would definitely crack and crumble.
      A Government born out’a this kind of alliance may not deliver development.
      The waste kind’a alliance is one born to dislodge a sitting Government. We can not afford a 5 year tenure of intrapact Government push and pull jostles. Double h and CKinsultor must concentrate on their small parties.
      Those cries attributed to CKinsultor are familiar in the UPNDEAD pacts.
      No news here otherwise.

    • I feel so much pity for HH, he has so many enemies! Including in his own inner circle. HH, come and join us MMD and you will be made perfect.

    • Its laughable this silly boy Sunday Fooking Chanda is talking about respect being earned when UNZA is honoring his useless boss an honory degree….if there is one thing that gets this moron its this alliance I urge the opposition to carry on with it!!

  2. Iwe Monday, has your Crooked Brother McPherson paid back the Social fund he embezzled?? You kombwe’s should worry less about problems in opposition parties which are miniscule, &, & start worrying how you & your brother will be wives in Prison, once Jona is ousted from office

    • This is the main reason UPND will never rule Zambia; they are angry,tribal and bitter. Read Zambia’s history, no one with these traits rules Zambia. No one – no exceptions.

  3. What every zambian should be asking themselves is this :
    Do i or we want to continue with the suffering brought by the PF, the most corrupt government in zambias history, or make a change at the next election.

    Saying the opposition will fail should not be the concern of PF, what should be your concern is the prisons you will all be facing

  4. The trueth is that HH is selfish.
    1) Mwanawasa asked him to be his vice and the man refused that he is not their to be led but to lead. Little did he knew that actually Mwanawasa was going to die while in office. HH could have been the RB we saw
    2) King Cobra Sata asked him to be his Vice in that alliance they formed but HH refused and said the same things he told Mwanawasa. Similar unfortunate things happened and today ECL could have been HH.
    3) Ask Nawakwi about the alliance they formed with other parties…..it all went the same. HH is a very rude man and full of himself.
    Therefore, HH and Kambwili UPNDC is a non starter it’s just that Kambwili does not reason or think but only knows how to open his mouth….

    • So far you are the only sick person after Chanda.
      But you are excused because you are an ordinary Zambian erring your opinion, that is the only thing that separates you from Mr. Sunday “Know it all” Chilufya Chanda.

    • Hh and Ck both are hot on tracks to go to plot 1 basically that is the reason for failure Sunday is right this time because we need good opposition

    • But most of the comments that you people make are in your heads as individuals. So why do you say Zambians? Just say I don’t like HH. Those are individual opinions and that’s why we just read and Lough. Even Sunday writes his opinion in his head.

  5. If you truly do not commit any crime and police calls you that you should report to a certain police station, should you run away or start hiding or start condemning the police before you hear why they are calling you. The devil does not worry about the people he has already deceived because are already his allies but worry about those who he has failed to deceive and always wish them to fault. Birds of the same feathers fly together. So my fellow brothers worry not about what your enemy is saying.

  6. Is not reason that led Kambwili to be ousted out of PF because he wanted challenge ecl, it also happened to KBF. Who is more selfish. Should I be someone’s Shepherd and leave my own herd.

  7. I am not a politician but for anyone like HH to discourage his councilors from working with government in fostering development in the nation BUT he encourages them to work with Chishimba Kambwili, confessed die -hard tribalist, is amazes my family.

  8. Mr.chanda don’t waste time to write about HH and CK.Zambians knows who HH is and who CK is.
    Their temperaments are best described in terms of politics.Motives of hatred and bitterness wouldn’t be the best reasons for them to claim that they are better off than PF. ECL will always win ,regardless of economic issues .HH and CK are still disgruntled politicians who can’t convince majority voters to why’re best men to lead the nation.Their lies and false accusations have been put bare for Zambians to see.

  9. You are just afraid of the alliance which has come to stay and remove you from power! Please ! Please! Hh and ck continue working together finally remove be pompee from power! They’re already aware and afraid of the great rapture and tribulation coming in 2021. We are behind you! Even what GBM is doing is all foolish and people are taking him ad a big fool. And is being fooled as s big fool in central African ointry! Even the of leadership have realised that GBM is s big fool! It is for this reason that GBM is let to go round foolishly like s rapid dog and spend his money foolishly.

  10. The biggest problem the opposition has at the moment is the undemocratic, power hungry, “Wamuyaya” HH!
    He has cost the nation too many opportunities for positive change because of greed!
    If Zambians want to continue suffering under PF, let them continue putting their faith in the current UPND, a personal project for Mr Hungry Hacks!
    There are better alternatives!

  11. Sometimes, you need to try finding a solution under a rock if all fails. Worms are useful, they aerate the soil as they riggle down the soil.

    Don’t know what else they are good at but I am sure HH will let us know once he finds out……. when this shindig hits the skids!

  12. But most of the comments that you peopl make are in your heads as individuals. So why do you say Zambians? Jus I don’t like HH. Those are individual opinions that’s why we just read and Lough. Even Sunday writes his opinion in in his head.

  13. Again if you know HH has no potential to win why worry about him. Stay home and don’t campaign kabili you have already won. See if you will win. Actually every time most of you write here you talk about HH being tribal. So who is tribal between you who is stuck in the issue of tribe and someone who is not even concerned about tribe. I see that most of you people who call HH are either bemba or easterner. So who do you support your selves. Stop this tribal talk you sons and daughters of dogs. We are bored with it.

    • “Kambwili’s passionate plea however comes as no surprise, considering that the UPND coalition with Chishimba Kambwili’s beleaguered NDC faction is highly unpopular with many UPND supporters who still have Kambwili’s vulgarity and blasphemous statements about the people of Southern Province ringing in their ears.”
      From the above captioned paragraph, I hereby declare Mr. HH innocent of tribalism and find his opponents to be the real tribalists. Sunday stop inciting hatred, am sure the good hardworking folk of the south don’t even recall CK’s so called insults. One Zambia One nation.

  14. These are the challenges you wanted why crying fail just prepare yourself for 2021, mwapya baisa. Mango taipila pamo iya munobe nga yapia naiwe iyobe ikapya mailo

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