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Why I disagree with Rev. Sumaili’s fight against gay artist Somizi


Rev Sumaili’s opposition to, and Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo’s justification of the baring of South African gay television personality and artist Somizi Buyani Mhlongo from performing in Zambia hurts our nation’s democratic intergrity. The government wrongly characterizes Somizi as a person “with questionable character” whose visit would “compromise or dilute the country’s morality and integrity;” forcing me to ask, “Which morality; which integrity?”

We all know that Zambia is led by corrupt politicians. Am I the only person to ask why questionable characters like Robert Mugabe, Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, Joseph Kabila, Mnangagwa–the list is endless — are in bed with our President? Why don’t we hear calls for integrity when such murderous criminals dine at Plot 1?

The Rev. Sumaili and Kasolo claim that our constitution is based on Christian values–it is a lie and here is why. Some Christians consider premarital sex, divorce, drinking beers, smoking and even plural marriages immoral, but these activities are not illegal under our Constitution. We are not the Church which is guided by religious authorities and doctrines, but a secular state guided by a secular Constitution.

It is laughable and mere politicking to argue that Somizi needs to visit Zambia to “dilute the integrity” of the corrupt Christian nation. As long as there is social media, cable and other media outlets–the so called alien values will continue to engage local norms–it is simply the reality of globalization. Zambians know Somizi through the web, social media and cable. Like Anderson Cooper of CNN, Elton John, and Brenda Fassie, Somizi’s sexual orientation does not negate or compromise his art. Is the government suggesting that heterosexual artists aid Christian values and integrity? In our politicians’ complex minds, as long as they sleep with, and even rape young girls they are fine. As President Lungu’s pardorning of convicted child defiler General Kanene suggests, Kanene could not serve his 18 year sentence because the victim was a 14 year old girl. To prove it, Lungu even appointed a convicted criminal an ambassador against gender-based violence as the Christian nation shouted, Amen!

As President Lungu’s pardorning of convicted child defiler General Kanene suggests, Kanene could not serve his 18 year sentence because the victim was a 14 year old girl. To prove it, Lungu even appointed a convicted criminal an ambassador against gender-based violence as the Christian nation shouted, Amen!

I am a priest but l find the sex-biasness of Rev. Sumaili’s public statements is deplorable. Unless you live on planet Mars, the PF is overpopulated with “questionable characters” as the News has constantly revealed. When is Rev. Sumaili to address the immorality of the stolen K6.1 billion, politically sanctioned violence, selective prosecutions and the legalized stealing that characterize this government? Why don’t we hear her voice when the police abuse students and her colleagues beat wives? Why don’t we hear her voice when poor people die from curable diseases while drugs are disappearing from our hospitals?

If countries that have decriminalized homosexuality are immoral, then why do we evacuate politicians to immoral South Africa and Europe–places eroded of morality and integrity by homosexuals like Somizi? In our Christian nation, the gods and not gays must be crazy!

It is time we accepted that politicians have used the myth of “Christian nation” and homosexuality to distract us from confronting corruption and lack of rule of law.

It is time we accepted that politicians have used the myth of “Christian nation” and homosexuality to distract us from confronting corruption and lack of rule of law. Somizi’s sexual orientation does not put food on the plates of starving millions. Somizi does not raid public coffers, but Rev. Sumaili’s and Kasolo’s friends do. It is not the gay person who kills, beats and locks up political opponents, Rev. Sumaili’s and Kasolo’s friends do. It is not homosexuals who abuse their offices, MPs, Ministers, and Permanent Secretaries do.

So why are PF politicians obsessed with homosexuality? In their complex minds, stopping homosexuals from entering Zambia is key to economic well being. And they know it–we, Zambians are happy to demean or even kill a gay person, rather than hold our politicians accountable for corruption, political violence, and lack of rule of law.

In a democratic polity, the Rev. Sumaili and Kasolo are entitled to their views on “gayism” (whatever it means), but so are those who would love to see Somizi on stage. Is the government suggesting that self-identified homosexuals cannot live or do business in Zambia? How about gay soccer players, gay priests and gay ambassadors? Would Rev. Sumaili and Kasolo stop an openly gay Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s Prime Minister from visiting Zambia? Well, Pope Francis, and even the immoral and gay-hating Trump administration, have had audiences with the gay Prime Minister..

