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Minister Mushimba and UPND’s Hichilema in a fierce Twitter war with UNZA Don

Headlines Minister Mushimba and UPND’s Hichilema in a fierce Twitter war with UNZA...

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba

A minister in President Edgar Lungu’s Cabinet and the leader of Zambia’s main opposition party have become the latest high profile public figures to be embroiled in a twitter war with Sishuwa Sishuwa, an outspoken academic whose acerbic political commentaries have frequently placed him at loggerheads with leading political figures in government and the opposition.

A tweet by Minister of Transport and Communications Dr Brian Mushimba on the benefits of automatic air navigation backfired spectacularly when it was met with a hard-hitting response from the University of Zambia (UNZA) lecturer.

On 29 June 2019, Dr Mushimba alighted from a plane at Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Airport minutes before he tweeted to share his experience of landing on the automatic navigation aircraft system.

“I have just experienced automatic landing at Lusaka airport; the plane landed itself with no pilots on the controls”, wrote Dr Mushimba on Twitter.

Over 80 of the minister’s followers liked his tweet while others used the opportunity to present outstanding grievances. A Twitter user who goes by the name of ‘Zambia in the Sun’ tweeted ‘Please tell President Lungu to reopen CBU’. A few others stuck to the subject of technological advances, praising the minister for what one follower termed ‘an awesome experience’.

As opposed to offering platitudes, Sishuwa used the minister’s experience to draw an analogy of the experiences of Zambians under the leadership of President Lungu and his government.

“What you felt momentarily is exactly what many Zambians have been feeling ever since Mr Lungu and you landed in public office: that Zambia has been on an autopilot mode with no leadership to control its drift towards a costly disaster of a protracted and endemic general crisis”, tweeted Sishuwa before he added that “The major difference is that while you may have had a smooth landing in the end, despite the lack of controls, Zambia, with no leadership to control its dangerous and unacceptable situation of directionless and unguided national drift, is headed for a catastrophic crash. Sadly in Zambia’s case, it is less a case of a functioning autopilot and more a case like the Malaysian Airlines flight where the pilot and his cabin crew (read Mr Lungu and his friends in Cabinet) deliberately crashed the plane (Zambia) into the sea (of corruption, division, etc.)!”

Sishuwa’s reply went viral, with several Zambians such as prominent musician Chama Fumba, popularly known as Pilato, governance activist Kupela Clarke, and ActionAid Country Director Nalucha Nganga-Ziba retweeting it with their own comments and praising it as expressing what many citizens feel but lack the courage to say publicly.

Later, the outspoken political commentator picked another Twitter argument with opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema, whom he sharply questioned for his growing turn to God in place of offering policy appeals to voters.

Hichilema had tweeted that “If there is something the PF should be afraid of, it is not us. It is the divine consequence of stealing from the Zambian people and embracing the evils of brutality while pretending to be Christian. God is fair and His will shall prevail”.

Nearly 300 of Hichilema’s followers on Twitter liked and praised the tweet. Trevor Mumba commended the UPND leader saying “What president HH is saying is that karma is a bad woman and she never forgets. A time of reckoning is coming”. Several others echoed Mumba’s sentiments.

But Sishuwa criticised the tweet and accused Hichilema of desperation and pandering to the Christian faithful in an attempt to win votes. He said the UPND leader should have instead promised to prosecute those responsible for pillaging public resources, if elected, charging that the obsession with God is holding Zambia back.

“I detect increasing piety in your posts, HH”, tweeted Sishuwa. “I cannot help but wonder whether you are pulling all stops now in getting that Christian vote or you actually believe what you write, including ascribing agency such as the power to punish wrongdoers to a deity. And what kind of God is this one, who, like a typical Zambian, stands and looks while all manner of plunder and destruction takes place? This obsession with God isn’t helping us at all, Mr Hichilema. In many ways, it is holding us back. We must exercise our minds a bit more”.

Hichilema subsequently responded rather dogmatically, tweeting “We are not ashamed of our reliance on God to give us strength as we endure our struggles. We are determined to change Zambia and we’ll continue to work tirelessly, even under difficult circumstances. Faith without works is futile.”

The UPND leader’s reply was met with choruses of “Amen” from his supporters, who also descended on Sishuwa’s tweet, taking turns to condemn it. The leading condemnation came from international trade and business consultant Trevor Simumba, who accused the critical academic of attacking the opposition leader’s faith.

