Chomba directs council to cancel titles deeds issued for places near water bodies

Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation Permanent Secretary Bishop Ed Chomba signing the MOU whilst Water Aid Acting Director Bwembya Chanda looks on
Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation Permanent Secretary Bishop Ed Chomba signing the MOU whilst Water Aid Acting Director Bwembya Chanda looks on

The Ndola City Council has been instructed by the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection to stop all activity including the erection of structures in close proximity to water bodies.

Following up on a letter addressed to Town Clerks, Ndola and Kitwe dated 5th June, 2019 that instructed the Council and relevant institutions to cancel or withdraw all titles and offer letters issued in close proximity to said water bodies as well as ensure all erected structures are removed, Water Development Permanent Secretary Dr. Ed Chomba today visited the Council for an update.

In a meeting with Ndola City Council, Ministry of Lands, Kafubu Water and Water Resources Management Bishop Chomba called for stringent action on the encroached land noting that the growing trend by a number of people developing residential and business properties in close proximity to banks of various water bodies would cause them to dry up or pollute them through the discharge of untreated sewage.

Dr. Chomba observed that if people along the banks had legal papers responsible officers who authorized the procurement of such papers need to be charged even if they may have left government or have been transferred.

He said inaction from all relevant authorities is not only an abrogation of the law but a danger to human life in view of contamination as well as Climate Change.

Dr. Chomba said as rain Season close approached Ndola and the rest of Zambia risked recording more Cholera case if the vices are not stopped.

He went on to challenge that if occupants claimed to have ‘title’ they should show their building permits and whether planning permission was granted.

And in response Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenga revealed that people building were given a 28 day ultimatum to provide not only offer letters/title deeds but also building permission.

Dr. Chomba also pointed out that the gardening also along the Kafubu River needed to be looked into before embarking on a tour of the aforementioned places.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza.


  1. No cut off ka? What about those who got it in the 80s and have since done all sorts on their land? Olo ni u cipante-pante si so namwe…

    • Yes wara belongs to everyone. Doesn’t matter what you built. We shall demolish and compensation will follow

      We need 100m clearance off water bodies for animal free movement

  2. At least he’s trying, look at Chongwe River today; completely destroyed with those ZAF and PamaFi government officials. Water now is completely Kaput…

  3. What of Chipstable? Who authorised construction of the coal power plant in the catchment area of Lutembwe River? It is also east of Chipstable town, meaning the auxhaust fumes will directly fly into Chipata town and ash wastes drain into Lutembwe River after it rains. Lutembwe is the source of water for Chipstable town. The two dams supplying water to Chipata town are all down stream.
    Was there any Environmental Impact Assessment on this Project?
    Back Comba go and check before it is too late.

    • Who cares about environmental impact assessment reports in Zambia? Why do u think we’re such a mess?

    • If the law was like that since then who built kitwe presidential house in less than 100 m from the kafue River.

  4. This is indeed a good move. I have been wondering where the local has been. We stopped removing the sea weed and let the Kafubu River dry up just so people can erect houses. C’mon… we are better than this!

    When the River dries up What then? When the water is polluted, what then? When we have heavy rains and the swamp gets flooded will the same people building here say, “Boma iyanganepo?”

    Let’s get our heads out of political cadrism and get back to normalcy

  5. What is enchrochment ?
    500m ? , 1 km ? 5 m ?

    It is the catchment areas and areas where natural aquifers are situated that need protecting .,….,

    Like the chalimbama water catchment area for Lusaka where lungu has sold the land……

    • I am beginning to think you are becoming stupiid because of your UPND carder nature. Just like PF carders are equally insane. We are to protect water bodies, build over 300 to 1000 meters away from them at the minimal. Stop trying to make everything political.

    • Nzelu

      You are a silly fontinee ……1000 m away from a river ??? Where in the world ???

      Some of these monkies with a keyboard , kaya

    • Oh! Are you upset? Aw I didn’t mean to educate you in the art of anger kikikiki. One Zambia one Nation.

  6. Good move, our beautiful country is being ransacked and destroyed from the outskirts to the towns and cities. This new trend of buying up land by the rivers and lakes should be investigated and perpetrators prosecuted before we turn this well-drained country into a desert. These things need to be planned and environmental assessments are done accordingly. We need sanity and standards in the building and construction industries.

  7. Please make land encroachment offence a criminal and not bailable in Zambia.

    • 100%, @James Nyasalu

  8. Unfortunately that’s a wrong approach to the problem. Ba Chomba, its not time to make a misguided political decision. You have missed the point completely. This health and environmental problem can be tackled in a manner if one is thinking 2019 and beyond. Fact of the matter is there’s a population increase and demand for more housing. Many things can be done to protect the environment and health at our waterfront areas. These are days of thinking about how to protect the environment and how to make money at the same time to sustain and maintain the projects. I will name just a few. This is an investment the will bring revenue in the near future.

    1. Involve engineers and plan on constructing a sewerage system that involves pipes and pumping stations. Pump all sewerage to a…

  9. Proper Town Planning, and Building Regulations rules have slipped in the years of infrastructural development. Let’s toughen up the control of our environment.

    About time this issue has been raised. Good work. And please, let’s see legal action on culprits in the matter.

    Of course this includes canceling property rights given to those foreign investors who have built and blocked access to locals along lakes, rivers etc? No???

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