PF Secretary general Davies Mwila
PF Secretary general Davies Mwila

The Felix Mutati MMD outspoken youth Prince Ndoyi has told Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila to caution his lower ranking officials to stop being disrespectful towards his party by displaying fake MMD members defecting to PF.

Mr. Ndoyi has wondered why PF is concentrating on defections in difficult areas other than paying attention to places where it matters like Petauke District and Eastern Province in general where people are leaving PF in huge numbers.

Reacting to the purported defection of MMD members to PF in Mwinilunga, Mr. Ndoyi laughed off the defection as fake and said those involved in staging MMD defections are directly undermining their own party President Edgar Lungu by assaulting an alliance which he has publicly acknowledged.

“It is clear that those involved in staging MMD defections are directly undermining their own party President Edgar Lungu. Who has on countless times publicly acknowledged and defended this MMD-PF working alliance including Mr Davies Mwila himself. So all we can say is, they are just disrespecting their own President, and for us we are not bothered at all.”

“Honourable Mwila is being cheated on creating an illusion, any good farmer will pay attention to his good soils to plant good seed there other than taking the best seed on hard rocks. In Eastern province people are leaving PF in huge numbers as seen in Petauke district but for them they want to pretend by staging defections in hard regions.”

On the alliance he further said the two parties are in an alliance hence any well meaning member of either parties should have the sense to stop any member from moving especially doing so publicly.

Mr. Ndoyi said it’s not fathomable for any senior member in their right frame of mind to parade people to pretend they are from MMD when it is a public secret they are working together.

“Politically it is incorrect and an insult for that matter. It goes against the principles of people in a relationship or in a politically beneficial mutual understanding. This is politics, and we need to move with caution and care. They cannot carry around this attitude of arrogance and a bully even knowing fully well that they are working with us”, he said.

Mr. Ndoyi advised Mr. Mwila to stop receiving defectors from MMD but instead carefully check if indeed they are members of MMD and guide them on the working relationship the two parties are enjoying because if he continues with the same trend there might be a backlash with disastrous consequences.

He also said arranging defections was an easy way of deceiving yourself that the party is growing but that the real growth of the party depends on having a systematic strategy of mobilisation on the ground.

Mr. Ndoyi said Mr. Mwila should put down a strong grassroots machinery that is actively mobilising people one by one through party registers.

He has since strongly called on the leadership from both parties to quickly engage in genuine dialogue on this issue of defections.

Mr. Ndoyi said the working relationship requires to be harmonised before they begin to have unnecessary differences and concerns.

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  1. MMD, here is my free advice: your so called partner PF is in free fall and Zambians are looking for an alternative which is NOT upnd. You have a pedigree of rescusitating a dying economy and no trib.als.
    Nalaanda, the rest is up to you


  2. Does PF have a choice now? The issue now is who is the next ruling party, which is certainly not upnd.


  3. 5 chatasha: “UPND is ruling the country,come 2021 ! PF are pathetic failures ,really.”

    But upnd are pathetic trib.als, really, who would trust them with power?
    They have had all these years since 2006 to cleanse their characteristics and they never took the chance because is their very life. No chance for trib.als in Zambia bwana. I would rather have MMD back. Well even UNIP and NOT upnd trib.als.


  4. everyone is now trusting upnd and all have come to notice that the tribal party is pf . check all the appointments coming its from one region. the economy is falling like no one s business . prizes are out of control. foods on the market are an affordable we wonder where pf will have anything to be presaised of. though they get a distinction in stealing and corruption



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