“Sometimes we forget that HH was brutally attacked in his home with his family in real danger”, tweeted Simumba in response. “He was detained on trumped up treason charges and many attempts have been made on his life. Truly, I can understand his faith in God. It’s not easy being an opposition leader in Zambia”.

But Sishuwa dismissed Simumba’s reaction, saying it lacked substance and had little to do with anti-corruption reform. “I think this has little to do with the argument I raised. This isn’t about HH nor what he has or hasn’t gone through. I worry that you are conflating an idea with its proponent. A person is not the idea. Consequently, they do not begin to be attacked or defended as one”.

Simumba, who recently declared that Hichilema is the best option for Zambia, responded that “I can tell you as someone who has been threatened directly with death for holding an opposing view to the powers that be that without God, I would have given up and just stayed quiet like many good Zambians do. I fully relate to HH’s recent growing faith in God”.

“Trevor, I am not saying Hichilema shouldn’t believe in God. I am against surrendering our human agency to that God. If it takes God to punish thieves who are stealing public resources today, I might as well vote for that God, not Hichilema if I want a corrupt-free Zambia, no? You probably are closer to Hichilema. Please advise him properly including on the need to stop playing to the gallery. I am beginning to fear that should HH become President tomorrow, some will sing him praises pretty much like the guys in PF are doing to Lungu now.”

The respected international trade and business consultant who has announced plans to stand as a member of parliament in the 2021 election then accused Sishuwa of being angry. “You seem to be very angry lately and I think it’s clouding your very formidable analytical mind”, Simumba tweeted.

“How can I not be angry”, tweeted Sishuwa in response, “when public resources are being looted with impunity by Mr Lungu’s administration and the leader of Zambia’s main opposition responds by citing divine, not natural, consequence of stealing from Zambians? How about promising to prosecute those responsible?”

Another supporter of Hichilema’s tweet, Caesar Cheelo, said there is need to leave matters of corruption to God’s judgement, tweeting “But we are also rationale, talented and determined thinkers who have constantly exercised our minds. We could all do well to talk less and listen more! There’s wisdom in leaving God’s judgment to Him”. Unconvinced, Sishuwa hit back, tweeting “You are missing the point, Countryman, and are not helping Hichilema. The consequence of stealing from the Zambian people is natural, not divine. Why didn’t HH simply promise to prosecute those who are corrupt and stealing public resources today? Why leave the matter to God?”

Felicity Kalumba Kalunga, who supported Sishuwa’s argument, charged that Zambians are burdening God with unnecessary additional responsibilities, tweeting “In what sense does the will of God prevail over plunder when he’s given us wisdom and the means to prevent and prosecute crime? I am afraid we are giving God too much work”

Others questioned if Zambians have any identity beyond religion. Sampa Kangwa wrote “[I] wonder what us Zambians would do if God rejected us for a month refusing anything to do with us including mentioning his name”, to which Sishuwa responded “We possibly would have neither identity nor voice for the whole duration of the suspension or rejection!”.

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    • Mushimba will run back to Atlanta the sooner PF is wacked. He is neither authentic nor reliable in this whole circus of competing cultures. He will jump the ship to eat the rooting and resettle with his African American wife. PF you are alone in facing the price of plunder.

    • I cannot believe that Trevor Simumba is coming out so irrationally, like a cadre. Is he seeking adoption for 2021 on the UPND ticket?

    • Brian just go and hang yourself ati “auto-pilot ni boss obe”.
      Brian..”I just lay hopeless with condom in my only left hand, since my right was crashed by auto-driver, waiting for an auto-machine roll down it on my d;ck”.

    • This high brow stuff. As someone with no religion but still a student of religion, I hv enjoyed it. I hv nothing much to say except to wonder if the God of the Middle Eastern trinity of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is really everyone’s God. Strictly speaking Christianity is no religion at all but a poor copy of Judaism because Jesus Christ founded no new religion.

    • Brian Mushimba is one dull chap he is as laughable as his Thesis PHD topic …the man is in his own fantasy as he can do all he wants as there is leadership…I mean he just gave away $30million to Ethiopian Airlines and he is silent about, he is overseeing one of the most overpriced communication towers in the world.
      Up to now the fooooool has never come back to us with the receipt to show that he paid for his one month stay in a private SA hospital.

    • Just imagine how much interest that $30 million is giving Ethiopian Airlines if its still in there account …if they have savvy fund managers and accountants within 12 months of sitting in their account they would have accrued enough interested and even doubled that money….this dull chap is there singing praises for himself.

