Esther Lungu
Esther Lungu

First Lady Esther Lungu has urged corporate entities and privileged Zambians to consider donating some of their excess material gains and finances to the vulnerable and needy in society.

Mrs Lungu noted that there are people, especially in rural areas who are not able to afford buying clothes for their children, hence the need for the privileged Zambians and corporate entities to come to their aid.

She said she has taken it upon herself to help vulnerable people in rural areas of Zambia especially mothers and children.

She stated that some mothers who go to the hospital to give birth have no capacity to provide for the newborn babies hence the need for people who have means to come to the aid of such parents.

The First Lady was speaking at State House this morning when she received a donation of assorted clothes and shoes worth K180, 000 from the Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Services.

Mrs Lungu noted that by donating to the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust, the Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Service, is contributing to the relief of many people especially women and children in rural areas.

The First Lady who is well known for helping children and women in rural areas disclosed that rural areas are the geographical focus of the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust.

She has since thanked all the partners and donors for entrusting her foundation with the mandate to respond to the needs of the vulnerable in Zambia and pledged to remain accountable and transparent.

Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Service Chief Executive Officer Victoria Mumba handed over the donated item on behalf of the institution.

Speaking during the handover, Mrs Mumba thanked the First Lady for her commitment towards serving the vulnerable and poor in Zambia.

Mrs Mumba said her institution is grateful to make a contribution to the work of the first lady’s foundation trust in uplifting the lives of many women and children.

And a member of the Zambia Institute of Banking and Financial Service Council Simangolwa Shakalima noted that his institution and partners have taken note of the works of the First Lady which he said has contributed positively to the uplifting of lives of the less privilege and vulnerable in the society.

Mr Shakalima expressed hope that through the donation, his institution will contribute to the greater works of the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust.

The donation comprised blankets, baby napkins, girls’ and boys’ shoes and clothes plus men clothes among other things

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  1. Madam , you went and spent almost $1 million on a trip to the USA where you even took bedroom attendants and cleaners to go a view 2nd hand trucks worth $50,000 and you want to talk about about helping the vaunrable ?

    BTY where are those truck you went to get ????


    • Why do they even let this clueless woman run her mouth like this? She doesn’t know that many people in Zambia are in the state of extreme poverty because of her clueless corrupt husband? This is the same person that wasted $1million of taxpayer money to go get some worthless firetrucks from the USA. Had she not wasted that money on that needless trip, part of that money could’ve been used to alleviate the suffering of the same people she’s talking about. So her strategy is, help create a problem, and then come in as a savior. What a shame.


  2. Madam that’s the job for your husband. Corporations are not bound to provide for them, those people voted for your husband and so he should be the one to worry about them instead of wandering around like he does. When the suffering intensifies like In Zimbabwe the world will blame lungu



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