I agree with Rev. Sumaili that each “country has laws,” but the colonial inherited law of carnal knowledge does not criminalize sexual identity, but “homosexual acts.” Being gay in itself is not a crime,“engaging in same-sex acts” is–something I personally find unjust and a denial of human rights.

Finally we can only slow down the justice train when it comes to gay rights. The decriminalization of homosexuality in South Africa, Mozambique, and Botswana suggests a shifting tide in SADC–Rev. the justice train has already taken off.

Rev. Kapya Kaoma


    • I stopped reading where he mentioned he was a priest. Where were you when your fellow priests ravaged our young boys S€XUALLY? The Roman Catholic Church has compensated billions in dollars for priests $exually abusing especially young boys but ask me how much has come to Zambia? Zero! Zilch! Nada! I have never heard anyone of you fake prophets advocating for these victims and asking for compensation for the thousands of victims in Zambia who suffered at the hands of the flaming H0M0S€XUAL men of the cloth.

      Yet here you are castigating and name calling our president and government over this mentally confused personality Somizi! Just look at the picture picture accompanying the story and tell me you don’t see a mentally confused he/she!

    • Ba Kaoma, check out the designer’s manual of use. Every hole has its purpose. You don’t put fuel through the exhaust pipe!!!!!!

    • The author can go live in RSA if he wishes where gays are celebrated.

      There are some red lines in life, and this is one thick red line.

      We already have too many gays in Zed.

    • This is only article I agree with Rev. Kapya.
      He is pissed off!!
      What if Kanene is banned in South Africa, what can Sumaili say?

    • And u stand on the roof top proudly proclaiming that you’re a priest! What kind of a person of the collar are u who promotes filthy acts such as homosexuality? True to the adage,”a mad man will say something sensible but will add another word to remind u he’s still mad”. Most of what you’ve said have some truth in them but alas yo supporting homosexuality taints it all!!

    • Zambians are a docile gullible people…you might as well just talk to a brick wall….they will assume you are homosexual !!

    • What a sensible argument from this reverend. In fact its time to do away with the ambiguous Christian Nation declaration which means nothing but is just used for selective injustice.
      What does it mean when people in political office continue stealing after declaring this a Christian nation? Lusambo beat up someone in the name of the president in a Christian state! Amos Chanda insulted Kambwili and his boss Lungu didn’t remind him that this is a Christian nation. Dora Siliya after stealing airport funds told Parliament to UP YOURS but the President appointed her in his cabinet in a Christian nation

    • You say you’re a priest. That says it all. Obviously you’re a liberal “Christian” who believes homosexuality is okay in the church of Christ. Because if you were a serious born again Christian, you would know what the Bible says about homosexuality in Romans 1. Also in the old testament. You’re obviously a homosexual agenda promoter, trying to undermine the African and Christian values in our country. Move to South Africa if you want to be in a country that tolerates homosexuality. The majority of Zambians reject this lifestyle. Once a country opens its doors to this decadent lifestyle, more perverted lifestyles follow—transgender, transsexual, cross dressing, and eventually pedophilia, as we have seen in many liberal “churches,” around the world (especially in Western…

    • … countries) where priests molest young boys with impunity. There are sins that are more abominable than others, and homosexuality is in it’s own class. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed mainly because of this sin.

    • Hello Hon Sumaili, I am very grateful for your great pronouncement that same-sex persons must receive a death certificate.

      However, we a political party leader who is well accomplished same-sex defiler prostuting as a socialist messiah, please can you start with interrogating Wynter Kabimba to reveal more and arrest this man before Zambia is DECREED AS HOMOSEXUALITY STATE.

    • Rev. Kapya Kaoma
      I hope the prefix Rev. does not mean Reverend as in the man of God in this contexts.
      The gentleman should be a goat in sheep’s clothing.
      I have found you wanting on most fronts the biggest of which is the fact that you should not judge.
      Let me end there here.
      The name of the kingdom of God is usually defiled by men like you, sad.

    • Honestly I think this so called Rev. Doesn’t know her job… a lot happens in our country and she’s ever quiet but something happening in the entertainment industry ninshi nomba we a Christian nation while these thieves are stealing and making dirty deals at the expense of the citizens she’s quiet kaili she knows she benefits from such..
      It’s sad….

