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UPND MPs are more resolved and united than ever to defeat the constitutional Amendment bill

Headlines UPND MPs are more resolved and united than ever to defeat the...

UPND MPs flashing the party symbol during a news briefing
FILE: UPND MPs flashing the party symbol during a news briefing

Bweengwa UPND Member of Parliament, Michelo Kasauta has dispelled public fears that UPND members of Parliament were divided on the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) resolutions and likely to betray the cause on the floor of Parliament.

Mr.Kasauta said people should not doubt the capacity and sincerity of UPND Members of Parliament with regards to matters of national and public interest because they always represent the will of the people.

Speaking when he featured on Live Radio’s Live issues radio program this morning, Mr.Kasauta said UPND Parliamentarians have always stood on the side of the people and will never let them down.

“We agree as UPND MPs that some people might criticise us but one thing we can assure you is that we are more resolved and united than ever to defeat the constitutional Amendment bill once brought on the floor of Parliament. I can assure the public that the bill will not go anywhere.We are determined and we shall stand with the people,” he said.

The Bweengwa lawmaker further said the Party position on the NDF resolutions is very clear and was in line with the wishes of the people hence any departure from it would be suicidal.

He added that President Hakainde Hichilema’s guidance to the parliamentarians on both sides of divide was timely and non partisan but aimed at ensuring that Parliament remains representative of the people.

Mr.Kasauta said supporting the resolutions of the NDF in parliament by UPND MPs would be the worst national betrayal for many generations to come hence their resolve to defeat it now to avoid posterity judging the current Parliament harshly.

“We have an opportunity once again to stand with the people.In 1990,the UNIP dominated Parliament stood with the people and time has come for us to stand with the people and ensure that their wishes and aspirations are respected in line with the constitution which recognises the people as being the authority behind the constitution,” he said.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda is this in sitting of Parliament expected to table in the house a constitutional amendment bill to allow the Republican Constitution number two of 2016 be amended to include NDF resolutions.

The bill will however require two-thirds of the total number of MPs to pass through and the opposition UPND has successfully rallied MPs from among independents and the PF to reject the Bill.

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    • Mayo Mpapa: Is it everything from the NDF that deserves rejection? Is there time for parliament to vote on those proposed amendments that could command support from both sides of the house and therefore the required minimum two thirds? Trouble is parliament isn’t being used to persuade but to humiliate those who hv doubts about some proposals.

    • These are the same retards who decampaigned the bill of rights which they later wanted to use to win the presidential appeal. These are blind leaders with no foresight of what they stand for.

    • It is their democratic right to shoot down or vote against or for the bill on the floor.

      It is democracy.

      That said, if there voting against it is based on moral uprightness, so be it. But if it is for the shooting down anything Government, we meet at 2021 poll.
      Good luck gentlemen.

    • This is being dull. U ain’t shooting down bill for our sake as Zambians but to serve the interests of Hichilema, who himself has never been in an elective leadership position apart from UPND where he does not allow to be challenged.

      You MPs know the confusion if having big headed mayors and council Chairpersons who feel they are above councillors and MPs – having been elected by more people than you.

      You also know the last Constitution amendments took away your right to sit in councils and drive the developmental agenda with councillors. This was opportunity for you to correct that mess.

      What of women in Parliament? What of entrenchment of Christian nation clause. HH is not Christian for real but hides into it. So he doesn’t care whether it fails or not. Serves the Masons well

    • 1.5 u can etch the declaration of Zambia as a christian nation in a rock it does not make the nation christian it is a declaration that pushes a political agenda for some pipo but does nothing for the well being of the nation coz the pipo who preside over the nation are not christian at all

    • Oval Head: In the final analysis the bill of rights is just so many words because there a lot of civil liberties that the PF govt is not respecting at present.

