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Court rejects appeal for Medical Marijuana use in Zambia

Headlines Court rejects appeal for Medical Marijuana use in Zambia


Zambia’s slim chances of having use of marijuana for medicinal purposes have been shattered after Peter Sinkamba lost the case in which he had taken the Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya to grant him a license to cultivate the crop.

With several countries having taken that route, Mr. Sinkamba, the Green Party President was hoping the judgement would favour him and salvage the country from the jaws of increased foreign debt.

legalising marijuana can generate US$36 billion annually

Mr. Sinkamba said legalising marijuana can generate US$36 billion annually for Zambia and that it is frustrating that many countries have seen sense in legalising the use of the crop for medicinal use when Zambia is refusing to see it.

Mr. Sinkamba sued Dr. Chilufya for refusal to grant him the license to cultivate, manufacture, distribute, export and import medical marijuana and case came up for judgement before the Court of Appeal in Lusaka this morning.

According to the Court of Appeal, Dangerous Drugs Act which is the principle Act for Administration of Dangerous Drugs section 22 gives discretion to the Minister of Health to reject or grant an application to cultivate Cannabis.

Judge Fulgency Chisanga said the Court of Appeal cannot impose its position on the Health Minister’s discretion.

And Mr. Sinkamba said the judgement is a lost opportunity for the country to generate revenue which could have been used to pay debt and reduce poverty levels.


  1. Maybe the first step is to start repealing that so-called ACT. But can our toothless Parliament be trusted to change that ACT?

    • Most states in America legalised medical chamba. But Banks and debit card companies don’t want to accept their money. too long to explain.
      So Marijuana clinics keep alot of cash. For security reasons they take cash to Money Security storage companies like Coin. Which is expensive.
      It is a very complicated business.
      Dirty money.

    • Zambia should look into Umutoto sexual booster, it has less regulations but equally lucrative money wise to ichamba.
      Sexx boosters has more customers than those epilepsy patients of marijuana.
      Zambia and Peru has the most effective boosters on the market.

    • The only pure herb that, when used as it should be, will relieve pain, increase appetite, calm epilepsy attacks… the list is endless… The drugs being imported are supplied by pharmaceutical cartels and have side effects. This natural herb has always been in Zambia. However, the ndwii Zambian will accept Christianity(the yoke of colonialism) and pray for the sick while marijuana is laughing at you.

    • Ndwiii – Zambians are not open-minded people…imagine you have the Speaker and High Court Judges wearing white man wig even when you see that they are uncomfortable….what can come out from such leaders the onus is on us (YOU) to educate your people.

    • He was being too optimistic. Zambian courts can never make this kind of ground breaking decision. Our judges are cowards and have no initiative
      That’s why they can’t undress themselves from those white wigs. He should take the issue to parliament. Sometimes a debate can educate people about the benefits of some drugs

    • They have rejected the growth of cannabis for medicinal uses but when they get terminally sick and are evacuated to South Africa or India they will be given medicines containing Cannabis which acts both as a pain repressant and has been used to reduce the growth of cancerous tumours, so much hypocrisy in this land.

    • Hard luck Sinkamba. I admire your courage, focus and determination to achieve your cannabis agenda. You are truly a gifted visionary light years ahead of time. You mean well for this well. How I wish you were State House soonest

    • Children are dying from epilepsy because they cannot access this drug, shame on you. This is meant for medicinal and not recreational use!

  2. Zambian govt will be buying marijuana based medicines from big pharmaceuticals when they could have manufactured themselves in Zambia because they are snoozing…even the churches are invested in the herb. You will surprised at how potent cannibal based oil is effective in curing cancers and epilepsy.

  3. I thought we had enough medicines for cancer and epilepsy. I suspect the appeal was not done in good faith.
    Well done court

    • This is an extract from an NHS website.

      The term “cannabis oil” refers to an extract called cannabidiol (CBD) that is taken from the cannabis plant. It doesn’t contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive substance that gives cannabis users a high, and unlike cannabis, it is legal in the UK.

  4. You are just drug dealers hiding in the name of medical use. You think we don’t know your characters?

    • Oil is extracted from these plants and the dose is controlled. It comes in bottles similar with eye drops and it does wonders for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Please don’t display your ignorance. And you wonder why we are still a third world!