    • Sumaili sent Zondwa to be a normal woman. She bought G-strings on her trip to Zambia. And she now dress up better than Zambian women, and she went on marry a gay-behalved guy, whom she treats as wife and not husband.
      Sumaili’s ministry is working.

    • Rev. Kapya Kaoma writes that: ” The decriminalization of homosexuality in South Africa, Mozambique, and Botswana suggests a shifting tide in SADC.” But what he forgets is the intolerance that still exists in South Africa against gays and lesbians. Rape against lesbians is understood there as a means of curing lesbians of their lesbianism. This intolerance also exists in Western countries. There is the recent report by the BBC of the 8th of June where youngsters on top of a double-decker bus noticed two women on the bus were a couple and were told to kiss. When they tried to resist, they were beaten up by these youngsters.

  1. Yes, there is alot of rot in our nation currently; but that shouldnt allow us to continue entertaining rotten chractereistics from foreign lands. Some characteristics dont even need to be debated. Trying hard to justify why a man should continue poking his rod into another man’s ”urse” because our country is already totten with corruption, lack of rule of law and the like? Idiocy from some adults.

    • Worrying about what a couple of gay dudes do in the privacy of their own home is about the gayest thing for a guy to do.

  2. Shadows change with the position of the sun. If you think we should allow in the country based on your analysis, you’ve lost it.This is a Christian Nation and no two ways about it. Yes we know there are sinners in this world but to marry a fellow man, what for? Imagine the fact that even animals travel so many kilometers in the dark to go to where female can be found and come back to station as day breaks in itself is evidence that man to man is abnormal. People will come to your shows NOT because they love what you are but to catch a glimpse of a man out of his senses.

    • Maybe years ago I would have written such a piece but I dont have the patience nowadays. The gentleman is just being objective something that a lot of people can not stomach in Zambia.

    • Jay Jay you are very right. I doubt whether Zambians or to be precise the Zambians that come to LT have an idea what objectiveness is about. They are so entrenched in religious dogma they cant follow a logical argument. Whether you are Christian or not is not the point just give us reference points for your understanding of justice. Also give us reasons for deciding what is right and what is wrong. Don’t tell us that something is wrong or right because some ancestor of people who conquered you said so on some hilltop in the Arabian Desert. That is not what makes things right or wrong.

    • Mwelwa – That’s why small countries like Botswana are light years ahead of us and know how to manage their resources even though 20 years ago they had to rely on Zambian teachers to teach them in schools…just look at the mediocrity around us yet we worry about such issues.

  3. Ba Kaoma if indeed you call yourself a Reverend for Jesus, you should take time to reflect on your stance. Do not make yourself a star at the expense of the cross. These chaps do not just visit but are a brand that homosexuality is okay. As a rev you should know that homosexuality is not right. We are not saying kill the person but do not entertain the brand. Jesus would say neither do I condemn you but go and sin no more. The sin must be repented of. These chaps glorify wrongdoing and that can not be embraced especially by you if you are trully a reverend. Also as a people (Zambians) we do not condone homosexuality. We do not want people to promote and glorify that which as citizens we abhor.

  4. Whatever wrongs PF has committed is not justification to allow gays. Yes thieving PF chaps will still one day face the law when their time comes. Our interest now is to fight those PF wrongs but not to introduce gays in Zambia. I agree with you when you question the thieving habits of PF and their pretending to look holier than gays. But it will be too much for us ordinary Zambians to stomach gays and PF inflicted suffering.
    Tell me if you are comfortable with the laws that criminalises polygamist in these gay infested countries. Tell me why these gay infested countries think it is immoral to be a polygamist and not a gay.
    Good days and good luck ba priest.

  5. My friend,
    We have a lot of single beautiful women on this lovely continent. Do not feel shy; be a man. Do not hide behind something that you know is unnatural.Just marry properly. You cannot fight nature.

  6. I like Kapya Kaoma because despite being a Rev. he tries to approach every social issue with an open mind, that being said.
    Maybe the questions we should be ask her are, why does the minister let her relatives and friends visit a country like South Africa, US, Botswana etc were the same questionable characters come from? Is she not afraid that the morals of her relatives and friends can be corrupted from there too?
    Her thinking is sort of like not allowing a person who drinks to visit her house for fear that the person might corrupt the minds and moral of her relatives, but then allows her relatives to visit the home of person who drinks.