    • This Sishuwa Sishuwa is back in his seat of being pretextual and conjunctual … absolutely with no texture and substance.

      This is a guy who has never even ran a lemonade stand and he thinks he has ideas to run GRZ. If elected this “Sishuwa Not So Sure” will have no clue how to govern but tweeter has made him a saint.

      Kiss my $sssssss

    • Brian he had a problem of hand ,effect it was mine problem being a bemba was quickly evacuated to South Africa , leaving NOAH HAABANZU suffering at UTH with his major problem because he is aTonga man.pf is the most tribalist party in Zambia which we had never seen in the history of Zambia.

    • Keep mounting on each other’s confusion. Y’all sound like the Tower of Babel worse still like the day of Pentecost.
      Speaking in tongues as Dr. Eng. MUSHIMBA is somewhat having a go at the automatic landing of the tech plane.
      Yangu, ba double h ati batembenuka, angels in heaven may be rejoicing. Alatashentekwa.


      Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” (Hebrew: ??? ??????? ???-????-?’ ?????????, ?????????) (KJV; also “You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God” (NRSV) and variants) is the third of God’s Ten Commandments to man.

  1. It’s indefensible that the PF administration has committed too many avoidable flaws. They have attracted mounting public wrath and disappointment among sober Zambians. We are talking about serious work of correcting some costly policies. However, Shishuwa is acting epileptic in his activism. He has given himself to schoolyard politics and anger robbing him of intellectual objectivity. Often, he descends into hateful emotional raving. HH’s response on this one was rational. Seemingly, he has realized that dependence on such reactionary souls– has been a costly mistake.

    • Iyi yebe story iliko tricky. Looks like UPND cadres are attacking Shishuwa for criticising HH; PF cadres are attacking him for criticising Mushimba.

    • Kiki when si sure attacked pf all the under5s rallied behind him blindly. When he hacked at there god they start to insult him. These are shameless marons who have delayed zambians of better leadership and development. If these under5s can redirect their energies to supporting a visioned leader other than hh Zambia can move a milestone. Sad to see that Si mumba has now joined a club of retards.

    • This is fun.

      Sishuwa is having his day here.

      Kikikikikikijukija. Confusing his followers. Mushimba and double h, this is cool.

      I, Thorn in the Flesh, am enjoying this.
      Believe me.

  2. People do no not understand the power of social media. It will destroy a lot of us. Let me not say much.

    • Funny, isn’t it! You have already said a lot but you’re saying you don’t want to say much!
      Typical, that’s what cowards do.????????????????

    • The debate has been diverted from what Minister communicating,as usual with opposition that can not reason and debate policy but malice is what is easy because it is to lie and lie without truth.

  3. Everyone has the right to religious freedom even the main opposition leader and if sishuwa wasn’t that frustrated with the condition our country is in now he will not only know but find articles where HH promised to bring to book corrupt pf official’s….I believe even an opposition leader should be allowed to profess their faith from time to time it can’t all be political

    • It is not about finding articles, it is about not taking responsibility but shipping what they should do to God and HH and indeed Lungu, Godfredah, etc are guilty of this.
      Look at Countries with very little Corruption like Norway, they tackle corruption without having to bring in God. When City Market was gutted by fire, many people including Government Officials promised swift action by God. They said, through God, we will soon know who burnt the Market. No investigation was done.
      So HH expects God to punish Lungu and his cronies, how? and when? We might as well just allow free reign for anyone to offend as they please so God can sort them out for us…

    • … Or we can be what God created, ACTUAL HUMAN with brains and NOT robots. Japan, China, S Korea are where they are because they used the brain and resources God gave them in building their countries. God will not micromanage us, we have to do what should be done.

    • baBululu, am not certain what you and this sure man expects from the upnd HH. He has categorically stated that when he and his party take over government, they will bring to book all who have looted Zambians money! What more do you want him to do????

