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The closure of the CBU shows that the PF government is not interested in education.

Columns The closure of the CBU shows that the PF government is not...

Copperbelt University CBU Graduation Procession

By Faston Mwale

The inordinate closure of the Copper belt University by the Ministry of Higher Education about three months ago raises pertinent questions about the calibre of those appointed to serve in the country’s tertiary educational sector. It is unimaginable that in this day and age, a University can be closed like a side road vegetable grocery shop. The refusal by Nkandu Luo to reopen the university let alone dialogue over the issue of the closure of the country’s second highest institution is a grave concern to the citizens. What the PF government is doing to education in this country is not only a disservice to the memory of Mr. Sata but a betrayal of the youth who rose en masse to ensure that the PF won the elections in 2011.

Thus, what Nkandu Luo and the Patriotic Front are doing to the students at CBU amounts to the worst exhibition of ungratefulness and sheer ignorance. The arrogance of the PF leadership today must be reciprocated by a landslide rejection in the 2021 general elections. Anyone who will contest on the PF ticket will be treated with the same measure of harshness that they are today meting out on the youth. Denying education to the youth is one of the worst forms of inhumanity in the modern world.

It is acknowledged worldwide that the development of countries today no longer hinges on the mineral resources underground but rather on the brain power of the citizens. That is why education in developed countries is a top priority in the creation of the necessary human social capital. No country today can develop without education. Our passionate appeal to the youths across the country is that a leadership that does not care about education is inimical to their future, such a leadership must be consigned to the waste bin of history.

As far as the history of our country is concerned, there has been no party in power that has ever committed worse ‘unspeakable’ atrocities in education like the PF. Our shared task comrades and compatriots is to rescue our education from those bent on destroying it. We make it that there is no power on earth that can stop the youths of our country acting in their collective determination from winning back their cherished right to education. The Patriotic Front government does not have the foresight nor the benefit of hindsight to carry the country forward. They have betrayed the youths big time and they must go.

In their place, the Socialist Party must take over and begin to collectively construct a society where the future of our youths shall be guaranteed and where education for all will be a must. That is why the Socialist Party will commit 20% of the resources to the education of our children. Comrade Fred M’membe, the incoming President is an all-round, foresighted and clear thinking person with a robust passion for education and progress.

A Socialist Zambia is possible with the Socialist Party. We must, however, learn that the task of building a socialist Zambia must not be subcontracted to alien forces, we must carry out the task ourselves. VIVA Socialism. May the Socialist Party live long.

The Author is the Coperbelt Spokesperson of the Socialist Party in Zambia whose 2021 Presidential Candidate for the general Election is Fred M’membe


  1. Because government knows that many are being educated without employment so problems will never be solved in education.

    • The problem with CBU and UNZA students is that they think they are the most educated and knowledgeable students in this world so much that they are free to do whatever they want. For those expelled, well done management, for closing indefinite again well done government. In fact close that college called CBU forecver.

    • @Denkede a country where you have people with your kind of attitude will not get anywhere. Its sad that we have people like you who can commend the closure of a higher learning institution.
      I can also see from your comments about CBU and UNZA students thinking they know everything, that you are not University educated and so you are full of envy and jealousy. As Solomon says, “Envy rots the bones”. People like you will be happy to see Zambia burn down to ashes because of your envy and ignorance.

    • CBU is one University out’a many.
      If you’re a parent of a student at CBU, warn your child to be sober in school. No drugs and alcohol abuse.

      To repair broken down infrastructure, resources don’t lie in waiting, waiting for students’ crazy behavior iwe.
      Money needs to be mobilized, it must take a year or two to repair and rebuild vandalism infrastructure. You sound like there is an emergency slash fund in the DMMU for the unnature disaster causes. The economy is biting.
      If I were Minister of Higher education, I would slap a 2.5 year closure.
      Universities and Colleges don’t belong to politicians or parents or students, they are public infrastructure. You must be from the UPNDEAD. A hooliganised party of riots.
      We have enough laws to put your unruly and sabotageous…

    • … hooliganism to check. The entire students must be charged.
      How much have you contributed to the works of repair at CBU. 1d1ots.

    • CBU is a very young university compared to say, University of Cape Town. But it has seen more closures than the latter. It’s extremely costly to close a university but Nkandu Luo wouldn’t care less. Why should dialogue fail in a high institution of learning? If dialogue can’t work there, where the hell will it work?