    • You are missing a point. These two boys not even entertainment icons yet come with huge financial support from sponsors of gay movement.

      Zodwa is NOT a musician neither does she know how to dance but she pulls crowds just to see her item

      So Bambo. No one says Zambia is no go area for gays. No. We are saying Zambia is a wrong place to promote gave movement. PERIOD Mwanvela a Bambo???

  7. I wish this same holy anger and outrage could be exhibited when babies,girls and women are raped…we are a christian nation arent we? Why is our holiness selective? Is gay sin more abominable than rape? why does our president champion a rapist and make him an ambassordor? Whilst I think gayism is disgusting, I think we shouldn’t be selective. Lets condemn ALL evil. Most of you are no better than Somizi- let he who has not sinned cast the first stone/


  9. Are you related to Raph Lumbwe,ba Pastor?, busy ukula fyompa imisu sha mwaume munobe!!!…so disgusting!!

    • Yaba hahahaha.

      I saw the video, it was sick, but I was left shocked at how small his instrument was.

      It is clear that it is not the size of the instrument that our zed girls go for when they date these foreign men of certain races. There must be another reason.

    • Why has the Rev Sumaili not said anything about this Lumbwe and the guy he was bj ying? Is it ok for Zambians to be gay? Are they not eroding the moral and christian morals of Zambia? Why are they arrested already?

  10. We shall never condone homosexuality in Zambia. From the time we become an independent Country from Britain in 1964 our founding fathers for saw the future even when they designed our National symbols. Look at the Zambia Coat of arms, there is a man on the left and a woman on the right. Signifying that man and woman are equal. Signifying that God created man and woman in his image. This symbol tells you how sacred marriage is and that marriage is between man and woman only. The most important family unit begins here. You violet what God has instituted is doom. We shall never change in Zambia. Then produce another Zambia Coat of Arms with man and man on both sides and another one with woman and woman so that you accommodate gays.

  11. Gay issue is a non start for us in Zambia.
    Let’s us not use excuses to support gay rights.
    Its either we also gays and we are hiding under a lot of excuses

  12. Rev. Kapya Kaoma, your opinion may be misleading, that shouldn’t come from you, your title should be of one who is expected to be born again. Allow what you call human rights and globalization at your own home. You are the same ones who say, “umu tundu wa bula intambi, untu wafwa.” If you are gay, come out in the open as an activist, then you can be understood in human rights and globalization.

  13. Zambians react to homosexuality as if people just decide to be gay.No,gay people are born the way they are and I am sure if every one of us had a choice nobody would chose to be gay considering the risks they face and the persecution they experience.There is need therefore to be more understanding,more knowledge based and tolerant particularly that nobody is inviting you to be one.As for Christian values and morals,NO Zambia is not a Christian nation.We are a nation of immorality led by a corrupt leadership.A nation of spouse bashers and spouse murderers,who rape to death our own just born babies.

    • I agree with your statement that “NO Zambia ia not a Christian nation”. No part of our constitution says so but there is in the constitution that Zambia is tolerant to all religions…..yes?

  14. wrong thinking….. Fear God and Keep HIs Commandment…… it is heaven or hell. it is Jesus or Satana . Make your decision… Remember Sodom and Gomorrah

    • Read the word of God. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free….No matter the evil going on in our country that doesn’t mean we should neglect our morals. Why should we compromise to other things??? Just because there’s already wickedness so we have to add on to it??? Instead, let’s repent and change. Why should we allow other Nations to teach us abominable acts, yet wen we go to their Nations they condemn our Christian morals and don’t entertain to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  15. Rev Kapya Kaoma, is off the mark. These are the same, called men of God, who have gone astray. Sex is between man and woman within the confines of a home.If we are James and John or Josephine and Mary to marry each other then we should forget about others to inherit this nation.The essence of sex is procreation. We should not allow foreign vices to come and pollute our society. God did not create Adam in order to marry James. God created Adam and Eve not the disgusting behavior this Rev Kapya is advocating. He is a disgrace in the Kingdom of God. I do not think he deserves the collar he puts on as a man of God.Whether there is corruption in our nation, it is not a passport to allow sin upon sin on our nation. Homosexuality is a curse just like corruption.

  16. Very good article, while I do not condone homosexuality i believe people should be allowed to be who they want to be. As long as it is two consenting adults then its fine. 95% of married men commit adultery, should ban all married men.