  4. “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.John 15:5 NIV…..they is nothing wrong with professing your faith from time to time, it can’t all be political

    • … Sure nothing wrong. What is wrong or illogical is substituting faith for hard work. Which is what as Zambians we do. When Soweto Market was burnt, instead of investigating, many people looked to God to point them to the arsonists. People talked about how the arsonist will be caught because God is all – seeing.
      We need to understand that Christianity is how we will be saved, and understanding the world, is how we will succeed. Look at Singapore, a poor country at Independence with a GDP that was the same as Ghana. It is an Islamic country that today is a rich country. How did they do it? By prayer? Nay! By hard work and selflessness, Yep! What does God say? Proverbs 14:23 “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”

  5. Sishuwa seems to be “intelligent” but not wise. Can someone ban this goon from publishing anything till he gets his senses back. Personal advice:’Sishuwa focus on your academic career because once you start attacking the faith of the people of Zambia, you will not have peace. Knowledge should not close a man’s soul but open it to divergent views, that includes tolerating the concept of God. Otherwise you are now coming out as a half baked immature bufoon.’ Long live GOD.

    • God lives in the mind of believers and because of that God will live on and on because there will always be believers, end of story.

    • If you want to delegitimategize the Christian faith, you might consider starting with the English language/culture because both are products of colonialism/slavery. Isn’t it because of your mastery of this colonial tongue that you have been able to consume the best in western culture and literature you hypocrites? What about the missionary schools where you got your education, weren’t the founders “deluded Christians?” Otherwise shut up and keep praising the Christian God.

    • aba ba Shuwa probably cannot even remember when he was paid his monthly dues so now venting anger on our Lord, calling his “the God”????? The man or woman should focus why thier salries are being delayed when they are working, why thier colleagues at CBU are currently not working?????

  6. Mushimba is a dreamer who does mean well to the ministry. Zambia Railways is dying further slowly, and so is Zamtel, and they want to create Zambia Airways. What a joke.

    • Brian Mushimba knows that Zambia Airways (2019) is dead in the water. But he is outnumbered in cabinet and has to act on instructions.

    • baUmwine naba Nemwine, Zambia Airways was liquidated in 1994 and the liquidators, Price Waterhouse gave the government change from the liquidation of close to $2m. How can the same people today start saying they want to bring back a company that was not insolvent the time they wound it up?

  7. Sishuwa is wrong on HH! Academics and politics are complementary but not the same.HH is right in calling God’s wrath on plunderers but he and all of us know that it is humans within the laws that will deal the issues! HH knows that Zambians like to ” surrender everything in God’s hands” so he is only speaking their (our) language while knowing that once in power he will have to take decisive steps to deal with the plunder! If he didn’t refer to God,they called have already called him “Bitter”,”Dictator”,,,etc!

  8. Personally I think someone who cannot hold two opinions in his mind as justly right does not deserve a platform much worse the bully puppit that this Sishuwa is trying to make for himself from which to judge the faithful as intellectually inferior to himself. Drop this position “don,” you have no business attacking a deity in country that professes Christianity in its constitution. Otherwise leave and seek the asylum you are so dutifuly working to get wherever you intend to get it.

  9. I like the arguments in the tweets on both sides. My submission is that when God judges, He uses human agents. Let’s take for instance Nineveh. Prophet Nahum was sent by God to warn them. They did not take that warning seriously. God used the Babylonians to wipe Nineveh from the face of the earth for good. God used human agents. So both HH and Sishuwa may be right. Trouble is that they both may have used different reference points. God will rescue Zambia and deal with those taking his people for granted. Nahum 1:3 “The LORD is slow to anger but great in power, He will never leave the guilty unpunished..” I enjoyed the tweets!

  10. Shishuwa is right, religion has enslaved our minds. If we are truly a christian nation we wouldn’t be experience this corruption and looting of public resources. God will not come from heaven and punish these people, it is us who are suffering because of these bad politicians, us who voted for them, us who made bad choices andUs should punish them.

    • Exactly my position. If almost everyone is a Christain, how are we one of the most corrupt countries in the world? Look at the roads, death traps, and all we say is that God will keep us safe on the roads. That belief in God then allows us to drive excessively fast, cut corners in training, take bribes on the roads (Police). Look at the Buses from Intercity. Before departure, a pastor prays for the bus, binding it in Jesus’s blood. Then it is driven at neck=break speed on pot-holed narrow roads (after all it is divinely protected). When an accident inevitable happens, it is Satanists, so we call for prayers, never addressing the root causes, we prefer God to do it spiritually…

    • …Christians would respect life and drive carefully. Christians would not take bribes when they catch us overspeeding, Christians would not give us a licence at a fee without passing. The same thing in Government, Christians would not plunder public money. Christians would not use Police to oppress citizens. Christians would not take kickbacks on contracts. that Christians behaviour would lead to wealth creation.