    • You mean President peter is using drugs shame on you and i think u dont know what u are talking about the man has been in school move all over the world by his owe money

    • The biggest drug dealers are in your medicine cabinet raking in billions every year but you are too gullible to believe otherwise…even if I told that you dont need cough mixture when you have a cold you will think am joking.
      Go out and research …wake up from your docility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Mwape, it’s all the rage in the USA with a lot of celebrities endorsing CBD oils. But it really isn’t a cure all but another product you could take and have to continue taking. It’s still in infancy, and long term research is not there for long-term effects to be known. It does not cure but alleviates symptoms.

      Taking Talking Therapies are way better than chemical induced matters.

      The government are better off training people to provide Taking Talking Therapies. Career opportunities potential.

  5. The white man banned marijuana because he assumed that when black men smoke it they rap€ their “pretty white women”…today after years of locking us up for trafficking the same white man is legalising it. These are herbs that have been there for millennia on our soil, this is why when we were sick as children our great aunties went in the woods to fetch medicine. Our bodies are made of minerals from plants not hybrid products like Cattle and pigs…Dr Sebi proved it in court how he cured patients from mere fasting and herbs freely obtainable.
    Wake up from your docility people!!

  6. It will be a great tragedy the day Zambia starts importing medical marijuana from the West because while the rest of the world is developing marijuana and researching it we are busy suppressing it and arresting those found with the drug.I expect better from our UNZA trained minister of health.

  7. we purchase weed just the same way we do alcohol here. walk into a store and look at their display/shelves, ask questions if you’ve some, buy if you want and walk out. and that’s for recreational use.
    Zambia isn’t advanced enough to take any such bald move. some muzungu will have to come and convince them ( and make money off of them) for them to make any move.
    there’s a lot of research that has gone into medicinal cannabis and genuine medical papers are there. it offers a lot of relief for a chronic ailments. but Zambia with her hypocrisy will not act because of the Christian nation nonsense meanwhile they drink like fishes and lots smoke weed and b ang each other every chance they get. but oh no, we’re a Christian nation we don’t do those things. really

    • Zambia lack visionary leadership ( Please dont start me on Lazy Lungu) to top it up we have too many doctors behind the desks at MOH…a doctor is trained for years to follow what’s in the western medical books just like a pilots of a Boeing 737 Max they only do what they are trained to do when the plane starts misbehaving if they have time they refer to the hard-copy manual in the cockpit if that fails…they are doomed.

    • Zambia lack visionary leadership ( Please dont start me on Lazy Lungu) to top it up we have too many doctors behind the desks at MOH…a doctor is trained for years to follow what’s in the western medical books just like a pilots of a Boeing 737 Max they only do what they are trained to do when the plane starts misbehaving if they have time they refer to the hard-copy manual in the co£kpit if that fails…they are doomed.

    • This stupidity has nothing to do with Christianity.God made that weed.Every plant on earth is for the benefit of mankind. Our ancestors probably knew the benefits but white man convinced us to drink tablets and capsules instead and called our herbs evil. Our leaders (UNZA trained no less) are waiting for white man to tell us when to change our laws.

    • God made Hops, man makes beer out of it. God made grapes man makes alcoholic wines from them.

      God says He hates liars and Drunks.
      1 Corinthians 6:10 ESV / 84
      Nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God

  8. Zambia has lost big time. Look at the benefits of CBD oil
    1. Eases Chronic Axiety and Depression
    2. Alleviates Arthritis and Inflammation
    4. Combats Psychological Issues
    5. Boots Mood. the list goes on. Dr. Chilufya are young boys they are protecting their position.

    • Chilufya is a vile corrupt individual who is selfishly protecting his pocket and his Indian suppliers who are forever producing placebos at the expense of poor taxpayers…CBD oili potent it cures ….their are herbs out there like Damiana Leaf, Mullein, Liquorice, Burdock Root etc these are herbs that can cure anything with the right guidance, diet: make your body disease free.

    • @LeadersareReaders, as a person who has suffered from anxiety and depression, I have never been able to treat it with chemical mood altering medicines which I refuse. I would not take CBDs either because of dependency issues.

      I treat it with a quiet stress free environment, avoiding unpleasant people or situations. I keep a small friendship circle which I prune regularly to remove annoying prople. I treat it with stress alleviating activities, Long walks, going to the countryside, Art, Creative IT Design, Flower arranging. Dress Making/design. Painting……….long list. Avoiding stress methods work better than mood altering substances and are safe. Taking Talking Therapies are way better than chemical induced matters.