  17. This reverend is indeed of the queer sort, of the bitter sort. Just the other day he was lampooning the Chitimukulu over an article the chief had penned. Today he is celebrating Stonewall. What a mess.

  18. You have gone through a huge process to accept certain things. Respect those who have not. You talk to much. The comparisons you make are not the same. I have not indicated my opinion just saying aikona kulibonesha…

  19. This Agenda has always been to depopulate Africa and non white continents, stupiid reverends like the author of the article cannot just see, or he is hiding in the waldrope ( closet ). This is against God and growth of Africa. Let a man and woman marry all else can travel to holland.

  20. However long your article maybe Rev Kaoma you are talking nonsense, a wrong is a wrong and you can not justify a wrong by another wrong please revisit your article and if what you are saying is that Somizi has the right to be in Zambia then God should apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  21. Let him also put his photo on this article

    And let him visit saud arabia next month with his article or even Qatar

  22. Obsolete and irresolute quotes picked on the blog:
    “You cannot change nature”
    “The essence of sex is procreation”
    The naivety and warp mindedness of some people never cease to shudder my nerve.
    Am not about to support gayism in any way but that science is changing and altering our course of destiny on numerous frontiers is a fact we all have to forthrightly adapt and learn to live with. Mere emotionalist approaches to some of the pertinent questions of the times may only leave us in stagnation

    • These same gays are very intolerant to people who comderm them.

      Mugabe was nearly lynched at Heathrow airport by gays

      They want us to accept them fine

      They should also accept us for condeming them. Its also our democratic right . Mwanvela a Bambo Kaoma


  24. Gays are free to come to Zambia. No one is stopping them.

    Even us are free to go to gay land.

    But if a well know anti gay artist or activist goes to host a show in a gay land its even safer to block him . They may not even grant him a VISA other wise bazamuchita kuipa pa stage ma homo

    Ask Mugabe

  25. Reverend Kapya is a poor scholar who has failed to support his arguments from either the Koran or Holy Bible.

  26. In issues of SEX you see a lot of posts on LT or any internet media. When you talk about the arts and culture freedom of expression economics or Monze Council welcomes ban on plastic bags there are very few comments. Why? Is the truth that we are only interested in SEX

  27. Should sexual orientation hinder one from doing his job?. Should sexual orientation hinder someone from travelling?. The moral compass in zambia stinks to high heavens. Even those commenting in support of sumaili are very big sinners too, asking God to forgive them every day. The bible is right in saying remove the log from your eye first before seeing the speck in anothers eye. Hatred has never changed anybody but love has. Even if i dont agree with gayism should that make me hate them? No

  28. One ZAMBIA!One Nation!One Nation!One God!That’s the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who has said that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God.According to God homosexuality is a sin not a human right. Rev.Kapya Kaoma I am not so sure what kind of God you serve for you to support the nonsense of homosexuality. Rev.Kapya Kaoma you are an agent of the devil and you should repent.

    • HIV, AIDS and Extinction!
      The first HIV patients were from the sodomites in USA and these are the chaps passed it on to prostitutes who in turn broadcast it to married men and spoiled S.E.X for the rest of the world! Should we forgive them for messing up the world of S.E.X.?
      What if we give Sodomites two Islands, one exclusively for male sodomites and another for female sodomites and check on them every 10 years to document developments in their communities? It can be a good Social Experiment which only Hitler could have carried out successfully!

  29. evil evil evil homosexuals deserve killing just like animals that have foot and mouth diseases .
    isolate them let them go to hell where evil beings are
    Amend the punishment from 14yrs to death sentence
    we dont have value for homosexuals in this country satanic behaviour

  30. Comment: am going to give them man to man and woman to woman a planet and give them 10 years each to have children NO,, children bakabwa,,? fikoti,,!

  31. Same rights for every one sinner or not ..some of you here are even worse compared to gay people ,you do immoral and sinful things that nobody sees and you are here criticising the Priest for what he has said according to his own point of view. You have negative impacts on other people’s sins while you sin too.

  32. This Kapya kaoma is total shame to humanity. If you are broke as a reverend does mean should supporting evil deeds. This has nothing to with madam sumaili but with The Almighty God. If you are reverend should ve talked about issues that in the bible that always led God to destroy humanity. Homosexuality is one of them. Yet this is what you are promoting. You are very stupid and big fool ever mentioned God’s name in 21 century.