    • Did HH honestly say that God will come down from heaven and punish the looters of the Zambian economy or that those that have plundered the country’s resources shall be dealt with by God? As far as I can remember HH, has always been vocal on how PF thieves will be locked up once he is in power. HH doesn’t state anywhere that God will come down and deal with them….that is just so shallow to think like that. Most bloggers on LT like to join the band wagon blindly without due consideration of the important factors. Sishuwa has lost it and I think by relying on his own understanding, he has damaged himself intellectually. Sishuwa has to learn to respect God and not his books which we all have been through. Education should not be used as a yard stick to propagate his wrong agenda on…

  11. Yes my obervation is that we are in boeing 737 max with no surety of reaching our destiny. This is what zambia is at the moment. The just liquidated kcm is one major forex earning mining firm that has a huge impact on the lives of people on the copperbelt. How soon will this be resolved.Kwacha though temporary stabilised but for now the cost of doing business in zambia is now too high looking at exchange rates.Who will pay all these costs at the end of the day is a consumer who is an ordinary zambian. Oh God thank you for this country and we have this zambia only; deliver us from the hands of leaders who are not able to take this country to prosperity.

    • The difference with Pilots in 737 Max is that they are highly competent to fly any aircraft…it just the manufacturer didn’t tell them that the aircraft has software hiccups but with PF govt its pilots are highly incompetent and dont know where the aircraft is going as its forever on autopilot.

  12. “Religion has enslaved our minds.” True. But Christianity is NOT a religion. It is the life of God in human beings who believe in Jesus Christ. When God intervenes, He does so through human beings and one sure way of guaranteeing that He intervenes is when faithful human beings ask (pray) for intervention. God intervenes for the sake of the faithful. So please HH be not ashamed to call on Divine intervention, for the just live by faith.

  13. The debate has been diverted from what Minister communicating,as usual with opposition that can not reason and debate policy but malice is what is easy because it is to lie and lie without truth.

  14. The call is for citizens to be pragmatic. Deal with stuff without passing the buck. I agree with Sishuwa. And for those who keep harping about religion being the instrument that delivers, go the Middle East and observe the myriads of religions who have a savior born of Virgin birth and will return. The Jews do not actually believe in that singular story. Awe mwe. We defend what we just inherited without learning more about it.

  15. I like the arguments from the three! It’s completely healthy to debate like this! If we all agree on everything, then someone is not thinking! What is wrong is creating enemity because you can’t agree! The only thing that spoils the debate is running to God! Many public debates get spoiled when faith matters are invoked in a debate. Faith is blind and irrational, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Faith therefore can be anything including a delusion which is not amenable to reason! This is why in Academics, we discourage the discussion of faith because everyone has different faiths! Faith issues are emotional issues and emotion blights the mind! For debates to be rational, let’s leave Faith matters out because not everyone will agree with…

  16. For debates to be rational, let’s leave Faith matters out because not everyone will agree with your faith! Time to discuss Faith is at Church where you reason out of scripture! Sishuwa is right on the need to articulate what is within our God-given means to solve human problems! We can’t always be giving the God this God that excuses!

    • @Banda J
      So what you are saying is that HH has been lazy and not worked hard for his money…? Are you for real? This is where you have all missed the point about HH. Many of you seem to applauding Sishuwa without thinking. Look at yourself first and ask, have I seen God come down and give me the food as Sishuwa would want to put it? Don’t you work hard FIRST and then pray to God that He helps you with anything else. How could you side with Sishuwa showing his inept side of being an intellectual. So all this nonsense about HH and his Christian faith is simply a far fetched cat fight. Sishuwa is talking absolutely nonsense, Zambia need a Tonga character like HH to clean up Zambia, but do we want that, does the same Sishuwa want that…I very much doubt it. Zambians would rather listen to…

    • @Banda J CONT’D
      Zambians would rather listen to such moronic arguments at the expense of a common goal to help the masses out of their abject poverty. It is very sad to see. We need to be above pettiness and focus on what is good for our country. HH is and has always been and will always be a hard worker.

  17. I agree, let us deal with earthly things ourselves because waiting for God to punish these people is a waste of time. God is for the enrichment of the souls of the believers but on the ground, we need to work at how we will prosecute this corrupt regime.

  18. The point that is missing in this debate is that Dr. Sishuwa my young brother should have pointed out this: To compare PF shenanigans to the autopilot system is to insult the brainchild of highly qualified engineers. The PF has no such acumen and we should agree that if the PF was using a mechanism of governing remotely close to autopilot we would be way better off. Pf is nuts.

