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Simon Miti appointed new Secretary to Cabinet

Headlines Simon Miti appointed new Secretary to Cabinet

Dr Simon Miti
Dr Simon Miti

Dr.Simon Miti has been appointed as the new Secretary to Cabinet replacing Dr. Roland Msiska who was recently retired.

Dr. Miti has been serving as Principal Private Secretary at State House.

The appointment is subject to ratification by the National Assembly.

This is according to a statement issued by secretary to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe.


  1. Congratulations.Please dont allow retirement fellow medical officers who have not committed a crime.It has brought shame to the proffession

    • So this chap is a medical doctor and has been serving as Principal Private Secretary at State House…really laughable

    • Corrupt as they come this fella mentioned in many dealings that were a subject of fraudulent dealings at the MoH. At one time some legal experts were surprised how this man was never convicted given how much he had been implicated in most of the questionable dealings ….anyway this is the new Zambia even when this guy was appointed there were alot of protestations and if not mistaken Sata withdrew his appointment ….but as typical some will now celebrate his appointment

    • Shameless – In Lazy Lungu’s govt only thieves are rewarded….just look at the mediocrity and someone moronic blogger will ask why I am negative when thugs like Miti who should be behind bars are now incharge of the highest civil service position.

    • Dr. Edgar has turned from surbotaging cash to surbotaging Zambian emotions. He is really tormenting people with these thugs from Lusaka cartels.
      The domicile civil servants got top criminal in charge, they will steal even the last aspirin.
      A monkey in charge of rats in maize field.

    • Hooo sorry I thought it was Laura Miti who was appointed Secretary to Cabinet.
      Holly shiiit it’s that dirty guy? Hell no.

    • These are WASTED LAZY LUNGU Years indeed… this cancer of corruption should not be given 5 more years!!

  2. @ Jay Jay; He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Glamorgan, Wales in the United Kingdom (UK), Master of Public Health from Leeds University at Nuffield Institute for Health in the UK including a Degree in Medicine from the University of Zambia and a Bachelor of Science degree from same University.

    • Another questionable appointment ….roll back to August 2018 – Magistrate Zulu said this after convicting former MOH human resources officer Henry Kapoko and others for theft of over K6.8 million public money when they were employees of the Ministry at the time Dr Miti was permanent secretary.He further said Dr Miti should answer to corruption charges because he was aware of what was transpiring in the Ministry, although he feigned ignorance.

  3. @ Jay Jay; He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Glamorgan, Wales in the United Kingdom (UK), Master of Public Health from Leeds University at Nuffield Institute for Health in the UK including a Degree in Medicine from the University of Zambia and a Bachelor of Science degree from same University.

    • Issues of integrity are matters of the heart which don’t go when one acquires degrees…Only Christ has the power to transform lives.

    • It will be open stealing season at Cabinet Office …Lazy Lungu has sent his top man there, at AG office still no one as he can not find anything to appoint from State House.

  4. Congratulations Simon, you’re indeed a survivor. God answers prayers differently. Please cleanse the MoH, never allow expired and retired doctors to come back on contract as administrators to be signing cheques. Allow young professionals to takeover. UTH needs consultants not cheque signers

    • Really laughable ..you appealing to a corrupt individual for assistance and improvement …these are chaps who were overseeing Henry Kapoko whilst he was stealing at MOH.

  5. We are in trouble, surely Lungu can’t find clean people except those with questionable pasts and you will find the poor youths celebrating every time dull lungu elects one criminal after another. You can’t celebrate the appointment of someone with a corrupt past like this one, because history is going to repeat itself. There will be more corruption, which we don’t need. Aint you people getting of mushrooming investigation against government officials with nothing being done to stop corruption.

  6. Police pick up Dr. Simon Miti
    Saturday, May 30, 2009, 15:50

    Police have picked up former Health Permanent Secretary, Dr. Simon Miti to help with investigations into the financial scandal at the Ministry of Health.

    Dr. Miti, who is now Science and Technology Permanent secretary, was picked up Saturday morning for questioning at police headquarters in the Zambian capital, Lusaka. Police Spokesperson Bonny Kapeso has confirmed the development.

    Investigations have intensified in the K10 billion scam at the ministry of health with 32 people now sent on forced leave. Secretary to the Cabinet, Joshua Kanganja has confirmed that the 32 officers have been written to. Dr. Kanganja said cabinet office will not suspend any officers until the probe is completed.

    The Secretary to the…

    • Continued……the Cabinet said there will be need to take administrative action against the officers implicated in the scam once investigations have been completed.

      And in another development K4 billion released by the ministry of health last year for completing the construction of Shangombo District Hospital, has been diverted to unrelated activities by the western province administration.

      This has enraged Sinjembela Member of Parliament Mubika Mubika.

      Mr. Mubika says the Shangombo district hospital project that was started in 2004 has remained a white elephant for five years.

      Mr. Mubika says critically ill patients suffering from Tuberculosis and those on Anti Retro Viral drugs continue to be inconvenienced by travelling to Senanga district to access the drugs.


  7. Congratulations to Mr Miti. The President has put forward a highly educated candidate for the Post, yet UPND political pundits on this site are making negative comments. After stating PF are grade, 7s, we now witness a flip flop of logic. One would think they would be celebrating and dancing in the street that someone of intellectual calibre has been appointed to handle cabinet matters.

    Please ratify urgently, before !oser opposition try to poach him for their coalition party!

  8. #1.1 Gay Jay, “So this chap is a medical doctor and has been serving as Principal Private Secretary at State House‚Ķreally laughable”.

    Trib.al, what is laughable by you when you spend your time crying, whining, trib.alising? I mean as a trib.al you cannot be capable of laughing surely? Facial skin metallic like Stephen Katuka, how can you possibly laugh?

  9. It’s not just a matter of a ‘string’ of qualifications. So many issues have been left hanging over the years in relation to his involvement in money scandals at the MOH. We are not apportioning guilt – but the decent thing would have been to get to the bottom of all this before considering him for such a position. We have been so brazenly ‘good’ at sweeping reported corrupt practices under the carpet over the years in Zambia. These are enough to constitute a catalog or encyclopedia – including from the numerous Auditors reports, for those of you who still care. But then, that’s the point, many choose to forget – as the the lazy way out. Easier option is to ululate the subsequent appointments based on the ‘attractive achievements’.

  10. Is the country short of qualified personnel to manage the civil service? Corruption allegation aside, by qualification the man is a medical Doctor. Correct me if I’m wrong. The right place for Dr. Miti is U.T.H.

  11. Most bloggers here do not know and understand how the government institutions operate. Dr. Miti was cleared by the courts of law of wrong doing.

    • You can’t help them.They are Politicaly deranged people who get relief by insulting the people in power. The best way of teaching them a lesson is to vote against them 2021

  12. He is corrupt thief this guy, before this appointment let him answer to issues in court regarding his involvement with Kapoko for the stealing of K6.8 million. Let him be cleared by the court. He has been under govt insulation

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