    • Which people are these vision less MPs representing? The refused to attend the NDF and understand fully the proposed changes, now that proposed changes are about to be included in the constitution they saying we will shot bills down. Are you for real? Zambia will never move forward with people like this. Unfortunately you do not the numbers to shot anything down. Upnd are dull people. Honestly speaking why can’t you guys for once have your own mind set? Everything, l everything hh has final, you guys just follow like headless chickens. You’ve never supported anything or even attend national event because your small god does not approve. Really

    • ECL and PF are determined to use “kasaka kandalama” to bribe UPND MPs to vote in favour of the Treacherous NDF Bill. UPND should put National Interests ahead of Personal Interests. They should refuse to be bought by the 3 PF Pieces of Silver. For the first all Right Thinking MPs should vote against the Treacherous PF’s NDF Bill.

    • John mutalr: When the then opposition PF voted against RB’s government’s proposals from the National Constitutional Conference to amend the Republican Constitution, it was not labelled as tribal. What has changed now if the UPND use their numbers in parliament to block the latest proposals to amend the constitution again? It’s why I argue that under this one Zambia one nation KK prounced in 1969 it seems there are fashionable and unfashionable tribes.

  1. The constitution is not a UPND or a PF document to be used for political advantage.Respect the people’s constitution .

    • NDF never represented the people ..it should never have carried on immediately people started withdrawing if you think a hungry rat like Tayali who is fundraising money for wedding from anyone is your rep…go ahead!!

  2. UPND MPs have really tried to fight for what is right for the citizens! Unfortunately, the spiritually blind citizens are in the majority! It’s very difficult to fight for the spiritually blind.
    These galant MPs voted in favour of paying all retirees but were defeated by the arrogance of numbers on PF side. The same may happen with the NDF bill. PF MPs don’t vote on the merit of a matter but trivialize important matters! They just don’t care! Even if we asked them to vote for the reopening of CBU, the bill will be shot down! Zambians, where did you get such heartless PF MPs from? The Deputy Ministers are back!

    • In a democracy, majority wins the poll in Zambia. Respect the will of the majority.
      That is the essence of democracy.
      The Ethics of a Majority:
      Here, whatever a cultural or political grouping approves of is deemed right, and whatever the group disapproves of is wrong. This is cultural relativism; the ethic is set by a majority of citizens accepting that something is right or wrong. Clearly, ethics determined by cultural relativism are subject to change as society changes.
      The usual definition of a bigot is that the person holds a particular view ‘irrespective of reason’, and ‘attaches disproportionate weight’ to it. Such allegations are not justified against those who hold a reasoned and researched viewpoint backed by clear statements on morality in the Bible.
      Therefore if the…

    • … UPNDEAD defeats this so be it. If the PF has its way, so be it. In each case, democracy wins, the majority wins, the elite people wins.
      That said, whoever is used to a political whipping, gets it again.

    • @ Thorny Flesh,
      I’ll give you a simple challenge.
      We respect your democracy but understand that democracy is not the most ideal form of governance and is not inherently perfect! A majority vote which we respect in a democracy does not convert a bad thing into good! Voting is the lazy way of getting around issues – what we call Intellectual Laziness! A majority vote will NEVER convert Sh1t into food! NEVER! However we respect the Sh1t that your democracy brings!

    • I take it you were a kid when Double K had his way for 27 solid years. In his unchallenged position, he was grooming his son to take over. The elite people of this beloved Christian Country had to put up with the sh!t of predemocracy rule. He became the grand guru, the Wamuyayaya untouchable.
      When Zambians could not put up with the nonsense any longer, they stood up to double K. Thank God unlike the Mugabes and Musevenis, pressure on double k handed us down a Democratic plural political system.
      With one leg in double K, another in post double K era, to me, the benefits of living in a democratic society overwhelms shackles of stagnation in the one man rule. Let go, free food and coupons are long gone. You gotta work your asz hard to survive. Your challenge is challenged too.

  3. The only problem with UPND is that when they take a position on any national matter they don’t elaborate. When you ask them to explain all they say is that they know what the PF is trying to scheme. It’s difficult to tell whether they’re thinking or not. They leave everything to Jack Mwiimbu and Garry Nkombo to explain, but unfortunately Garry sounds like a lumpen while Jack is a maniacal lunatic

    • And they honestly think they have answered a question. I always get shocked when I see that. I also wonder, are these the people who.want to.run a whole country?

