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It’s the Post Newspaper Liquidator who raided and occupied Fred M’membe’s house in Shiwang’andu

General News It's the Post Newspaper Liquidator who raided and occupied Fred M'membe's house...

Former Defunct Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe
Former Defunct Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe

Provisional liquidator of the Post Newspapers Limited In liquidation, Lewis Mosho has asked Police to protect and investigate property suspected to have been allegedly acquired from proceeds of crime.

The identified property located in Mwika Village of Sub-Chief Mwabawankulungwe in Senior Chief Nkula – Shiwang’andu District belongs to Fred M’membe. Police have since sealed off the property.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joe Njase has confirmed the development to ZANIS in Chinsali today saying Mr. Mosho made the request in a letter dated June 19, 2019.

Mr. Njase said this is part of asset recoveries arising from the complaint raised by former workers in respect to the liquidation of the company.

He said it is their mandate as Zambia Police under Article 193 sub-Article 2 to protect life and property, among other functions.

Mr. Njase said the request by the provisional liquidator is in line with Police mandate and that as Police they are mindful that this is an allegation hence need to also respect the suspect Dr. Fred M’membe.

He reiterated that police will remain professional and hope that both the liquidator and Dr M’membe will cooperate with the investigations team by availing all necessary documents to prove otherwise.

In a consent judgement delivered on January 10, 2018, High Court Judge Sunday Nkonde declared The Post Newspaper Limited in liquidation insolvent and wound up.

The court also confirmed Mr. Mosho as the provisional liquidator.

And on December 20, 2018, Mr. Mosho placed a Caveat over the piece of land allocated to Dr. M’membe in Mwika village.

The Caveat was placed following a judgement delivered On December 11, 2018 by the Constitutional Court that awarded costs to The Post Newspapers in liquidation against Dr. M’membe.


    • It is PF’s statehouse unleashing thugs to fight off the successful Socialist Party rallies.
      PF were kicked in the balls in Kitwe.

    • These seeds that are being sown by PF and its sympathisers will be hard to move away from. One thing is these approaches have their way of pointing back to the instigators, later in life. Remember the Public order act that was initiated by General Miyanda, in its form, and how it came back to bite him, with his Agenda for Zambia party? Lungu looks back and stop this cycle of hatred for the good of the country. You have the power to make amends, even up to now.

    • @1.3 Sakala..WHAT IS YOUR ISSUE??Zambia for Zambians,Mmembe is Zambia so can build and settle wherever he wants within Zambia.You want foreigners to be enjoying the width and breadth of this country while Zambia stay divided in tribes and regions!?

    • Some questions being asked here suggest that nation-building still remains work in progress in Zambia. And people saying these things are probably doing so from Lusaka or the Copperbelt where they probably own land and they think similar questions can’t be asked of them by people indigenous to the two provinces. Felix Mutati of all people is reported by the Daily Nation of 23June (Disunity worries Mutati) to have said something that suggests he also needs lessons on the rights of citizenship and not tribe if this country is to be a nation.

    • @Jay Jay
      Stop pretending Zambia is the ideal home of hospitality. The moment a Northener enters a village in Northwest and vice versa he will meet opposition and we all know that. Its only in the urbanised jungles like Copperbelt and Lusaka that people wont mind who has bought what piece of land.

    • @Zambia is ours I have no issue. Its a question. Not a chance for you to show off about how humanist you are. And the question is justified because it came up when Fred masqueraded as a journalist and he led the Post the story was that he was using The Post to fight for Barotseland’s independence

    • To the numerous Pretenders here. What is wrong with wanting to know someone’s tribe? We kept asking what nation Herve Renard was from and noone batted an eyelid. We always ask whether Ozil the Arsenal player is a Turk or a Russian. Why cant I ask if Mbape is a Bemba? . Why should Africans be ashamed of their identity? you want to bar me from advertising my identity In the name of tribalism Atase!

