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Fred M’membe’s Copperbelt Weekend Rally in Pictures

Photo Gallery Fred M'membe's Copperbelt Weekend Rally in Pictures

Socialist Party Presidential Candidate Fred M’membe over the weekend held a rally in Kitwe where he said that without the working class directly taking over the governance of Zambia, through their left-centred party, they will be jumping back and forth from the frying pan into fire.

The Socialist Party leader said that, in support of Technology, told the gathering that technology should not necessarily lead to loss of jobs but lead to workers working fewer hours and using the time saved on further studies, family, sports, arts, visiting relatives and spiritual development.

M’membe underscored that the Socialist Party was there to enable the oppressed working class to win political power and use that power to build a society in which they could have the dignity that came from justice, equity and peace.

Below are pictures from the rally

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    • It looks like next to football the second favorite pastime activity for most Zambians is political rallies! Anyway, the more the merrier I guess.

    • I would rather have Hakainde Hichilema ( HH ) in State House than Fred Mmembe.

      As it is now. Edgar Lungu will take the day and win.

    • Membe has missed the point he is apparently targeting the working class who are outnumbered by those kaponyas marketers and unemployed who speak a different language!
      Poor strategy.

    • This marks the end of PF – based on previous voting pattern, if votes were to be shared on the Copperbelt (by PF, NDC and UPND), definitely this will be a big loss to PF and will mark the end of PF GRZ.

      God bless Zambia.

    • Wapya baisa.
      This marks the end of UPNDEAD as we knew it. As Mmembe traverses SP and WP and NWP.
      At least this journalist politician has some form of ideology.

      Kikikikikiki ati wapya baisa.

      Bad news for double h.

    • H H will have to stand out if he wants to make an impact. So far, there’s no difference between UPND, PF, and DC. Mmembe clearly stand out as a change candidate and people love change. Change is what brought Chiluba, Sata, Obama, and Trump in.

    • Peter Sinkamba and Chipimo are awake but its funds that lubricate these things..you can write as many articles as you want that wont help as Chipimo found out. Mmembe has his comrades assisting him!

  1. Fred membe is not like ck or hh who can easily be oppressed.

    He fought kk. He fought ftj. He fought rb and what is PF-EL to meembe

    • You have missed the point bwana now membe is a broken man. He used the post to fight people very well.
      This is politics its about people and mobilisation different from writing opinions in a newspaper.

    • This is politics its about people and bribing them not different from writing fake opinions in a newspaper.

  2. If he is not a threat why raid his house pf now knows that the votes in the Bemba speaking areas are split and this is not good news for them, CK, Kalamba and Membe

  3. Most of the ideologies propounded by Mmembe are good, but it will take a very long time for such policies to take one to state house because they are more appealing to the working class than the massive nonworking class that eventually drive the vote, however it is a good political chance to eliminate the PF because most of the Socialist members are drawn from PF just like many other new political parties.

  4. Kikikikikikiki Hahahahaha. Zambian politics. A comedy of errors. You should ask ex catholic father Frank Bwalya now ambassador to Australia. Wabeja.

  5. It’s good Fred M’membe has come out as a politician unlike when he was hiding behind The Post as Editor-in-Chief while assaulting the characters of his perceived enemies who could not defend themselves.I have tested the M’membe/Nchito/Wynter presidency under late Sata when they held him hostage and I cant vote for Fred.He is so vindictive and divisive and I recall very well how he blacklisted HH for coverage in The Post for what he termed:’he has crossed the line’ and labelled UPND as a Bantustan party.I am better off with Edgar.

    • Comment:sharp shooter,bypu sound vindictive, unforgiving and divisive yourself more than Dr M’membe. The fact that we learn from our mistakes guarantees that humans do change. Dr M’membe can be compared to ECL in any way. ECL was was once a banned by LAZ for criminal behavior, a drunkard and gambler but he’s now a completely changed man. He’s now physically fit and a very good person at heart. It’s an example of change.