  4. Yes there are certain issues from NDF that SHOULD SHOT DOWN FROM INCLUSION IN THE CONSTITUTION e.g.Deputy Ministers,non dissolution of parliament at election time,resignation or retirement from civil service 2 years ahead before contesting political office,removing retirees from payroll before receiving benefits etc.THE NDF WAS DESIGN TO CRAFT A WAY TO KEEP PF ESPECIALLY EDGAR LUNGU IN POWER TO CONTINUE SINKING OUR COUNTRY!!MOST OF ITS RESOLUTIONS SHOULD BE FOUGHT!

  5. UPND MPs had dunderheads. They can’t see that by shooting down the Bill, they are playing into hands of PF who lose nothing at all? You still haven’t any lessons about 14 days to this date? Dont be that dull

  6. Why does Upnd criticise everything that PF does ? Are they genuine ? This is the bitterness and jealousy that make African countries lag behind.Surely some resolutions done by NDF are progressive and need support.

    • If the useless UPND shoot down the amendments it’s fine because the current constitution favours the ruling party and we shall see who will cry the loudest after the next election

  7. Resolutions like a civil servant participating in politics after 2 years in retirement is undemocratic and should be reviewed.The rest is good.

  8. LT, why do you allow insults and vulgar language on this platform? Does democracy mean we can say what we want, even insults when it hurts others? Can we have mature issue-based debates than insults please? Even when bitter, please keep cool and collected on public fora!

  9. Not everything is bad in the proposed amendments.Thus,wisdom would requires dull UPND MPs to evaluate,analyze facts then reject unwanted ones.Rejecting everything is 100% wrong because nobody in Zambia wants a PF or UPND Constitution.To think that only UPND can deliver a unique constitution for Zambia is living in utopia world.Hence,dull UPND MPs must be thinking outside the box unlike following HH (who has never held any Govnt position) like robbots!!!UPND SHOULD KNOW THAT THE CURRENT CONSTITUTION FAVOURS THE RULING PF,SO IF THEY LOSE IN 2021,UPND WILL CRY THE LOUDEST BUT NOBODY WILL LISTEN TO THEM!!!Recall HH campaigned against the bill of rights in 2016.After losing elections,Kainde cried about his rights 24/7 but no Zambian listened to him.This is how short sighted politicians can…

  10. a useless amendment like this must not be supported like it happened with the pulling out of icc which consumed a lot of money. a few *****s tried to support the moving out of the icc and things failed. the same should happen to show those supporting blindly that zambia is not for dunderheads like pfools.

  11. What this needs is objectivity. For instance Deputy Ministers issue should never be supported because their absence has never created a problem in running government. The Election of Mayors should be maintained. Personally these are two issues that make me not support NDF resolutions. If these issues could be left as they are currently then I would support the NDF other resolutions.

  12. Yes shoot down, 100% i support you. Issues like Deputy ministers must not find their way into the republican constitution. Please independent MP’s dont support the corrupt PF regime’s resolutions that dont represent the will of the people


  14. I have always said and I repeat, UPND is just a cult with devilish intentions. Look at the members in the picture, all in black like satan himself.

  15. My! Those black trib.als are really ugly, just look at their mouths. The forward symbol too, not inspiring at all!

  16. Okay guys muli babi jealous down both men and women. Much as I concur with some of your resolutions, wearing black makes you look devilish.

  17. Abash NDF!!let them start afresh and all stakeholder take part.the church must chair we are a Christian nation

  18. My only concern is, why is everyone dressed in black, illuminates always wear black…. Now am having second thoughts on UPND…..

  19. UPND is the kind of mother who will throw the baby out with the bath water and blames the father for not building a shower but is wasting money on buying a bicycle.

  20. It were better to ban this party than play make believe ‘Democracy through Parliament Games’ with them.

    They have no respect for Citizens of Zambia and are enemies of progress.

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