    • Taking Talking Therapies are way better than chemical induced matters.

      The government are better off training people to provide Taking Talking Therapies. Career opportunities potential.

  9. Well said Jay Jay some of us are now consultants in big hospitals our grandmothers used herbs, i still give my kids herbs when i come home

    • Just go and watch Dr Sebi teachings on YouTube …you will be surprised that we are putting a lot of rubbish in our bodies that we need to eliminate there are just too many hybrid vegetables and animals out there!!

  10. Let’s preserve our culture. People, especially men. High on drugs, raping, subjecting women to domestic violence should not be encouraged. Look how Zambians abuse alcohol!

    There is a worrying trend among women of increase in substance abuse and criminal violence even murder of men during quarrels.

    Poverty leads to substance abuse. These drugs lead to end of civilised society.

  11. Did you know that…

    Neurological disorders affect up to one BILLION people worldwide?

    With an estimated 7 million deaths each year.

    With numbers like this…

    It’s no wonder brain conditions will surpass heart disease as the major cause of death and disability by 2020.

    This includes crippling conditions like…

    Alzheimer’s & Dementia
    Parkinson’s Disease
    Memory Loss (short and long term)
    Strokes, Seizures, and Traumas
    Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD
    A.L.S. (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
    M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis)
    Migraines, Concussions, CTE
    Sleep Issues, Movement Disorders
    And so many more.
    Very few people know that the cannabis plant can treat and prevent ALL of these conditions…

    • Taking Talking Therapies are way better than chemical induced matters.

      The government are better off training people to provide Talking Therapies. CBT Training to teach alleviating methods.
      Meditation, exercise, creative activities are way better than using substance. Career opportunities potential increase training Into this field.

  12. @patriot abroad, no one is suggesting that cannabis is a panacea for everything. and you’re right there are some situations, such as in your case where therapy helps. but it’s wrong of you to dismiss cannabis altogether when evidence is right there.

    • @mukolwe, There is no right in this matter. The facts are cited from NHS England:
      Cannabis and mental health
      Regular cannabis use increases your risk of developing a psychotic illness, such as schizophrenia. A psychotic illness is one where you have hallucinations (seeing things that aren’t really there) and delusions (believing things that aren’t really true).
      Your risk of developing a psychotic illness is higher if:
      you start using cannabis at a young age
      you smoke stronger types, such as skunk
      you smoke it regularly
      you use it for a long time
      you smoke cannabis and also have other risk factors for schizophrenia, such as a family history of the illness
      Cannabis also increases the risk of a relapse in people who already have schizophrenia, and it can make psychotic symptoms…

    • The CBD oils are where the psychotic inducing agents are taken out. But how long before the takers want to up the strength and in an open accepting environment start to take the stronger stuff? It’s too dangerous to allow society to slip into casualness on this. It’s perverse.

  13. @patriot, there’s no such thing as allow society to …this is already happening. I personally know people that have been using it for decades.
    you’re thinking of weed grown in the bushes of mbala or wherever. this is grown specifically for medicinal purposes, it has no thc, that’s how the plant has genetically been modified….just like the rape here doesn’t have the big leaves like the ones people eat at home because it’s been modified….
    all those conditions you listed are probable and don’t affect everyone that way. synthetic drugs have far worse side effects, maybe you care to list them as well

  14. medicinal herb has no thc. it’s not the same herb that people grow and smoke. it’s been genetically altered
    synthetic drugs have worse side effects than what you’ve listed
    there are individuals that I know personally that have need using medicinal herb for decades. it’s nothing new, may be to some, like yourself, but drs have been prescribing herb to their patients for a very long time. what has come to light is recreational use, with may countries (including mine) removing prohibition on herb. that’s all that it is, prohibition, it used to be the same with alcohol ways back if you read about it.

    • In that case, I think Sinkamba is right. Without TCH, you cannot get high smoking it. Although I fear Chitalu is not up to date with current research.

  15. Cannabis use in medicine is not a licence for smoking weed. What patients are prescribed is the oil extracted from the plant. This oil has no intoxicating properties because tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is taken out. People with neurological conditions have reported several benefits. However, growing the stuff in a country like Zambia is probably ill advised since we have no way of ensuring that the drug does not end up on the streets in the hands of children.

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