    Shame shame on you.

  33. Bad company corrupts absolutely! Those confused homosapiens who can’t distinguish between an “exit and an entry” should not be allowed to stage any public events that would end up corrupting the minds of our children! They should only be allowed to come if they can prove beyond doubt that they themselves were born through Sodomy! Otherwise they should not be allowed to broadcast their perverse ideology! The best is to use the Mugabe Formula – imprison them until they can prove a man and a man can bear a child or if a woman and a woman can bear a child! Zambia needs a population of 100 million plus to increase its market for goods and services! How do you become fruitful and multiply through sodomy? It’s a pervasity! To date, science has failed to produce evidence about sodomy…

    • To date science has failed to produce evidence of Sodomy in other animal species! The labeling of Sodomy as genetic is just bad science based on anecdotals! Lesbianism is a Social Experiment which is very well funded! Make no mistake about it aimed at destroying the building block of society which is the family! It’s just for the money and nothing else!

  34. How many normal men and women can resist the reproduction anatomy of the opposite s3x for same s3x inclination? Few numbers. If it is so much about private parts how cool is it to just socialize with people of opposite s3x. God is great indeed. A phenomenon and experience so intense and that pushes you more and more to understanding and doing more to try and figure out (searching) intergender nuiances. Judging from comments above, people supporting this sick article live in the diaspora or understand a jail cell or indeed erring priests where they’ve ve been exposed to this disease. Maybe they themselves have been proposed by gays. To imagine your same s3x dude sticking it in there is the sickiest thing a normally functioning being can do. Imagine a male lion mounting a fellow lion…

    • Sickening article supporting a sickening lifestyle from the West.
      These “licks and wrong entry” expeditional affairs must be limited to their domains. Once a secret abnormal lifestyle trying so hard to get justification and acceptance in extremely normal societies. It’s been long coming…

      7 Dec 2011.
      The US has publicly declared it will fight discrimination against gays and lesbians abroad by using foreign aid and diplomacy to encourage reform.

      Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience of diplomats in Geneva: “Gay rights are human rights”.

      I cannot be surprised if agents for this cause are activated and in full force. For all of you countries with a dependance syndrome, you will not resist this for long.

    • Atfer having read all the comments above, I make a compassionate appeal like, as a civilised nation, can someone conduct a thorough research on this gayism, and address such questions as, what is gayism? How does one become one? What are the biological make ups? Such and many other such questions when explained to the full will help to discuss the subject objectively and not with such subjectivity displayed here.

  35. I am lost for words,the Rev Kaoma is a real jerk.I would not even read the entire article.The glory he was seeking will soon turn into disgrace and shame from his congregants. He clearly needs Jesus.

  36. Ba rev you are a disgrace, are you speaking for God are you have forgotten the mandate of your call… Check yourself please

  37. The other is homosexual or pretending in order to earn money and the other is supporting for the same cause. These are levels lazy people reaches in order to survive. When you hear people selling there own children don’t get surprised coz there are just like some bloggers we have on this site.

  38. Folks, whatever, views we have on this highly sensitive issue, can we take a moment and reflect about this ‘pastor’! What if this so-called Reverend could just be a quack! A fake to be specific. He could just be using this title for distraction. And look at the trouble you going through to debate this topic. Holahlah cry my beloved country! Think about it for a moment ladies n gentlemen!

  39. Is Zambia that Clean and dont have such pple lyk Somizi ?
    wow to the Priest. ????????????????????????????????

  40. The Bible is clear on the vice of homosexuality. It is forbidden, it is alien to humanity. It is against the course of nature. But so is:
    – and many other vile practices we have wholesomely embraced as a people. When are we going to show the disgust we are pouring on homosexuality on these other evils?

  41. Ba Kaoma, I stopped reading when you mentioned that you are a pastor. Which Bible do you read? What do you teach your followers about sexually immorality? For a fact,they must stop giving you money because you are misleading them. very disappointing indeed.

  42. ? 2 Timothy 3:1 ?

    2 Timothy 3:1-5
    Rev.Kapya Kaoma you have a form of Godliness but you have denied its power. According to this scripture.
    “Difficult Times Will Come”
    1But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, 4treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. 6For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, 7always learning and…

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