  6. This is serious kaaa!! We have always encouraged Peter Sinkamba to hold rallies, look now Mmembe is way ahead, 3rd biggest party in Zambia. 1st UPND, 2nd PF, 3rd Socialist who have take over position of FDD.
    The good thing about Socialist they support each other world wide. But please PF, let Mmembe continue exciting Zambians.

  7. From grades 1 to 4 pupils are taught in local languages. In grade 4 this is what’s being taught in Chitimukulu’s dialect: ubwamba bwa mwaume nga bwaingila pa kapunda ka bwamba bwa mwanakashi elyo ba tomba ninshi umwanakashi kuti akwata ifumo. Is Mwine Lubemba wrong to voice against such vulgarity?

  8. M’membe deceived Zambians for far too long and got away with murder and I can assure you, him and people like you never thought a man like President Lungu could land him a punch never to recover from. M’membe is gone, dead and buried just like HH and UPND. These people especially HH murdered the Copperbelt under the privatisation program and they thought they were clever, no, we are too learned and exposed and hence Zambia will never give those crooks a chance to get to the National matters. HH has failed to account for his wealth countless times just like he will keep on losing elections. Now HH, M’mmbe and Kambwili want to hoodwink Zambians that PF is corrupt based on speculation from FIC, what a joke. We all know that HH, M’membe and Kambwili are the highly corrupt chaps who messed…

    • Allow Mmembe to showcase his political prowess. Zambia needs these policians which ECL doesn’t kill unlike FTJ Chiluba.
      With the Mmembes in the political camp maybe the so called UPNDEAD ‘strong hold ‘ will cease. Maybe the Sesheke bullsh!t will not repeat itself.
      Togetherness in political diversity is what we need. CK and ECL knocked down Fred.
      Let and allow Fred take on CK and ECL and double h. It’s healthy in a political metric to have politicians with baggages. One with whom it stinks so badly, we the elite people of Zambia deny plot one passport. Even if they try 7 times. Mmembe mubotu, so with his load, we’re gonna decide at the polls. Togetherness in the face of political diversity is very much healthy. We don’t wanna see results like double h UPNDEAD 39,000 votes next…

    • .. ECL 9 votes, EN, 1 vote and the General 0 in SP. Should Mmembe garner 14,000 vote out’a double h in this instance of a vote, we are safe.

    • You voted for ECL
      1. An inveterate drunk
      2. A man who stole money for a WIDOW!!!!
      3. A lawyer who was stripped of his practicing license
      4. Someone who has never kept a job until he became the president of this nation of fools!!


      You keep lying about Hakainde Hichilema sElLiNg ThE MiNes, yet you offer no evidence to support your childish claims. And as for your ridiculous claim that HH has never accounted for his wealth, show some maturity Stealing is not the only way a Zambian can become wealthy,lol. HH is a known Cattle Rancher (A lucrative business and has shares in some of your favorite brands. you might even be sipping on something ones of companies makes judging by your comment.

      It seems to me all you care about is making sure the man doesn’t get elected…

  9. What are you saying iwe malinso. Uou write like someone who has been to school but your reasoning lacks merit. This thing about HH having sold the mines are stories you should be telling your village grandparents around a fire. The PF are against lifestyle audit…why? Lungu amassed 20 million kwacha in less than 2 years and has failed to account for this sudden wealth…why? Lusambo suddenly can distribute food worth Lungu’s net wealth before he became president…where did the money come from? HH’s wealth, investments and shareholdings are well documentated. What else do you want to know? Your leaders in government have sold you a bluff and you have swallowed it and accepted it as gospel truth. Obviously that is exactly what they wanted you to do…focus on this falsehood about HH…