  2. Youths you are always making mistakes. You riot and damage your and private property in the name of airing your views. Do you think CBU would have been closed without riots? Eventually what ever grievances could have been resolved amicably. Now you are again in the process of making another mistake. Fred is a president who has never been tested to the ballot in his party – he will come and do this and that. Fred has come into politics for vengeance and redeeming himself. Youths you are used by politians, mob psychology etc. you don’t care. Wake up youths let individuals not use you. Politicians and fellow misguided youths. Its time you said no.

  3. “Our Honorary Doctorates will Challenge us to Provide Quality Education”-President Lungu. Arrest the Minister for disobeying the President. Win this challenge for a change.

  4. Mother Zambia, what has happened? We asked for students with good morals. But we ended up with heartless hooligan drug and alcohol (Psychotropic Substance) abusers.
    Instead of giving us intelligent diplomatic negotiators in students who can make a difference, you gave as cadre infiltrated loitering bunch of kids and law breakers who have gone at CBU to pass time.
    What does society expect from such below par characters who can’t use brains to fight injustice and Government delays in meeting their needs. We have characters who have drawn sympathy from those whose characters are highly politically inclined with heavy hearts. Who does that?

  5. We hope that under the Socialist Party, UNZA and CBU students won’t be vandalising infrastructure ,damaging property. Let this institution remain closed as a lesson to would-be hooligans.

  6. A Bemba proverb says (UBUKULU bwa MATAKO tebwingi BWA MAFI). The responsibility of PF to govern us is doesn’t mean they are very wise.

  7. Public outcry is a plausible argument for Government to reopen UCB. It is wrong for Government officials to ignore cries and pleas from the public. Public opinion is one of the strongest pillar of the democratic State. When members of the public are making lawful demand, then it incumbent upon authorities to yield to public demand. It is morally repugnant for Government officials to delay reopen of UCB. There is no need to provoke the public. This is the perfect occasion to prepare for clean elections is now. When UPND comes to power, then PF did not listen to anguish and cries of the people but instead chose to listen to its own voice of self righteousness. Remember, pride comes bfore a fall.

  8. I feel for the victimized and tormented students both the innocent and the ones actually involved in violence.
    this is one of the evils man can do against each other.
    The action is intended to punish few hooligans but majority of the innocents are punished for the offences a few committed.
    For the authority as well exercise some leniency these are your children inspite of some of them being bad persons
    You have responsibility to educate the nation by virtue of being in public offices most people between age groups of 25 and above can hardly read and write now in Zambia do you wish this scenario to persist?
    In the pre-colonial days thus before 1911 during colonial days till 1964 very few schools existed
    Schools increased during UNIP ERA and rate of increase is still high with…

  9. As a university teacher I feel very sad about CBU closure. The tragedy is not because students rioted. The real tragedy is how we ended up with the people now ruling Zambia and also that there are people on this site who support the tragedy called PF.

  10. Mwankole supporting these junkie leaders u must be as foolish as individual with no brains but that of a chicken. Just because u went to a trades school because of ur midiocrity u want as also to think at ur level . U are really a shame to children being born. These junkie leaders are going come rain come sunshine and if I was to see u ba mwankole u can regret being born. U think we are happy *****.

  11. It is the student at CUB who are not interested in education. How do you resort to destroying public property simply because you don’t want to sit for exams? The PF government is very much interested in education and that’s why they are building more universities and schools. What quarrantee is there that when CUB reopens, there won’t be the same hooliganism by the students?

  12. Alot of so called ruling party supporters and government officials in some key positions ARE not adequately educated : Bearers of alledged Graduate or undergraduate fake certificates from various unknown and private universities in china, South Africa, Malaysia most of them not from well recognized universities of colonial masters,(genuine) .what do you expect ?alot of ommissions lack of precedents,poor decisions,hostility,injustice,prejudice,corrupt practices unprofessionalisms unprocedural practices . brutality lack of transparency, stubbornness. arrogance etc these are inevitable now Guess work in public service provision is the older of the day no data based decisions wake up Zambians and determine your future .common expressions include I think or I feel…

  13. Dr. What public out cry are you talking about? Have you been a victim of CBU riotous behavior? Don’t the public when without statistics. The am asking is, if your child came to and said, dad we want to riot because the GRZ or CBU management has not done this or that, would gieve consent? Our children need to sober up and responsible for their actions.

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