  1. The Zambian people would benefit from clamping in those linked to the past FIC reports, procurement of overpriced ambulance and fire trucks.

    • The opposition Socialist Party in Zambia has called for the dismissal of Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo whom they have accused of directing police officers to raid former Post Newspapers editor-in-chief and managing director Fred M’membe’s House in Mwika village in Shiwangandu.
      Police last Saturday raided Dr M’membe’s house in Mwika village while he was addressing a political rally in Kitwe.
      The police officers allegedly chased his workers and set loose livestock and caused damage to his property.
      According to the party, this was done without a search warrant.
      Party general secretary Dr. Cosmas Musumali has described the raid as an act to threaten Dr. Mmembe’s political ambitions which he said had reached a level where the Patriotic Front could not manage to silence.
      He said…

    • Continued
      He said there are more high valuable properties which Dr. M’membe had in Lusaka which the government could take if the raid on his house in Mwika village was related to the Post liquidation process.
      Dr. Musumali stated that Dr. M’membe was a respectable village headman in the local community and that the raid was creating anger among the people in Mwika village.
      He has demanded that Police officers vacate Dr. Mmembe’s house and that all the furniture destroyed must be replaced.
      Dr Musumali further called for the return of cattle that went missing during the raid.

  2. As long as Fred M`membe remains alive ECL feels scared and he will never feel safe.He believed that he had finished him ,but now this M`membe is holding rallies and on the Copperbelt, of all places. Bene M`membe niba muna. He is a dead black mamba.Before it rots it can still bite.

    • Really laughable..a dead snake is dead snake even a Black Mamba dont believe folk tales but if a snake is dead and you go to play with it needle fangs you know the end result is are not good!

    • Fred Mmembe has decided to run for presidency for his own interest. He still wants the post back in circulation and Zambian Airways back in the air.
      His first rally was held on the copperbelt because he knows that those are very finicky characters who are not driven by any ideology but just by the smell of sulphur (centre)

  3. They first rubbished him by claiming he id Lozi, only to discover he is only half Lozi and half Bemba from the Bemba royal family. Ala, lekeni lunye nomba lwa mwine Chipata Jameson Mutaware!

  4. This way of witch-hunting, unequitable and unjust finishing off percieved opposition and political enermies seen under Lungu’s watch remains the worst and most toxic in the history of Zambia. With KK-Chiluba and Chiluba-LPM in mind, this one will Not end well. Lungu is sealing any opposition to ensure a grand-scale plunder. It will certainly catch up with him. Mmembe will have erred but this response is heartless and unjust to the level, it has been taken.

  5. Mr Fred Mmembe is a Zambian. We are tired of tribal questions. Whether a Bemba or Lozi doesn’t matter. He is a Zambian ????????.

  6. Dr Fred Mmembe has a message to Zambian more better than other politicians who spend their time insulting when they have a chance to speak. Dr Fred Mmembe, keep the message of what you will do for our people stick to the agenda of developments rather than insult s this country need leaders with an agenda.

    • Mmembe’s message is that Zambians are tired! He’s again standing up for the silent majority. Either you can’t see or you are part of the few looting the spoils!

    • Well done Mmembe again you are changing the course of the Great Nation. I can see through your prism. The robbers are scared. You have awakened the masses on the copperbelt!

  7. They konw it will bad for them. They know Mmembe has serious international connections to detect their loot. They know with Mmembe Mutembo will be back and fire will start. I don’t see Lungu or his cronies staying around when there is change of power. They are damn scared to their bowls.

  8. They konw it will be bad for them. They know Mmembe has serious international connections to detect their loot. They know with Mmembe Mutembo will be back and fire will start. I don’t see Lungu or his cronies staying around when there is change of power. They are damn scared to their bowls.

  9. While you are reading this the PF have over priced another project and this time it’s the police housing units apparently government has constructed low quality houses at double the amount NAPSA will sell you a higher quality house

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