  10. @ PM
    Lets be objective here. I believe am objective and candid because, in fact its you who lacking the mantle to reason. My point if I may, is that FIC is a speculative report just like you allege that some people in PF are corrupt, please show us the evidence and we will support you but whats so difficult in showing us the evidence? Your HH on the other side of the coin is the one we all know is corrupt, and here is why. HH may have invested the millions he looted from the national treasury after privatization quite alright but the question is where did he get those millions in the first place? HH was a very poor man during and after UNZA, but suddenly he had millions of dollars after the privatization, let him face the public and explain the genesis of this hundreds of millions of…

    • malinso denying wat you r seeing now the corruption you can see with ur own eyes by trying to malign HH it wont work bwana

  11. contd
    HH was a very poor man during and after UNZA, but suddenly he had millions of dollars after the privatization, let him face the public and explain the genesis of this hundreds of millions of dollars. If he cant, do you honestly expect us to trust him with the national affairs? In fact there are so many youths who may want to learn how HH made those millions in the first place, otherwise he must not use the FIC to disguise his past criminal deeds.

    • Now you are running around like a headless chicken. Where in my article did I base my arguement on FIC report. Lungu declared 2 million kwacha net when he took up office and less than 2 years he declared 22 million kwacha….thats not speculative nor is it from FIC report. Lusambo distributed almost 2 million worth of goodies to starving kabushi residents….thats not speculative nor from FIC reports. Are you telling me that for over 25 years the law enforcement agents have failed to find a shred of evidence to successfully convict HH. May be mr mslinso can share evidence he has on HH with the police…otherwise leave the man alone!! I know of people who have turned 1000kwacha into billions through sound investment.

  12. @malinso….and just why do you think HH should face the public and explain his source of wealth? What motivates this warped thinking of your that every successful zambian must account for their source of wealth. Yes HH must have been poor during and after UNZA.Have you followed his career progression after Unza. Where was he working before privatization and what position did he hold? Of course he was paid for services rendered to the government but unlike most of us..he invested wisely. Those found wanting after privatization like Francis Kaunda were successfully prosecuted. For God’s sake HH was just a junior guy on the team..

    • @PM
      In short you are agreeing with my brains that your corruption allegations of PF is unfounded. Its not true that if am a Minister or high ranking person in Government then I should remain poor, its how diligently I use my money. So the it appears you chaps in UPND dont think before you say anything because you are basically confirming my point but for your HH, its no brainer, the man stole and misused his position during the privatisation program to enrich himself. Its all engraved in everyone in Zambia especially on Copperbelt where his selfish deeds sent thousands of our parents to early grave. This is in our history and it will forever be on our minds. HH will never be president of Zambia.

  13. We need a Republican party now, that said ,I meant UNIP back. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. I think this is a time we can rewind our clock back to 1964 and having our freedom fighters and leaders to make Zambia great again. Today if I was to vote for any of these people? I will cast my vote for the Frog than wasting my time and vote on these useless people like ECL, KC, HH, the other Tonga guy from the post newspaper, lka- Tayali. Zambia need leaders who put Zambia first before their pockets, Zambia need leaders like Guy Scot to make Zambia great again.

  14. Kikikikiki….didn’t know Mmembe was that ugly why why? Must be a trib.al!
    I hear late Dean Mungomba and Gorreti also rented crowds and they embarrassed him when he could not pay them, or was it paying them on time?
    All trib.als, just different shades!

  15. The message was amuse. The crowd did not understand what he was saying. If you know where the rally was held you will agree with me. It was at the heart of Kamatipa compound in Kitwe on a small 100 x 50 m football ground with very few curious boys and girls. However he carried a good message but was let down by the working class who did not show up for the extent. He should have held the event at KPF or Nkama stadium where his message can mean something. Good organisation.. To Mr Mmembe sir I can only encourage you to use the facilities you are getting from the socialist brother in south america to your advantage.you are a shinning example of plural politics of checks and balance with autonatenative policies from the ruling party an like tired parties like upnd wh only base their desire…

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