  19. flag Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Religion is the vehicle the PF thieves uses to control the thinking of Zambians and subjugate them while they are stealing with impunity and Zambians are going hungry and praying to God for a better tomorrow that never comes… waking up hungry the following morning and being told they better not despair because there is paradise in the after life.

    • Humanism, Atheism, agnosticsm and all the anti-establishment religion -isms are equally positions of faith in “nothingness,” and are also western imports. Zambians are a people of faith because from the very ancient foundations of our Country, our ancestors were a people of faith with a number of deities. If Sishuwa indeed is a historian worth his salt, he can give you the names of these deities. So we are just saying ela chita reinvent wheel coz the colonial masters already gave us this Christian faith. Humanism won’t catch on anytime soon especially coming from the pen of Sishuwa.

  20. Assess Sishuwa’s argument carefully. He is not taking ‘sides’ as some people always seem to think should be the case when one criticizes or condemns. He is a realist. You may have your personal faith, yes, but aside from providing you with some invisible strength or impetus, it won’t deal with issues. You actually have to take action – get yourself into power by convincing the populace that you have the solutions and the ‘how’. Then, use the state apparatus to robustly investigate, present evidence and punish all plunderers. You can’t sit back and say those who have stolen will eventually be punished by God. When? When Jesus returns? – I have consistently argued on this forum against mixing the State and religion.

  21. Well, I would love to see what God or Karma did to those who looted and got very Rich Over Privatization, that is really money and has brought a lot of untold misery on the people of Zambia. Today we have not recovered from that. Now today these same people want us to see them as saviors, no ways Jose! Look at GBM we know how got rich, selling melie meal, Dangote selling cement, Bill Gates starting up Microsoft and made possible to have the very computer am using right now, Warren Buffett he started Hathaway and Berkshire, all these people got a truck record manje the one I am not going to name how did he get his and where is the record. Look some steal, but most of it is exaggerated, if you are not inside you might think they are stealing, most of them they are just useless I agree with…

  22. God gave man the ability to think and take responsibility of all situations. He even gave a crucial responsibility to those in power to be fair and just to the voiceless and marginalized widows and orphans. Waiting for God to descend and do the duties He’s given man dominion over is unthinkable. Zambians should refrain from shirking those responsibilities and take physical action, it’s called governance….. simple management. Read also about the talents and you’ll be found wanting for not taking action when the time is right and allowing. Mr. Hichilema and all well meaning Zambians should come out of the shell and take responsibility. Don’t hide behind the words “CHRISTIAN NATION” because without truth they mean nothing. You have allowed criminals to use the same name of God to…

  23. Sishuwa Sishuwa is not annoyed with Hichilema, but he dislikes Hichilema’s thinking of waiting for God to do things for him, God does not operate that way one has to take the initiative and then God will be there for you, even in times of war Gods advise was for people to choose brave fighters among the tribe to go for war, he never advised for cowards and naturally God does not like cowards but brave people. so what Sishuwa is saying to Hichilema is Bwana, take the bull by its horns and all your followers will come with you if you stay behind the followers will also stay behind, I am not saying Hichilema is a coward but what I am saying is that Hichilema should be militant in order to rub off that militancy to the followers, because the followers will only do as their leader says.

  24. If they still your votes and you don’t show anger at the loss of votes through dubious means the followers will not show anger, if they still your votes and you really get annoyed and show it as such every follower will in unison show annoyance, that is how it works, these threats that thieves give after you give chase are not supposed to be headed, because if a thief steals and you chase after him and he stops to threaten you and you turn back, he will come back to steal again but if he steals and you give chase, then he threatens you and you open all your arsenal against the thief, when that thief shows you his heels finally, you will never hear from him again. that is how it works.

  25. Judgment belongs to God who sees from above, God will soon make a clean sweep of corrupt leadership, someone may ask how through His people because God uses people just like Satan uses people those involved in corruption are agents of the devil be aware God will soon you garbage.

  26. I like Sishuwa’s post. I do not want to get entangled in its detail and the reactions thereof. But my question is: Do Zambians wonder for a moment how buoyant the Chinese economy is doing and yet Chinese have nothing to do with God?

  27. Sishuwa has unfortunately become a reactionary thinker. Somebody says or does something and he lazily volunteers his thoughts or opinion. He isn’t the thought leader I hoped he’d be. Regurgitating what we already know is not going to solve anything or open our eyes to it. He needs to re-invent himself because this current iteration is not working.

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